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Updated 11/21/2010

2010 WBC Report    

 2011 Status: pending 2011 GM commitment

Eric Freeman, PA

2010 Champion

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Event History
1999    John Kilbride     77
2000    Chetan Radia     49
2001    Aaron Fuegi     66
2002    Jeff Cornett     66
2003    Lance Ribeiro     47
2004    Aran Warszawski     44
2005    Matt Calkins     53
2006    Jeff Cornett     38
2007    Aaron Fuegi     41
2008    Alfred Smith     43
2009    Marc Berenbach     36
2010    Eric Freeman     37

Euro Quest Event History
2003    Joe Bellizzi     22
2004     Scott Buckwalter     21

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jeff Cornett       FL    10    114
  2.  Aaron Fuegi        MA    08     70
  3.  Craig Moffit       NJ    08     54
  4.  John Kilbride      PA    03     42
  5.  Ananda Gupta       MD    00     42
  6.  Eric Freeman       PA    10     40
  7.  Chetan Radia       uk    00     40
  8.  Rob Kilroy         PA    08     36
  9.  Matt Calkins       VA    08     32
 10.  Aran Warszawski    is    04     30
 11.  Lance Ribeiro      NH    03     30
 12.  Joe Bellizzi       NJ    03     24
 13.  Frank Hamrick      NC    01     24
 14.  Mark Guttag        VA    09     22
 15.  Marc Berenbach     MA    09     20
 16.  Alfred Smith       NC    08     20
 17.  Scott Buckwalter   MD    04     20
 18.  Ann Cornett        FL    04     18
 19.  Jeff Evich         MD    04     18
 20.  Brian Stone        NY    09     16
 21.  Pat Beaudoin       PA    01     16
 22.  Haim Hochboim      is    10     12
 23.  Nick Page          on    10     12
 24.  Patrick Shea       VA    09     12
 25.  Daniel Eppolito    CA    07     12
 26.  Lucimara Martins   MD    04     12
 27.  Mario Lanza        PA    04     12
 28.  Will Wible         VA    02     12
 29.  Luke Moffit        NJ    01     12
 30.  Stu Hendrickson    VA    00     12
 31.  Bruce Glassco      VA    99     12
 32.  Thomas Wojke       PA    05      9
 33.  James Hopkin       CA    99      9
 34.  Deniz Bucak        PA    07      8
 35.  Jack Jaeger        VA    04      8
 36.  Steve Brooks       FL    00      8
 37.  Brad Sherwood      PA    07      6
 38.  Jeff Pounder       on    05      6
 39.  Marty Hoff         TX    04      6
 40.  John Kerr          VA    03      6
 41.  Brian Reynolds     MD    03      6
 42.  Doug Smith         PA    02      6
 43.  Bill Zurn          CA    10      4
 44.  Andrew Greene      VA    04      4
 45.  Ivan Lawson        MD    03      4
 46.  Geoff Engelstein   NJ    04      3
 47.  Mark Neale         RI    03      3
 48.  Jason Levine       NY    02      3
 49.  Kevin Wojtasczcyk  NY    99      3
 50.  Bob Basa           on    10      2
 51.  Jeff Arnold        MD    09      2
 52.  Joshua Ostrander   NY    07      2
 53.  Jarett Weintraub   NY    06      2
 54.  Marshall Phillips  VA    04      2
 55.  Doug Hoylman       MD    03      2

2010 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists 

Nick Page, on

Jeff Cornett, FL

Haim Hochboim, is

Bill Zurn, CA

Bob Basa, on

Past Winners

John Kilbride, PA

Chetan Radia, UK

Aaron Fuegi, MA
2001, 2007

Jeff Cornett, FL
2002, 2006

Lance Ribeiro, NH

Aran Warszawski, Israel

Matt Calkins. VA

Alfred Smith, NC

Marc Berenbach, MA

Eric Freeman, PA

GM Craig Moffitt with his finalists.

E&T was voted Legacy status in 2008 after ten years of consistent performance.

Acquiring Civilization ...

Legacy status returned this Kniza tile placing masterpiece to WBC as a Century event this year. The tournament again used a rules variant to address the advantage of the first two players. Instead of their normal two actions, the first two players received only one action during the first turn. The distribution of wins for 4-player games was 4 wins (26%), 3 wins (20%), 5 wins (33%), and 3 wins (20%) for players moving first through fourth, respectively.

