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Updated 11/30/2009

2009 WBC Report     

 2010 Status: pending 2010 GM commitment

Curt Collins II, PA

2009 Champion


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Event History
2000    Joe Lux     67
2001    Jamie Tang     77
2002    Bruce Young     84
2003    Arthur Field     73
2004    Luke Koleszar     64
2005     Jeff Mullet     65
2006    Fred Minard     40
2007     Steve Shambeda     44
2008    Paul Bolduc     32
2009     Curt Collins     64

Euro Quest Event History
2003    Arthur Field     28

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Arthur Field       SC    06     92
  2.  Luke Koleszar      VA    04     48
  3.  Jeff Mullet        OH    09     43
  4.  Steve Shambeda     PA    08     42
  5.  Fred Minard        PA    09     35
  6.  Joe Lux            NY    06     34
  7.  Curt Collins II    PA    09     30
  8.  Bruce Young        SC    02     30
  9.  Jamie Tang         MD    01     30
 10.  Scott Pfeiffer     SC    02     21
 11.  Paul Bolduc        FL    08     20
 12.  John Wetherell     PA    07     19
 13.  Rodney Davidson    AZ    09     18
 14.  Jim Carvin         PA    07     18
 15.  Tom Stokes         NJ    03     18
 16.  Davyd Field        SC    02     18
 17.  David Fritsch      VA    00     18
 18.  Cliff Ackman       PA    08     17
 19.  Jeff Senley        PA    09     16
 20.  Mike Backstrom     MN    04     12
 21.  Sean McCulloch     OH    04     12
 22.  Debbie Gutermuth   TX    03     12
 23.  Harald Henning     CT    03     12
 24.  Stu Hendrickson    VA    02     12
 25.  Bill Edwards       VA    00     12
 26.  Chris Terrell      VA    05      9
 27.  Cathy Kratz        ID    04      9
 28.  Kathy Stroh        PA    01      9
 29.  Max Jamelli        PA    08      8
 30.  Jed Shambeda       PA    07      8
 31.  Bruce Bernard      PA    09      6
 32.  Mark Guttag        VA    07      6
 33.  Matt Calkins       VA    05      6
 34.  Rich Zelano        RI    04      6
 35.  Ewan McNay         CT    03      6
 36.  Tom DeMarco        NJ    03      6
 37.  Evan Davis         IN    02      6
 38.  Michael Mahady     TX    01      6
 39.  Mike Hazel         SC    00      6
 40.  Tom Johnston       IL    08      4
 41.  Thomas Saal        MI    05      3
 42.  Chris LeFevre      AZ    02      3
 43.  Kim Foster         TX    01      3
 44.  Steve Scott        CA    00      3
 45.  Peter Staab        PA    03      2

2009 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists:

Rod Davidson, AZ

Jeff Senley, PA

Jeff Mullet, OH

Bruce Bernard, PA

Fred Minard, PA

Past Winners

Joe Lux, NY

Jamie Tang, MD

Bruce Young, SC

Arthur Field, SC

Luke Koleszar, VA

Jeff Mullet, OH

Fred Minard, PA

Steve Shambeda, PA

Paul Bolduc, FL

Curt Collins II, PA


"Coach" Hazel, Steve Scott, Cliff Ackman & Ralph Gleaton form an early foursome for the old favorite in start-of-the-week action.

Rich Irving, Jeff Mullet, and Bob Wicks conspire to keep you-know-who out of the running for wood. Good work, guys.

The Early Bird returns to the Century ...

Union Pacific moved to Monday in an effort to revive the flagging fortunes of this old favorite. It also switched back to a true swiss system with the second and third rounds paired by players with similar records. Alas, it was clearly stated that there would be no more than four players per board. As the crowd amassed to over 60 with only 12 boards in view, I grew concerned about mass turn-aways. But enough boards were scrounged and everyone was seated at a 4-player board. I again urge everyone to bring your copy of this out-of-print classic next year.

Winners from the first round included: Fred Minard, Carol Haney, Bobbi Warczak, Bruce Reiff, Kurt Miller, Richard Irving, Jeff Mullet, Bob Wicks, Bruce Bernard, Sean McColluch, Bruce Young, Curt Collins II, Rich Moyer, Rob Flowers, Jeff Senley, Rod Davidson and the man in the hat - Keith Levy.

We had several dropouts and one new entrant in Round 2. Winners were Bob Wicks, Jim Carvin, Jason Levine, Rich Atwater, Bruce Bernard, Secret Party Room Bartender Ralph Gleaton, Secret Party Room Enthusiast Scott Pfeiffer, Jeff Meyer, Rod Davidson, Jeff Senley, Jason Ley, and Raphael Lehrer.

Due to the large number of entrants, the third round effectively became a semi-final for those who still had a chance. Winners were Kyle Greenwood and Alan Stancius (tied), Jim Carvin, Rod Davidson and Jeff Senley (tie), Steve Shambeda, Brandon Bernard, Curt Collins II, Derik Galullo, Bruce Young and Jeff Mullet.

After the pencils finishing toting up the points, the final four were Curt Collins II, Rod Davidson, Jeff Mullet and Jeff Senley. Jeff Mullet, the assistant GM and a finalist gives this report on the Final:

The Final had the first player, Curt Collins, getting the least number of Union Pacific stocks and the rest of the field being tied for first in UP stock. In most games, the first player often has the most UP stock, while the last player, often has the least. We would soon see if Curt's gamble of giving up a perceived advantage would pay off or hurt him.

As the players began collecting and laying down stocks, no one seemed to get a large lead in any one stock. And since not many stocks went uncontested, the payouts were fairly small each turn. First place in most stocks would change with almost every turn. Even the second place stocks were highly sought after. There were an unusually high number of three-way ties for stocks in first and second places.

When the steam, er, smoke cleared, Curt was on top. A low scoring game and a couple of more stocks than his opponents offset his lack of UP stocks.

Thanks to all who participated and next year, bring your game!!!!!!!!


Tedd Mullally, Bruce Young and Sean McCulloch ride the rails on Monday.

The finalists do their dirty work and successfully keep the Cabbie out of wood. Somehow, it just ain't the same rooting against Jeff.
 GM      Bruce Reiff  [1st Year]   NA
    bdreiff@aol.com   NA

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