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 2010 WBC Report  

 2011 Status: pending 2011 GM commitment

Aaron Fuegi, MA

2010 Champion


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Event History
1991    Steve Rareshide      43
1992    Kevin Quirk      48
1993    Brian Sutton      58
1994    Chuck Kaplan      67
1995    Steve Koleszar      65
1996    Ben Foy      66
1997    Dave Finberg      72
1998    Jung Yueh      78
1999    Dave des Jardins     51
2000    Rich Atwater     60
2001    Steve Koleszar     55
2002    Ed Rothenheber     51
2003    David Finberg     60
2004    Aaron Fuegi     39
2005    David des Jardins     51
2006    Kevin Hillock     38
2007    Aaron Fuegi     45
2008    Jason Ley     37
2009    David Finberg     42
2010    Aaron Fuegi     38

Rank  Name             From  Last  Total
  1.  Aaron Fuegi       MA    10    243
  2.  Dave Finberg      MA    09    219
  3.  David des Jardins CA    10    170
  4.  Jason Ley         GA    10    146
  5.  Rich Atwater      WA    10    118
  6.  Brian Sutton      MD    10    117
  7.  Steve Koleszar    VA    08     84
  8.  Kevin Hillock     VA    06     80
  9.  Dan Strock        PA    07     72
 10.  Ed Rothenheber    MD    04     70
 11.  Joe Harrison      KY    08     48
 12.  Michael Pustilnik NY    07     47
 13.  Robert Masso      NY    08     36
 14.  David Gubbay      TX    05     36
 15.  Chuck Nail        GA    01     36
 16.  Arthur Wines      NJ    09     34
 17.  Tom Johnston      IL    06     30
 18.  Andrew Gross      WA    03     30
 19.  Akihisa Tabei     jp    10     25
 20.  Jonathan Barnes   CA    09     20
 21.  Kevin Quirk       FL    00     20
 22.  Russ Cleaveland   WA    04     15
 23.  Kyle Moore        WA    04     10
 24.  Justin Childs     FL    99     10

2010 Laurelists                                          Repeating Laurelists:

David des Jardins, CA

Brian Sutton, MD

Rich Atwater, WA

Akihisa Tabei, japan

Jason Ley, WA

1991: Steve Rareshide, VA
1992: Kevin Quirk, PA

Brian Sutton, MD

Chuck Kaplan, IL

Steve Koleszar, VA
1995, 2001

Ben Foy, VA

Dave Finberg, MA
1997, 2003, 2009

Jung Yeah, MA

David des Jardins, CA
1999, 2005

Rich Atwater, WA

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Aaron Fuegi, MA
2004, 2007, 2010


Kevin Hillock, VA


Jason Ley, WA

Daniel Barnes, Phil Rennert and Bruno Wolff play as Rich Northey and Aaron Fuegi kibitz.

Ted Lange and Joe Harrison are no match for Aaron Fuegi while on his game in 2010.

A Titanic Struggle of Champions

Aaron Fuegi became the second player to win the Titan multiplayer event in the same year as he won the Titan 2-player tournament. David desJardins managed the same feat in 2005.

First out of the Final was Rich Atwater. His titan got trapped and he withdrew rather than give his points to one of two other players depending on whether he moved his titan legion or not. The game ended when David desJardins rolled a 6 and had a choice of attacking Brian Sutton's titan legion, Aaron Fuegi's titan legion or biding his time. David's titan legion consisted of titan (12), two rangers, two cyclops and an outside angel to call. Brian's consisted of ttan (12), angel, two warlocks, lion, and ranger. Aaron's consisted of titan (8), two giants, two unicorns, warlock, and a warbear. David decided to attack Brian and started out with poor luck. He was unable to kill a warlock with 12 dice which delayed his angel by a round. Later he needed four more hits with an angel to finish off a lion and only got three, allowing for a recruit. At this point David made a deal with Brian to concede if David only closed with his titan (leaving out a cyclops) and killed Brian's titan. (Some ethics discussion occurred while the deal was being made and implemented.) David's titan killed Brian's. After some thought, Brian struck back at David's titan and slew it, making Aaron the winner. David won the roll off to take second. It was noted later, that given the high likelihood of a mutual with the two powerful titans, that delaying until after Aaron's titan was slain (he was in move compulsion), may have been the better option.

In semi-final #1, David desJardins suffered poor recruiting with his angel legion and had the legion made ineffective when he attacked a legion accompanied by two rangers, where he expected to find two trolls. So at one point he risked a one-third hit by Micheal Pustilnik, because he felt he really needed to get a dragon in play. Jonathon Barnes was forced to make an attack with his titan legion on one of Micheal's that he didn't really want, but managed to win the battle. David eventually was able to get his dragon by using blockers to keep the legion safe for a few turns. Micheal got titan teleport with his titan legion in the woods. David then attacked with a legion with two hydras. Micheal needed to use his titan early in the battle. After taking damage from a hydra and rangers he tried to hide his titan, but David was able to reach it and ended the battle with three angels and a hydra. Once David got a colossus in his titan legion, that combined with titan teleport gave him a decisive lead and Jonathan and Bruce Rae withdrew.

In semi-final #2, Dan Strock was hurt by a 7 on 7 attack in the mountains that failed, in part due to a lack of rangers. He was eliminated by Akihisa Tabei in a 5 on 6 attack. Dan had a titan, two warbears and three trolls. Aki had an angel, some rangers and lions. The attack was in the brush and the trolls were not very effective in that terrain. Aki then split in an odd place and Aaron Fuegi could have killed his titan, but depending on the results may have been killed in turn by Bob Masso. As he rolled a 6, Aaron tower teleported to chase after Bob's titan as a safer alternative. Bob got a bad roll and his titan was trapped. Bob's legions were worth a lot of points, giving Aaron titan teleport. Even though Aki had strengthened his titan legion by the time Aaron rolled a 6, the battle was a relatively easy win for Aaron.

In semi-final #3, Yoshiya Narita was first out after playing politely. Joe Harrison then withdrew after his situation became hopeless. After Brian got titan teleport, Jason Ley survived three turns as a weak titan. When Brian rolled a 6 the final battle was Titan (12) two serpents, two warlocks, gorgon and behemoth versus titan (9), two warlocks, two giants, and two unicorns in the plains. It came down to titan on titan with Brian needing nine hits in 21 dice and Jason needing seven hits in nine dice. Both happened, but Brian won the resulting rolloff.

In semi-final #4, David Finberg was affected adversely by lack of sleep. He split in an unintended manner for his starting tower. And later missed a threat when teleporting to the tundra to get a warbear for two trolls which earned him an early exit from the game courtesy of Rich Atwater. Steve Koleszar tried to split run from Rich and only rolled a 1, which let Peg Meacham catch him. Rich then killed her angel legion and left with only one legion to Rich's 12, she resigned.

In the best Near Miss category, in Preliminary game #5, Bob Masso won the final battle with only his titan left, and it had nine out of ten hits on it. On a sadder note, Gerald Lientz who participated in the tournment regularly for almost 15 years, missed this last WBC due to illness and passed away shortly afterward.

Rich Atwater, Steve Koleszar and Peg Meachum battle in semi #4 after ending the defense of Dave Finberg's title.

Bruno Wolff in his 16th year as Titan GM oversees his latest crop of finalists.
 GM     Bruno Wolff III  (16th year)   NA 
    bruno@wolff.to   NA

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