Dynasty \ Finish





Avg Finish

 Archer 1st (1 action)






 Bull 2nd (1 action)






 Lion 3rd






 Potter 4th






Ten winners plus the best two runners-up from the two preliminary heats manned three semi-final tables. In the first, newcomer Nick Page (4-5-5-5) playing from the fourth position managed to upset a table that included 2005 champion Matt Calkins. In the second, Haim Hochboim (9-9-10-11) narrowly defeated Eric Freeman (7-9-13-16). In the third, top-qualifier and two-time prior champion Jeff Cornett (6-6-7-7) defeated Bill Zurn (5-5-7-7). Eric survived to fight another round by advancing with the best runner-up finish. With two extra treasures his score would have been winning, but Bill needed two extra treasures just to tie the leader.

In the Final, Jeff had the first choice and selected the third position. Nick (first), Haim (fourth), and Eric (second) rounded out the table. First-time finalist Nick started the game by placing his King by the central North treasure. Eric also used his one action to place his King in the Southwest. Jeff had two actions and immediately started the competition for the Northeast treasure by placing his Farmer and Trader by the river delta. Haim took the last open corner in the Northwest with his King. In Round 2, both Eric and Haim consolidated the kingdoms they started while Jeff and Nick inched towards the prize.

In Round 3, Nick made a bold claim on the disputed treasure by using a disaster on Jeff's farm. Undaunted, Jeff played two more farms blocking Nick's path. This finally convinced Nick to change direction and encroach on Haim in the northwest. Meanwhile, Eric had established a solid base and a potential green monument far from the other players. The following picture shows the board after Eric's play in Round 5.

In Round 5, Haim severed Nick's settlement peninsula with a disaster and used a settlement of his own to pick up the abandoned support. Unhappy with his shrinking kingdom, Nick used five temples to win an internal conflict against Jeff and then nabbed the southeastern treasure.

After Jeff joined his and Nick's two kingdoms into a large mixed kingdom, the players were content to expand quietly for a couple rounds. This lasted until Round 8 when Eric built a Green/Black monument in the SW corner (see Picture below). Although none of the other players were near enough to bother Eric, they felt the pressure to shake things up and score more points.

Haim finally placed his Farmer onto the board when he attacked Jeff, but he lost when Jeff revealed four tiles to match his support. Haim repeated the same move again, but this time neither player had any temples in their hand and Haim won 2-1 from adjacent temples on the board.

Nick started Round 9 by inching his isolated Farm kingdom closer to Eric's. With one extra farm on the board and several in his hand, Eric considered causing an external conflict to gain blue points. However, he instead played the farms to sure up his connectivity. This turned out to be a critical decision as Nick had plenty of Farms and had laid a trap.

Next, Jeff caused the first external conflict by attacking Haim's kingdom. First, Haim was forced to be the attacker against Nick's trader. Then, Jeff defeated Haim's Priest and netted two red points.

Still with a powerful Farmer on the board, Haim merged south and attacked Nick's Farmer to net three blue points. This also caused a King conflict that Jeff was able to win as the defender for four black points with only extra one settlement when Nick had none.

In Round 10, Nick claimed his third treasure after he linked up his Trader to the remnants of the southern kingdom. With only three treasure left, the next treasure removed would end the game. Meanwhile, Eric once again had no neighbors within two spaces, and he played tiles to bolster his support against internal conflicts. However, low on red points Eric would be forced to discard from his hand next turn in hopes of pulling more temples.

In the east, Jeff severed the eastern kingdom with a catastrophe to place his Trader uncontested with the majority of the markets. He followed this up in Round 11, by overwhelmingly attacking Nick's trader for two green points. Haim was slowly recovering in the Northwest, and built the game's second monument this round. He would have preferred Black/Green, but instead was forced to build Black/Blue.

In Round 12, Nick immediately fought Haim over the monument, adding five temples in the internal conflict. After winning, he dropped his Farmer into the 3-support hole left behind for full control of the monument. Eric inched his kingdom north and opened up the possibility of ending the game from treasures. After Jeff scored two red points from placing temples, Haim risked a 2-to-tie internal conflict against Jeff's priest and won.

In Round 13, Nick placed two tiles and continued to control the monument for a total of four points. Eric used a catastrophe defensively to remove the last support of Jeff's King. Jeff caused the game's last conflict when he again used his large market support to defeat Haim's trader and net two points (see picture above). Haim won the subsequent Farmer conflict and prevented Jeff from claming the treasure. Haim then began his turn with an empty tile bag and ended the game after placing his King and a settlement.

Eric's isolationist monument strategy paid off with a score of 7-7-9-10 (lowest in red). Nick was a close second at 7-7-7-8 (lowest in black/red) and would have been able to win with one extra turn. Jeff 6-6-7-8 (lowest in blue) and Haim 5-5-8-8 (lowest in green) rounded out the table. Next year, the 1/1/2/2 action rules variant and hypothetic treasure margin-of-victory tiebreaker will be kept. The GM would like to thank everyone for their participation and is looking forward to another great event next year.

 GM      Craig Moffit [6th Year]  NA   609-458-0093 

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