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Updated 11/15/2010

2010 WBC Report     

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Ken Rothstein, NY

2010 Champion

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Event History
1996    Jack Jaeger      118
1997    James Garvey      110
1998    Fred Minard        94
1999    Ken Rothstein      117
2000    John Coussis     109
2001    Jack Jaeger       72
2002    Chris Storzillo       73
2003    Jonathan Fox       68
2004    Michael Musko       80
2005    Robert Sohn       75
2006    Brandon Bernard       90
2007    John Coussis       70
2008    Erica Kirchner       67
2009    Chris Storzillo       60
2010    Ken Rothstein       57

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  John Coussis       IL    07    131
   2.  Ken Rothstein      NY    10    112
   3.  Chris Storzillo    NJ    09    108
   4.  Brandon Bernard    PA    10     76
   5.  Robert Sohn        PA    05     74
   6.  Michael Musko      IN    04     50
   7.  Jack Jaeger        VA    01     50
   8.  Jimmy Fleckenstein VA    09     46
   9.  Erica Kirchner     KY    08     40
  10.  Jonathan Fox       FL    03     40
  11.  Pat Richardson     VA    09     37
  12.  Thomas Richardson  VA    08     36
  13.  Peter Busch        OH    00     36
  14.  Richard Fox        FL    06     32
  15.  Chuck Krueger      MA    02     30
  16.  Steve Katz         VA    01     30
  17.  Tim Bissa          MI    07     28
  18.  Andy Gardner       VA    04     25
  19.  Dee Ann Gehring    IN    08     24
  20.  Kyle Snyders       IL    06     24
  21.  Bruce Bernard      PA    00     24
  22.  Matt Fagan         NJ    10     22
  23.  John Wetherall     PA    01     20
  24.  Scott Fenn         MD    10     18
  25.  Jim Fleckenstein   VA    09     18
  26.  Gary Presser       NY    00     18
  27.  Craig Melton       VA    07     16
  28.  Joe Pellicia       ME    99     16
  29.  Michael Destro     NJ    04     15
  30.  Pat Mirk           FL    01     15
  31.  Brian Schott       MD    05     14
  32.  Winston Forrest    VA    99     12
  33.  Bryan Eshleman     NC    04     10
  34.  Stephane Dorais    qc    09     10
  35.  Bob Jamelli        PA    10      9
  36.  Luke Koleszar      VA    08      8
  37.  Greg Schmittgens   KS    07      8
  38.  Brian Stone        NY    06      8
  39.  Shantanu Saha      NY    03      8
  40.  Eric Shaffer       AZ    02      5
  41.  Bob Foster         ID    01      5
  42.  Chuck Foster       ID    06      4
  43.  Tom Bissa          MI    05      4
  44.  John Chung         WA    03      4
  45.  Jerry Ohlinger     NY    09      4
  46.  Bill Crenshaw      VA    10      3
  47.  Philip Shea        FL    09      3

2010 Laurelists                                                 Repeating Laurelists : 0

Scott Fenn, MD

Brandon Bernard, PA

Bob Jamelli, PA

Matt Fagan, NJ

Bill Crenshaw, VA

Past Winners

Jack Jaeger, VA
1996, 2001

James Garvey, NY

Fred Minard, PA

Ken Rothstein, NY
1999, 2010

John Coussis, IL
2000, 2007

Chris Storzillo, NJ
2002, 2009

Jonathan Fox, FL

Michael Musko, IN

Robert Sohn, NJ

Brandon Bernard, PA

Erica Kirchner, KY

Virginia Melton and the Koleszars look to stop Max Jamelli's Fare Wars push.

Ken Rothstein on his way to victory over Patrick Shea, Jessica Crandell and Virginia Melton.

Less Fliers in the Friendly Skies ...

Air Baron was published about 15 years ago, shortly before Avalon Hill's demise. It has never been republished by Hasbro, nor has any other publisher ventured to do so. As a result, affordable copies are hard to find, making it difficult to expand the player base. Every year, the tournament's numbers drop, as we lose more people to the lure of the latest games than we attract in new players. In 2010, we reached our nadir with 57 entrants playing in four heats to populate a 25-player semi-final and a 5-player Final.

This year, we added a novice table at each heat, where new players could learn in an unpressured environment. Most players at the regular tables were more than happy to answer questions, give advice or strategy tips to anyone who asked for help, novice or not. The vast majority of our players love the game, and are more than willing to share that enthusiasm with others.

Our five finalists are a case in point: experienced (including two previous champions), knowledgeable, serious competitors who nonetheless are willing to offer sound advice to advance the play of the game. The Final was a wonderful example of just how good the game can be when it's played right, and Lady Luck doesn't get too involved.

The five finalists were 2006 champ Brandon Bernard, Matt Fagan, Scott Fenn, Bob Jamelli, and 1999 champ Ken Rothstein. With a banker's roll of "4," money was not a problem for the first round. Our intrepid finalists started their empires in Nashville, San Diego, Memphis, Orlando, and Pittsburgh. Only San Diego and Pittsburgh would remain with their original buyers throughout play.

Matt controlled Miami and Atlanta for most of the game, and dominated New York for awhile. His tenacious defense of his New York spokes finally gave way when his dice turned cold, and he finished in fifth place with $137 cash and market share.

Bob was able to secure the left coast early and held off all challengers, but wasn't able to push eastward far enough to help his position. He finished fourth with a $193 total.

Brandon took the only loan of the game but the maximum loan available was just $10. He parlayed that into $160 market share before the only Fuel Hike draw of the night cost him half of his spokes. Nevertheless, he recovered to control DFW and Houston, while dominating Phoenix and Atlanta, with three undeployed Jumbos in waiting for the next opportunity which never came. He finsihed third with $215.

Scott, a perennial Prez Con Air Baron champ who has never tasted victory at WBC, took an early cash lead which he never relinquished. He eventually owned all of Chicago plus Tokyo, with Jumbos on all spokes except Indianapolis. He also dominated Denver, and finished in second place with $140 market share and $121 in cash.

Ken never lost control of Detroit and Washington once he got them. He held the $3 contract for the last 16 rounds of the game, and benefitted greatly from Jumbos on Pittsburgh and Boston. Lady Luck kept her thumb on his dice for most of the game, as he struggled for round after round to take over all the spokes in New York. When she finally relented, he quickly gained control and declared victory with $102 cash and $220 market share.

In retrospect, this was a cash-heavy game. There were 15 Jumbo Jets (twelve deployed). Everyone had their runs of luck, both good and bad. All in all, it was a fine example of all the elements that make Air Baron the great game that it is. It took him 11 years for the "repeat," but Ken Rothstein drew even with three others at the top of the Air Baron ratings with two championships apiece.

We interrupt this game to bring you news of a trajedy in the skies over Boston. Was it a crash or just the last hub in a Fare War defense?

GM Henry Richardson oversees his finalists shortly before Ken Rothstein won his second title to become the fourth two-time champion.
 GM      Henry Richardson [4th Year]   9419 Avenel Drive, Warrenton, VA 20187   540-351-0352

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