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Updated 11/23/2010

2010 WBC Report  

  2011 Status: pending 2011 GM commitment

Sean McCulloch, OH

2010 Champion

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Event History
2000    Daniel Broh-Kahn       48
2001    Jared Scarborough       84
2002    Daniel Karp       66
2003    Charles Blahouse       60
2004    Rebecca Hebner       60
2005    Chris Entwistle     130
2006    Sean McCulloch     125
2007    Jarett Weintraub     171
2008    Andy Latto     185
2009    Rebecca Hebner     166
2010    Sean McCulloch     177

Euro Quest Event History
2003    Jeff Mullet     21

Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
  1.  Rebecca Hebner      CO    10     68
  2.  Sean McCulloch      OH    10     64
  3.  Andy Latto          MA    09     61
  4.  Jared Scarborough   IL    04     48
  5.  Daniel Karp         MD    03     32
  6.  Eric Brosius        MA    09     30
  7.  Jarett Weintraub    NY    07     30
  8.  Chris Entwistle     MD    05     30
  9.  Daniel Broh-Kahn    MD    00     30
 10.  Laurel Stokes       NJ    04     26
 11.  Cally Perry         MA    08     24
 12.  David Meyaard       CT    08     24
 13.  Charles Blahouse    VA    03     20
 14.  Jeff Mullet         OH    03     20
 15.  Sam Atabaki         CA    09     18
 16.  Wayne Schmittberger PA    06     18
 17.  Bert Schoose        IL    05     18
 18.  Jeff Bakulchuk      NY    02     18
 19.  Lexi Shea           CT    08     16
 20.  Rob Kilroy          PA    02     13
 21.  Joe Yaure           PA    10     12
 22.  Rick Dutton         MD    05     12
 23.  Nate Hoam           OH    04     12
 24.  Doug Galullo        FL    03     12
 25.  Laurie Wojtaszczyk  NY    03     12
 26.  Richard Sciacca     FL    02     12
 27.  Larry Kratz         ID    00     12
 28.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk   NY    10      9
 29.  Richard Fetzer      NY    09      9
 30.  John Conlon         OK    07      9
 31.  Paul Weintraub      MD    06      9
 32.  Brian Addison       VA    05      9
 33.  Gordon Aickin       uk    00      9
 34.  Sue Ellsworth       IL    08      8
 35.  Carol Caler         PA    03      8
 36.  Joshua Cooper       MD    03      8
 37.  Joshua Garton       VA    01      8
 38.  Nick Kramer         PA    10      6
 39.  John Corrado        VA    09      6
 40.  Sam Brosius         MA    07      6
 41.  Ivan Lawson         MD    06      6
 42.  Jeff Gardner        MD    03      6
 43.  Debbie Gutermuth    TX    03      6
 44.  Jordan Ludwick      NJ    01      6
 45.  Fearghal Donnor     ir    00      6
 46.  Malinda Kyrkos      NY    08      4
 47.  Kathy Stroh         PA    03      4
 48.  Meghan Friedmann    MA    10      3
 49.  Winton Lemoine      CA    07      3
 50.  Claire Brosius      CT    06      3
 51.  Jeff Power          MI    05      3
 52.  Rob Flowers         MD    02      3
 53.  Anthony Rubbo       PA    00      3
 54.  Peter Reese         VA    04      2
 55.  Paul Gaberson       PA    03      2
 56.  Eric Hymowitz       MD    01      2

2010 Laurelists                                                  Repeating Laurelists 

Rebecca Hebner, MD

Joe Yaure, PA

Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY

Nick Kramer, PA

Meghan Friedmann, MA

Past Winners

Daniel Broh-Kahn, MD

Jared Scarborough, IL

Daniel Karp, MD

Charles Blahouse, VA

Rebecca Hebner, CO
2004, 2009

Chris Entwistle, MD

Sean McCulloch, OH
2006, 2010

Jarrett Weintraub, NY

Andy Latto, MA

GM Ivan Lawson finds time to play Winton Lemoine.

Sybil Buckwalter participates in one of the four heats.

 177 players ... let the culling begin.

 Dan Long and Devario Clinkscales in an early heat.

