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2010 WBC Report     

  2011 Status: pending December Membership Trial Vote

Dave Meyaard, CT

2010 Champion

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Event History
2001    Jeff Paull     27
2002    Bob Runnicles     46
2003    Dan Dolan Sr     42
2004    Dan Dolan Sr     48
2005    Bob Runnicles     47
2006    Bob Runnicles     50
2007    Dave Meyaard     53
2008    Dave Meyaard     64
2009    Brandon Bernard     64
2010    Dave Meyaard     65

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Dave Meyaard       CT    10     74
  2.  Bob Runnicles      FL    06     62
  3.  Dan Dolan Sr       NJ    09     58
  4.  Jeff Paull         OH    06     42
  5.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    10     34
  6.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    07     23
  7.  Brandon Bernard    PA    09     20
  8.  James Carvin       PA    07     20
  9.  Bill Edwards       VA    06     16
 10.  Andres Dunn        MD    10     14
 11.  Josh Githens       SC    09     12
 12.  Jon Gemmell        CT    08     12
 13.  Alexandra Henning  CT    10     10
 14.  Seth Kirchner      KY    07      8
 15.  Roger Taylor       VA    03      8
 16.  Andrew Maly        MD    09      6
 17.  Vince Frattali     WA    01      6
 18.  Alex Bell          MD    10      4
 19.  Rich Irving        CA    07      4
 20.  Lance Fogel        PA    05      4
 21.  Alex Bove          PA    04      4
 22.  Steve Cameron      PA    03      4
 23.  Lynn Ribeiro       NH    01      4
 24.  Roy Gibson         MD    02      3
 25.  Kevin Youells      FL    02      3
 26.  Greg Zegalia       PA    10      2
 27.  Bruce Monnin       OH    08      2
 28.  Sam Brosius        MA    07      2
 29.  Phil White         MD    05      2
 30.  John Tighe         NC    04      2
 31.  Robert Eastman     NV    03      2
 32.  Nicholas Kramer    PA    02      1

2010 Laurelists                                               Repeating Laurelists 

Rebecca Hebner, CO

Andres Dunn, MD

Alexandra Henning, CT

Alex Bell, MD

Greg Zegalia, PA

Past Winners

Jeff Paul, OH

Bob Runnicles, FL
2002, 2005-06

Dan Dolan Sr, NJ

Dave Meyaard, CT
2007-08, 2010

Brandon Bernard, PA

The young'uns make Elchfest a SRO event.

Defending Champ Bernard is feeling confident.

Not as easy as beating Stein, eh Mark? What he wouldn't give to trounce a certain CABS accountant. There's never a cab when you need one.

With dad moose felled by Hebner, Tim defends the family honor but those linebacker mitts aren't a big advantage in this game of nimble fingers.

grand strategy worthy of a legacy ...

The tenth Elchfest tournament began as usual with the signups for a record crowd and the drawing of the first round matches. With a random draw some interesting first round pairings can occur. The highlight of the event for me was beating newly elected Board of Directors member Josh Githens in the first round before he could get his feet wet. My celebration was brief. Topping young Josh took its toll. It was the high point of my campaign because I was knocked out in the second round by soon-to-be finalist Rebecca Hebner.

The event continued to grow with the youth movement continuing as the young 'uns took great joy in dispatching their arthritic elders with nary a second glance. There is no mercy shown in Elchfest and the circle of life is cruel indeed. Through my tears I could see I was not the only stag laid low by lady elk as the females kept advancing over the beaten carcasses of male pride.

The third round saw the exit of defending champ Brandon Bernard at the hands of two-time champion Dave Meyaard who correctly assured the assembled multitude that there would be no repeat champion this year. The twin femme fatales Hebner and Henning won again and were joined by Henry Pfieffer, Greg Zegalia, Alex Bell, Andres Dunn and the lone surviving Dolan ... Tim. Nary a graybeard in sight as the young shoved their elders to the cheap seats.

The ladies continued their reign of terror in the Elite Eight with Alexandra dismissing Alex Bell and Rebecca showing Greg Zegalia the door. Meyaard, the lone remaining prior champion bested young Henry Pfeiffer for another year while Andres Dunn dashed the last of the Dolan hopes.

This set up the Final Four and the excitement grew as the fairer sex were poised at the precipice of Elchfest glory. Could there be an all-girl Final?

Alas, it was not to be as the fix was in and when the names were drawn it was Dave pairing off against Andy and Rebecca meeting Alexandra for the right to play for the title. Cat fight!

Both matches were exciting affairs with Rebecca and Dave emerging to face off for the grandest prize at WBC - the only all-skill game in the place. For the first time ever a woman would stand on the other side of the river from what to this point was an all male domain.

Not worry, gents. The first game went to Dave as he quickly showed why he is a two-time champion. I taught him well. But Rebecca rallied to even the contest with a solid series of shots under pressure to take the second game and set up a third and deciding game for all the antlers.

Both players played the final game flawlessly and as the moose approached the destination it was impossible to tell who had the advantage. The gathered crowd was in a frenzy as the contest approached its conclusion. It appeared that WBC would have it's first female Elchfest champion as Rebecca had her moose in position to tap to the island on her next shot. But from across the table Dave took his last shot at regaining his crown and flicked his disk. Was it good enough?

At first it looked like Dave's shot was just short of its mark. Then as he tried to place his moose with trembling hands it looked as if it might be enough. But his hand shook so he was unable to place his piece as he took a moment to regain his composure. Again, he tried to place his moose and again he was so caught up in the moment as the crowd of 30+ onlookers gasped that he was forced to stop again.

It was clear that he might be able to get his moose to the island but it would require not moving his disk even a millimeter. He once again steeled himself and moved his hand forward grasping his moose between thumb and forefinger ... knowing it was now or never.

To the tumultuous cheers of the crazed spectators he succeeded in his quest to become a three-time champion. In the most exciting Final to date Dave Meyaard joined the immortal Bob Runnicles as the only two 3-time winners.

The youth movement continues to grow as many former Elchfest Jr players join the tilt. Still in his prime, can Dave hang on to become the first four-time champ? Will the ladies finally break through? Will my thumb transplant allow me to make a comeback? Will the BPA Board recognize our greatness in its tenth year and finally admit Elchfest to the Century via Legacy status. Join us in 2011 and see.

The lady mooses square off in the semis.

Good thing that moose didn't have a pedicure this morning.

Andres Dunn trashes Alexandra for third.

Dave regains his crown by besting Rebecca.

 Elchfest Junior

It was a good year for Elk. A veritable explosion of 28 Elk calves tried to cross the river. The six fastest were:

1st: Matt Roizin-Prior

2nd: Taylor Risa

3rd: Cal Doughan

4th: Adina Weiss

5th: Drew DuBoff

6th: Iain McGraw

Little mooses prepare to take down "old man" Meyaard.

GMs Dolan and sugar daddy Doughan root their charges on.
 GM      Dan Dolan Sr  [3rd Year]   NA
   phlegm@warwick.net   NA

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