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 2010 WBC Report  

 2011 Status: pending 2011 GM commitment

Nick Smith, uk

2010 Champion



Event History
1992    Debbie Otto      28
1993    John Kilbride      24
1994    Kevin LeRow        8
1995    John Pack      22
1996    Jason Wagner      16
1997    Jason Wagner      49
1998    Stephanie Mayes      40
1999    Pitt Crandlemire     51
2000    Pitt Crandlemire     63
2001    Mark Love     49
2002    John Pack     72
2003    Pitt Crandlemire     68
2004    Nick Henning     76
2005    Nick Henning     69
2006    Thomas Richardson     69
2007    Jeffrey Hacker     72
2008    Bob Hamel     71
2009    John Elliott     64
2010    Nick Smith     88

PBeM Event History
1999    Michael Anchors      25
2001    John Pack      16

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Nick Henning       CT    10    162
  2.  Pitt Crandlemire   MA    03    132
  3.  Nick Smith         uk    10    130
  4.  John Pack          CO    08     90
  5.  Bob Hamel          CT    08     67
  6.  Thomas Richardson  VA    09     64
  7.  Jim Castonguay     PA    05     54
  8.  Mark Love          MD    01     53
  9.  John Elliott       MD    09     52
 10.  Andy Gardner       VA    10     45
 11.  Jeffrey Hacker     PA    07     40
 12.  Victor Hogen       CA    07     34
 13.  Robert Buccheri    MD    05     32
 14.  Kevin Brownell     FL    04     25
 15.  Ben Gardner        VA    10     24
 16.  Alex Price         NJ    03     24
 17.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    02     24
 18.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    02     21
 19.  Roger Taylor       VA    00     18
 20.  Stephanie Mayes    IN    99     18
 21.  Brooks Beyma       MD    10     16
 22.  Pat Richardson     VA    07     16
 23.  Michael Wojke      NJ    03     16
 24.  Paul Bolduc        FL    01     15
 25.  Ruth Evinger       PA    09     12
 26.  Steve Cameron      PA    06     12
 27.  Rob Kilroy         PA    99     12
 28.  Michael Anchors    MD    01     11
 29.  Al Wong            IL    00     11
 30.  Andy Joy           MD    05      9
 31.  Jim Rochford       IL    99      9
 32.  Anthony Musella    VA    09      8
 33.  Ashley Collinson   MD    06      8
 34.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    05      8
 35.  Peter Martin       MD    03      8
 36.  Derek Landel       NJ    10      4
 37.  John Kilbride      PA    07      4
 38.  Jeff Ribeiro       NH    02      4
 39.  Sharee Pack        CO    01      3
 40.  Gary Presser       NY    00      3
 41.  Dan Schulman       MD    99      3

2010 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists 

Ben Gardner, VA

Brooks Beyma, MD

Nick Henning, CT

Andy Gardner, VA

Derek Landel, NJ

Past Winners

Debbie Otto, MO

John Kilbride, PA

Kevin Lerow, PA

John Pack, CO
1995, 2002

Jason Wagner, NJ

Stephanie Mayes, IN

Pitt Crandelmire, MA
1999, 2000, 2003

Mark Love, MD

Nick Henning, CT

Thomas Richardson, VA

Jeffrey Hacker, PA

Bob Hamel, CT

John Elliott, MD

Nick Smith, uk

Godfather Pack holds court with Winton Lemoine and Alan Arvold. His Monday heat drove attendance for the event to a new record.

Jason Wagner, Mike Stanley, and Ernie Chambers plot moves as the clock ticks under the ever present threat of squirtgun violence.

Da Boss is Back ...

They came, they saw, they squirted, ... and they got wet and had the time of their lives as the Gangsters faithful flocked to the banner of returning GM John Pack who missed WBC for the first time in 14 years in 2009. The streets of Chicago ran clear with water this year. Was it because the Gangsters were kinder or gentler or because the Commish ordered a flushing of the water mains? Not at all - but rather because we used our arsenals to full potential. Packing heat? No - packing wet!

It started off with each participant receiving an unlimited, no-expiration-date "License to Squirt" and a loaded squirt gun as they arrived in the windy city. Then came target practice and a refresher course in the hit man's code. It didn't take long before squirt gun fire echoed between gin joints and through the halls of the Host. As gangs put hits on each other and the cops joined in the fray, the water dripped from the opposition like blood on St. Valentine's Day. The Lancaster Online reported, "A group playing 1920s gangsters stalked the hallways with water-pistols to soak unsuspecting competitors."

Mobsters were informed by fedora-wearing officials that they had the opportunity to become bouncers, thugs, muscle, hit men, or hit men assassins if they took their newly won licenses and weaponry into other events and found creative ways to apply them there. For each such event, a Tommy Gun sticker would adorn their badge, license, or fedora like an Iron Cross on a P-51 Mustang. For those who reached the Hit Man level (7-9 events), the Silver Tommy Gun award was their prize - an emblem that would strike fear into opponents everywhere (or at least cause them to reach for a towel).

Who are these Hit Men? Their names echo on the pages of history like the Chicago typewriters they wield: Godfather Bugs, Scarface, Buttercup, Da Kid, Tasslehoff, Da Djinn, and Jezebel. Two went further and qualified for recognition as a Hit Man Assassin: Strings and The Viper.

Where was carnage reported? All over the Caribbean Sea (Pirate's Cove), in the hallways of the Kremlin, at castle exhibits (Adel Verpflichtet), in drive-by shootings (Formula Motor Racing), on the Lexington Green (1776 and We the People), during a refreshing pause on the slopes of Mt. Doom (War of the Ring), on sinking aircraft carriers (Victory in the Pacific), at the registration desk, in the Ardennes forest (Tigers in the Mist), during analysis paralysis (Medici), in B-Movies (Monsters Ravage America), during Assyria's golden age (History of the World), while singing "She'll be comin' round the mountain" (Empire Builder), in the reactor core (Star Wars: Queen's Gambit), on the slave plantations (Puerto Rico), and many more.

The hit men will be back this year and gunning for more. Innocent Bystanders (if there is such a thing) beware!

For more details about what transpired this summer check out John's annual report at

Corrado, Greenwood and Bolduc check out the laughs in Stitches nightclub before making another gin run.

Katie Elliott and "Ma" Collinson represent da dames at Table 2 which reportedly vamped the entire table.

A blowup of the board is just one of many extras provided by GM Pack.

The finalists meet in da garage to hash out who will be the last man standing.
 GM      John Pack  [13th Year]  11213 Keota Drive, Parker, CO 80134   (720) 851-2095

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