First Ever Final of Champions

For 2010, Lost Cities was firmly entrenched in the Vista rooms for the heats, but the SE rounds remained in Paradise. Participation bounced back after a hiccup last year to what will probably be the average. One reason could be the elimination of the Sat 9am heat. Evidently, there are few early bird explorers at the con, and the night owls eschewed the chance for one more quick game on their way to bed. Anyway, the first heat attracted 50 pairs, while the remaining three heats drew 37, 39 and 39 matchs, respectively. During the prelims, Sean Parker compiled the only individual score over 300 (306), and used it to best Henry Pfeiffer's tally of 242, yielding the highest combined total of 548. This was the only combined score over 500 and was one shy of the 2009 high score. As a reference, the highest combined score in a competitive game with optimum draws would be 1772, representing individual scores of 888 to 884. Each player would place 22 of the 44 cards in play, creating two 11 card expeditions. (The actual highest combined score after three hands would be an 888 to 888 tie.) The lowest possible individual score of minus 1200 would never occur in a competitive game. Close brawls: Josh Githens 217 over Kyle Greenwood 199, and Shannon Keating 211 over Andrew Sinigaglio 192. The closest defensive struggle was posted by Jeff Meyer with 76 over Claire Brosius with 71. Nine players scored zero or less. One of them, Alex Gesing scored minus 16 in one heat and the third highest individual score (274) in another. He would reach the playoff rounds as an alternate. There were no four-heat winners. 13 players won three games, including repeaters from last year - Claire Brosius, Lissa Rennert and Sean McCullogh.

This year, after the heats, there were 32 qualifiers for the SE rounds and nine top-ranked alternates, each of whom had at least two wins. Due to no-shows, five alternates were admitted to fill the first SE round. I record this data for two reasons, besides general information: 1) Every year I am asked to predict the number of wins needed to advance. You will never hear me say that one must have two wins to advance, (even though 2010 marks the third consecutive year that only players with two or more wins have advanced). While two wins are the current trend, players with less than two have advanced in previous years. 2) This piggybacks on the first reason and addresses alternates. Since 2005, there has only been one year in which I have not needed to advance alternates, so, to answer another perennial question, please check back, because I will fill the bracket and revive the fallen rather than grant a bye. It's always exciting to have former champions advance as it lends added legitimacy and buzz to the SE rounds, but, unlike last year, only Rebecca Hebner and Sean McCulloch were available to qualify. Only Rebecca and Sean ... yeah. In the early SE rounds, one noteworthy game between players who will remain anonymous featured a combined total of 27 attempted expeditions. As LST players know, 30 is the max number of possible expeditions in a game - five per side per hand, and risky business to pursue. Usually, players will avoid or play defense against an expedition in a color that their opponents have started. In this contest, the players directly competed for the same cards in 13 expeditions. Eric ... er, one player started all five expeditions in each of his three hands. (channel Bullwinkle for the next line) This is commonly referred to as the "shotgun method," although it requires the complete play of the cards to determine whether the shotgun was pointed at your opponent or at your own head. Of the 27 funded expeditions, nine were evidently NOT too big to fail, yielding negative or zero scores. The round of eight contained two returning players from last year - Richard Fetzer and Rebecca. After three SE rounds, four players had advanced to the semis: Joe Yaure, Kevin Wojtaszczyk, Rebecca and Sean. In the end, defending champion, Rebecca, and former champion, Sean, faced each other in a Final between champions for the first time. Their game was extremely close throughout with scoring driven by expeditions with bonuses. Sean had one rare expedition that earned a bonus without a handshake. He played eight of the nine numbered white cards, and scored a final total of 45. (As an off-season brain teaser, I'll let you figure out which numbered card was not played.) Sean led after the first hand 35 to 28, but Rebecca took the lead 127 to 124 after the second hand. In the final hand, Sean's bonus expedition was better than Rebecca's, narrowly earning him his second title by a score of 175 to 170. In order to illustrate the impact of the bonuses on their game, the score after three hands would have been a 44 all tie without the four expeditions scoring bonuses. The game for third was close enough with Joe prevailing 95 to 72 over Kevin.

See you next year, and bring your Lost Cities game; games like to travel, too.

Kevin loses the play-off for third to Joe.

Defending champ Rebecca admits Sean to the two-time champ club.
 GM      Ivan Lawson [6th Year]   NA
    lawsonic@comcast.net   NA

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