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Updated 11/15/2010
2010 WBC Report  

 2011 Status: pending 2011 GM commitment

John Coussis, IL

2010 Champion

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Event History
1998    Ric Manns      155
1999    Roy Gibson     116
2000    Bob Eastman     129
2001    John Coussis     126
2002    Robert Barnes     126
2003    Scott Buckwalter     140
2004    Rob Winslow     122
2005    Brad Jones     126
2006    Roy Gibson     121
2007    Steve Scott     118
2008    Bruce Young     124
2009    John Elliott     120
2010    John Coussis     138

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  John Coussis       IL    10    152
   2.  Roy Gibson         MD    06    100
   3.  Scott Buckwalter   MD    03     96
   4.  Rob Winslow        NY    04     95
   5.  John Elliott       MD    09     84
   6.  Henry Richardson   VA    01     60
   7.  Bob Eastman        OK    00     60
   8.  Bruce Young        SC    09     52
   9.  Robert Barnes      WV    02     50
  10.  Ben Knight         MD    08     49
  11.  Andy Gardner       VA    10     46
  12.  Pat Mirk           FL    02     45
  13.  Stephen Cuyler     NY    08     40
  14.  Steve Scott        CA    07     40
  15.  Brad Jones         FL    05     40
  16.  Gary Libby         RI    09     36
  17.  Marty Sample       NH    04     36
  18.  Jeff Heidman       NY    10     34
  19.  Bill Place         PA    07     24
  20.  Carol Caler        OH    05     24
  21.  Eric Stranger      OH    99     24
  22.  Tony Musella       VA    10     20
  23.  Keith Hunsinger    OH    10     19
  24.  Dan Mathias        MD    03     18
  25.  Josh Gifford       MD    00     18
  26.  Ben Collinson      MD    09     16
  27.  Rob Kircher        RI    07     16
  28.  Peter Reese        VA    05     16
  29.  Scott Fenn         MD    04     15
  30.  Jamie Tang         MD    02     13
  31.  Tom Bissa          MI    05     12
  32.  Stan Buck          MD    03     12
  33.  Peter Busch        OH    99     12
  34.  Ross Jones         SC    04     10
  35.  Rob Mull           CO    02     10
  36.  Dwayne Curry       OH    01     10
  37.  Carmen Petruzelli  PA    09      8
  38.  Craig Melton       VA    06      8
  39.  Ron Wuerth         VA    05      8
  40.  Cliff Ackman       PA    03      6
  41.  Joel Tamburo       IL    10      5
  42.  Kevin Brownell     ME    04      5
  43.  Matt Evinger       PA    08      4
  44.  Justin Thompson    VA    05      4
  45.  Steve Squibb       PA    99      4

2010 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists 

Jeff Heidman, NY

Tony Musella, VA

Keith Hunsinger, OH

Andy Gardner, VA

Joel Tamburo, IL

Past Winners

Ric Manns, IN

Roy Gibson, MD
1999, 2006

Bob Eastman, OK

John Coussis, IL
2001, 2010

Robert Barnes, WV

Scott Buckwalter, MD

Rob Winslow, NY

Brad Jones, FL

Steve Scott, CA

Bruce Young, SC

John Elliott, MD

2000 champ Bob Eastman reaches for a trick but fails to advance in the shark-infested waters of Atlantic Storm.

Reverend Keith returned to mere player after filling in ably in 2009 as relief GM. At least, He had the good grace not to win the event!

Pulling a Coussis Again ...

2010 proved to be a banner year as 138 brave souls embarked into the icy waters of the North Atlantic once again. The heats were filled with the usual craziness of wins against long odds (a fortunate Bismark rolls an 11 to take 15 points in one hand) and untimely misfires (several low dice rolls at the worst possible time).

The Final proved to be a venerable "Murderer's Row" of veteran sub chasers as Joel Tamburo, Keith Hunsinger, Jeff Heidman, Andy Gardner, Tony Musella and yes, GM John Coussis launched into the final battles.

The game started well for Jeff as he took convoy TM-1 on the 1st hand (only one VP, but an extra card in hand, which from Turn 1 on is a big bonus). Keith and Andy each snagged the next two Arctic Convoys in air battles. Keith then made a big move on Hand 4 for Convoy ON-67 from the last position. He used Admiral Doenitz to change a sub battle to Combined and played the Scharnhorst to pocket the convoy for himself. Keith then took his third convoy on the very next hand with a fortunate 6 die roll. Unfortunately for Keith, his prizes only brought him seven VP's. The game settled into a cautious period through the next couple of hands as players were reluctant to put too many points in play. After ten convoys, the visible (Convoy) points were Tony and Jeff at 9, Keith 7, John 6, Andy 4 and Joel yet to score.

Jeff pulled ahead with the first card of the second half of the game as he won an air battle over a 4-point convoy. John then followed with a fortunate 5 die roll to win the next convoy. Keith, Andy and John then worked together to deny Tony Convoy HG 76 even though he played the card fated against the convoy. It was hand 15 that proved to be the key moment of the game. Keith launched a sub battle over a 7-point Convoy by playing a German Wolfpack and three Bonus points. John followed with only three Allied points, but the rest of the table also played Allied. Joel and Jeff both had die rolls and only had to roll higher than 3 to deny John the 7-point bounty. However, neither could and John bagged the 7-point gift with a simple 3-point force card. Two hands later John also benefited from Tony's "Hail Mary" play of the Scharnhorst early in a Surface Battle. John had the Duke of York in hand and played it to score the Scharnhorst's 4 VP's (despite sacrificing the Duke of York's 5 VP's in exchange to the axis victor). Jeff and Joel wound up splitting the points for the hand.

The last hand saw a big combined battle over SLS 64. Jeff started with a big (??+3) Allied Play. Keith and John played large for the Germans, but Andy took the prize with a big roll from the Bismark - thus denying Jeff the win as he came up two points short in the final tally.

In the end, GM John Coussis claimed his second Atlantic Storm title (and obligatory abuse from the Convention Director with a final shot across the bow for pulling a "Coussis" by winning his own event) with 27 points. Jeff's 25 was good for second. The rest of the laurel parade was: Tony 17, Keith 15, Andy 13 and Joel 11.

Many thanks to all who played. Next year will see the return of separating players by their preference for Atlantic Storm or Pacific Typhoon as 2010 did not generate a single game of the latter played by having each table decide individually.

Steve Cameron and Kevin Emery bridge the generation gap at WBC.

The finalists are all smiles now but wait till the Bismarck rolls boxcars.
 GM     John Coussis [11th Year]  NA   NA 

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