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 2010 WBC Report  

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Alex Bove, PA

2010 Champion

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Event History
2003   Arthur Field     85
2004   Evan Tannheimer     73
2005   Nick Anner     53
2006   Arthur Field     49
2007   Sam Atabaki     57
2008   Greg Thatcher     67
2009   Eric Freeman     57
2010   Alex Bove     48

Euro Quest History
2003   Arthur Field     17

PBeM History
2008   Kevin Wojtaszczyk     30
2009   Greg Thatcher     30
2010    Haim Hochboim     30

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Greg Thatcher      FL    10    112
   2.  Arthur Field       SC    09     91
   3.  Alex Bove          PA    10     70
   4.  Eric Freeman       PA    10     70
   5.  Haim Hochboim      is    10     64
   6.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    10     55
   7.  Nick Anner         NY    07     51
   8.  Curt Collins II    PA    10     43
   9.  Evan Tannheimer    MA    05     42
  10.  Aram Warszawski    is    10     36
  11.  Andrew Gerb        MA    10     30
  12.  Rich Meyer         MA    08     30
  13.  Sam Atabaki        CA    07     30
  14.  Mike Kaltman       PA    08     27
  15.  Chris Trimmer      TX    10     24
  16.  Raphael Lehrer     MD    09     24
  17.  Bill Zurn          CA    10     18
  18.  Davyd Field        SC    05     18
  19.  Ilan Woll          CT    08     15
  20.  Doug Smith         PA    08     12
  21.  Brian Kowal        WI    07     12
  22.  Brian Jones        NC    05     12
  23.  John Kerr          VA    03     12
  24.  Bryan Berkenstock  NJ    10      9
  25.  Jonathan Tivel     VA    04      9
  26.  Luke Koleszar      VA    03      9
  27.  Tom Browne         PA    08      8
  28.  Ken Dozier         NC    03      8
  29.  Greg Crowe         VA    07      6
  30.  Joshua Cooper      MD    06      6
  31.  Shannon Beets      CA    05      6
  32.  Tyler Sheaffer     CA    04      6
  33.  David Fogel        MD    03      6
  34.  Grant LaDue        NY    10      4
  35.  Tom Dunning        NY    08      4
  36.  Rob Taylor         MI    03      4
  37.  John Pack          CO    05      3
  38.  Tom McCorry        PA    03      2

2010 Laurelists                                          Repeating Laurelists

Bill Zurn, CA

Greg Thatcher, CA

Bryan Berkenstock, NJ

Eric Freeman, PA

Andrew Gerb, MD

Past Winners

Arthur Field, SC
2003, 2006

Evan Tannheimer, MA

Nick Anner, NY

Sam Atabaki, CA

Greg Thatcher, CA

Eric Freeman, PA

Alex Bove, PA

Aurora Pack, Phil Rennert, Rob Seulowitz and Sean Parker amongst the pyramids.

Alex Bell, Andy latto, Bill Zurn, Kevin Wojtaszczck and Carol Haney populate the Nile.

A Down Year for Pharoahs ...

Attendance defied the overall trend and dropped to its lowest point in the event's eight-year run, albeit by just one less player than its previous nadir of 49.

The Final was a 4-player game instead of the usual 5-player affair and that ended the title defense of 2009 champ Eric Freeman when he just failed to make the cut. Alex Bove and 2008 champ Greg Thatcher were veterans of the rarified air of the AMR Final, while Bill Zurn and Bryan Berkenstock were making their first appearance at the last pyramid.

House rules in effect were that Amarna, Abydos and Kharga were removed from play, and the Power Card Bonus card's requirements were lowered from seven to six power card wedges. Bill was randomly tabbed to go first as Pharaoh. The initial provinces were awarded to: Bill (Thebes for 6 gold), Greg (Barharya for 3), Bryan (Buto for 1) and Alex (Avaris for 0). The sacrifice level reached 1 and Greg became the new pharaoh.

The Round 2 bidding was far from uneventful. Greg bid on Dahkla, only to be outbid by Bryan. Alex bid on Sawu for 3 and Bill on Edfu. Greg then outbid Alex with 6 on Sawu. Alex responded with a bid of 0 for Damanhur to end the phase. Paraphrasing Greg, he felt that the moves that would determine the eventual winner had already been made.

The game continued with Greg remaining Pharaoh during the Old Kingdom, and the sacrifice levels remaining at 1. By the end of the Old Kingdom, the scores remained close with all tied at 12 save Alex with 10. The second kingdom began with some excitement when Greg bid 21 for Avaris which had the three pyramids Alex had built. Alex, determined to get back his old province, bid 28. The other provinces went for less, having but one or no pyramids. The Sacrifice Phase saw a change in Pharaoh with Bill taking the title.

Round 5 had provinces each containing one pyramid, but Greg and Bryan managed to make Alex pay the most gold for his - 15 for Thebes. The Sacrifice Phase saw the level reach 2 for the first time after long deliberations about sacrifices. Greg earned back the Pharaoh title.

In Round 6, Greg bid 15 for Baharya's two pyramids. Bryan bid 10 for Sawu's lone pyramid, but Alex outbid him, paying 15. The other two provinces had no pyramids, but Bill was willing to pay 3 to make sure he got Abu. The sacrifice remained at level 2, with Bryan earning Pharaoh. During the scoring, Most Pyramids went to Alex and Bill, Most Gold to Alex first, then Bryan, then Greg. Bill played Upper/Lower Bonus card and Greg played Farmer Bonus card. Alex won with 34 points, to Bill's 31, Greg's 30 and Bryan's 26. It was to be just the first of three WBC 2010 triumphs by the 2008 Caesar.

Haim Hochboim, David Gagne and Perrianne Lurie build pyramids.

The finalists with GM Marilyn Flowers.

 On-Line 2010 Tournament

In a close, low scoring game, Haim Hochboim managed to keep just a few points ahead of everyone to grab the 2009 Amun-Re online tournament Wood! At the half way point everyone was within three points but Haim managed to have the top money going into the second half. The provinces popped up in a non-optimal order, nullifying many of the scoring cards and resulting in a couple rounds of haves and have nots in the bidding. Bidding first in a round proved to be critical
throughout with the money being tight for everyone. Still managing to score two power cards, Aran almost managed to pass Haim in final scoring, but fell short by just two points when Haim did get to score a bank of the nile card. For all the details you can check out the game at

The final six spots were:

1st. Haim Hochboim
2nd Aran Warszawsk
3rd Curt Collins III
4th Kevin Wojtaszczyk
5th Chris Trimmer
6th Grant LaDue

At this time it looks like the last Amun-Re online tournament since the game has now been pulled off of spielbyweb. Much can happen between now and October, so if things change, there might be another tournament, but right now it is not looking likely. So I'd like to thank everyone that made the last three years of Amun-Re online a success! It was a great time and the competition was top notch.

 GM      Marilyn Flowers [1st Year]   NA   NA

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