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Updated 11/21/2010

2010 WBC Report  

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Arthur Field, SC

2010 Champion

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Event History
2005    Arthur Field     125
2006    Anne Norton     106
2007    Chris Robbins     114
2008    Norman Herrick     106
2009    Curt Collins II     115
2010    Arthur Field       80

Euro Quest Event History
2005    Peter Staab     32
2006    Tom McCorry     44
2007    Thomas Browne     30
2008    Tom DeMarco     39
2009    Ted Bohaczuk     46
2010    Mike Turian     42

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Arthur Field       SC    10    102
  2.  Tom DeMarco        NJ    10     87
  3.  Anne Norton        NJ    08     60
  4.  Chris Robbins      UT    07     52
  5.  Curt Collins II    PA    09     40
  6.  Norman Herrick     NE    08     40
  7.  Tom Browne         PA    07     38
  8.  Peter Staab        PA    06     38
  9.  Randy Buehler      WA    10     36
 10.  Mike Turian        WA    10     30
 11.  Tom McCorry        VA    06     30
 12.  Cary Morris        NC    08     24
 13.  Joe Harrison       KY    07     24
 14.  Michael Fox        IL    06     24
 15.  Robert Cranshaw    RI    09     20
 16.  Ted Bohaczuk       PA    09     20
 17.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    07     16
 18.  Debbie Davidson    NE    06     16
 19.  David Fox          NY    05     16
 20.  Perrianne Lurie    PA    08     15
 21.  Eric Brosius       MA    10     14
 22.  Steve Shambeda     PA    10     12
 23.  Cliff Ackman       PA    09     12
 24.  Rob Flowers        MD    08     12
 25.  Michael Kaltman    PA    07     12
 26.  Mike Hazel         SC    07     12
 27.  Kathy Stroh        DE    06     12
 28.  Alan Kaiser        OH    05     12
 29.  Vien Bounma        NJ    10      9
 30.  Chris Gnech        PA    10      9
 31.  Lee Mewshaw        MD    10      9
 32.  Richard Shay       MA    09      8
 33.  Lawrence Solomon   VA    09      8
 34.  Norman Rule        MD    08      8
 35.  Michael Richey     VA    07      8
 36.  Jay Fox            NJ    06      8
 37.  Jeff Mullet        OH    05      8
 38.  Tom Wade           IN    05      8
 39.  Kerrin Addis       CA    09      6
 40.  Greg Rogers        MD    07      6
 41.  Pete Stein         OH    05      6
 42.  Amy Rule           MD    09      4
 43.  Virginia Colin     VA    08      4
 44.  Kevin Brown        GA    08      4
 45.  Tom Dunning        NY    07      4
 46.  Daniel Eppolito    CA    07      4
 47.  Blair Morgen       NJ    06      4
 48.  Ted Mullally       NJ    05      4
 49.  Sceadeau D'Tela    NC    10      3
 50.  J. J. Jaskiewicz   MD    07      2
 51.  Andrew Gerb        MD    05      2

2010 Laurelists                                             Repeating Laurelists:

Randy Buehler, WA

Eric Brosius, MA

Vien Bounma, NJ

Tom DeMarco, NJ

Lee Mewshaw, MD

Past Winners

Arthur Field, SC
2005, 2010

Anne Norton, NJ

Chris Robbins, UT

Norman Herrick, NE

Curt Collins II, PA

Arrhur Field, Laurel Stokes and Bryan Berkenstock

Harald Henning, Anni Foasberg, and Tom McCorry

Less of a Crowd

Attendance was down 30% in its sixth year as the event failed to register triple digits for the first time. Three heats yielded 36 games with most people playing in two heats. Winning scores ranged from a low of 46 to a high of 147 for Ted Bohaczuk, in an unusual game that exhausted all four decks.

Of the 16 semi-finalists, all but alternate Lee Mewshaw (three seconds) had at least one win; more than half had a pair of Preliminary victories. At Table 2, second heat entrant Vien Bounma triumphed with a score of 72. At Table 3, Eric Brosius soared to victory with a high score for the round of 104. At Table 4, newcomer Randy Buehler's 88 beat perennial favorite and top ranked laurelist Tom DeMarco's 81 - forcing him to settle for fifth place. Inaugural champion Arthur Field won Table 1 with Lee Mewshaw again finishing second to gain sixth place laurels. This matched Eric and Arthur, two veterans of the WBC wars, against two unknowns.

The Final was a rarity. As Eric observed, St. Pete is never the same game twice. This time the cards dealt in most unusual fashion. Neither the Mistress nor the Observatory were seen until the end. Randy grabbed the Judge in Round 1 to get a good start in the Noble battle. Eric got out to an early money lead with building upgrades and used his warehouse wisely. Vien maintained a balanced strategy throughout and observed that Arthur managed his hand skillfully giving him a chance to get a card when everyone else was full and depriving Eric of his second fur trapper upgrade. In this low scoring, very cerebral Final, every point counted. Arthur saw this and immediately upgraded a money noble to one yielding 4 VP each turn, possibly his best move. It became clear to his opponents that Eric was slowly pulling ahead of them despite his apparently lower score. As these four superb competitors well know, it is only the final score that counts.

Six worker cards turned, with two of them costing 7. Under no circumstance would they return the investment. However, only six building cards remained. Randy and Arthur, after considerable thought, both concluded they needed to end the game early and took the 7's. Here was masterful play by both seeing the need to suffer to achieve potential gain. Neither knew the final result, but both knew Eric would win if the game went another turn. The unseen Observatories both appeared and Vien took one into his hand as a prophylactic measure. Randy's hand was full and he was saving his cash. Arthur took the second and drew a duplicate Author. Everyone was counting money carefully and Arthur and Eric each pubbed for five points. The Mistress came out and nobody could afford her. Randy and then Arthur each got an additional noble. Arthur began the upgrade round and two noble upgrades appeared and Arthur could afford the cheaper one. Nobody else had a duplicate noble, so the last upgrade went unbought. In final scoring, Randy had seven different nobles to Arthur's six and pulled ahead by two points. However, he was unable to buy down the building costing 17 he had taken earlier to get a slot and gave up five VPs to fall into second place. Final scores: Arthur Field 64, Randy Buehler 61, Eric Brosius 49 and Vien Bounma 37. A truly amazing game played by four superb players. Arthur recalled that Chris Yaure said in his probability seminar "You have to play as if the card you need will be there." So he did in the final round and became the first two-time Saint Petersburg champion.

Winton Lemoine, Cary Morris, Sean Vessey and Randy Buehler

The finalists do their thing in the hunt for big laurels.
2010 Euro Quest Laurelists

Mike Turian, WA

Randy Buehler, WA

Steve Shambeda, PA

Chris Gnech, PA

Tom DeMarco, NJ

 GM      Kate Taillon [1st Year]   NA   NA

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