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2009 WBC Report    

 2010 Status: pending December Membership Trial Vote

Henry Rice, NM

2006-08 Champion

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Event History
1998    Doug Smith      32
1999    Jim Gutt     16
2000    Jim Gutt     16
2001     Robert Seulowitz     17
2002     Robert Seulowitz      16
2003      Doug Smith      18
2004      Henry Rice      17
2005      Ross Jones      18
2006      Doug Smith      24
2007      Doug Smith      22
2008      Doug Smith      12
2009      Henry Rice      23

PBeM Event History
2004    Rob Mull      24

Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
  1.  Doug Smith          PA    08    131
  2.  Jim Gutt            AZ    04    101
  3.  Henry Rice          NM    09     90
  4.  Rob Seulowitz       NY    09     84
  5.  Ross Jones          SC    06     70
  6.  Rob Mull            CO    04     50
  7.  Ahmet Ilpars        tu    08     42
  8.  Craig Melton        VA    08     31
  9.  Ralph Gleaton       SC    09     30
 10.  Tim Miller          GA    03     30
 11.  Michael Day         AZ    02     30
 12.  Keith Wixson        NJ    07     29
 13.  Phil Rodrigues      VA    06     22
 14.  Stefan MeCay        TX    04     20
 15.  Stan Buck           MD    09     18
 16.  Dan Dolan Jr        NJ    08     18
 17.  Mark Hinkle         NH    04     18
 18.  Francis Czawlytko   MD    08     14
 19.  Jim Doughan         PA    00     12
 20.  Matt Ellison        OH    04     10
 21.  Nick Firer          WI    00     10
 22.  Seth Gunar          NJ    09      9
 23.  Tom Drueding        MA    07      9
 24.  Dorian Key          DC    09      6
 25.  Chris Storzillo     NJ    05      6
 26.  J. R. Tracy         NY    00      6
 27.  Dennis Mason        ME    99      6
 28.  Risto Marjomaa      fn    04      5
 29.  Tom Constantine     ME    06      4
 30.  Peter Card          uk    00      4
 31.  Michael Mitchell    GA    99      3
 32.  Brian Mountford     NY    00      2

2009 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists:

Stan Buck, MD

Ralph Gleaton, SC

Seth Gunar, NJ

Dorian Key, DC

Rob Seulowitz, NY

Past Winners

Doug Smith, PA
1998, 2003, 2006-08

Jim Gutt, AZ

Robert Seulowitz, NY

Henry Rice, NM
2004, 2009

Ross Jones, SC

Mike Arnold, Phil Pendleton, Rob Seulowitz
and Randy Pippus take a mulligan.

Henry Rice, William Herbst, Phil Rodrigues,
and Craig Melton try to succeed.

New Blood for the Body

It was a year of many changes for Successors at WBC in 2009 - not only did we premiere the new GMT Revised Edition, but many of the usual suspects were missing, including past Champion Ross Jones and previous finalists Ahmet "Satrap of Capadocia" Ilpars and Dan Dolan the Younger.  Most notably, Thrice Champ Doug "Jedi Master" Smith was unable to advance due to a work commitment that abbreviated his WBC stay.

Fortunately, the new release brought a burst of new blood into the event, and we enrolled a respectable 23 players.

The first round saw five of seven tables burying the body in Pella, which is partly due to the increase in new players. To the inexperienced hand, it looks like a slam dunk maneuver, but only three of the factions that started the game with the body completed the burial and only two of those won on Legitimacy.  The consensus was very strong that the Optional Attrition Rule (rolling on the Attrition table if over-stacked rather than simply losing 1 CU) would be an improvement, and future WBC tournies will definitely be using it.

New-to-WBC SUC Seth Gunar was the highest ranking qualifier, winning a very tough 5-turn game against strong players, with returning 2004 Champ Henry Rice ranking second with an instant VP win on Turn 4 against three wily WBC veterans.  Rounding out the Final table were former GM and Harry Potter Wannabe Ralph Gleaton and Stan Buck, another new SUC player at WBC.

For the Final, we would play with the optional rule 23.5 ("Seleucus and Eumenes") - I also stirred the pot a bit by removing the "Pontic Fleet" card and replacing it with three special cards:  "Cleitus the White" (treat a Naval Combat as though you have a General Rating of 3), "Cavalry Superiority" (modifies combat and interception) and the return of "Salvation in the 11th Hour."  Tragically, although "Salvation" was played, it failed to draw blood ... tsk, tsk.

I gave the Finalists the opportunity to choose Generals via reverse draft, but they overwhelmingly preferred a random deal which resulted in the following sides:

 Start of Turn 1




Henry Rice Antipater & Lysimachus



Stan Buck Leonatus & Craterus



Ralph Gleaton Antignus & Perdiccas



Seth Gunar Ptolemy & Peithon




In Turn 1 Henry took Rhodes for an early lead and set himself up as the Usurper in Turn 2. Was he goading Ralph into taking the body to Pella?  Ralph, who had drawn the Silver Shields on Turn 1, appeared to bite, taking a heavily armed wagonload of bones and gold West in Turn 2.  Stan's Craterus appeared poised to keep Perdiccas and Antigonus separated - their combination would surely make the Juggernaut a near inevitability, yet somehow Ralph was able to slide Perdiccas around to the scenic route through Capadocia, allowing him to rendezvous with Antigonus unmolested.

It now appeared it would be a short game indeed, as either Ralph's Antigonus would thump Henry's Lysimachus in Thrace and spike the body in Pella for the win, or Henry could win an unlikely battle victory and stuff the body on the Rebound.

Ralph is no fool, though, and unleashed "Condemnation" on Henry before approaching the straits.  This left him precious little time to get to Pella, but clever  Henry played "Treachery" to steal the body and bury it himself without a fight.

Thus Turn 2 ended, without an instant Legitimacy win but with Henry in a commanding position:

 Start of Turn 3




Henry Rice Antipater & Lysimachus



Stan Buck Leonatus & Craterus



Ralph Gleaton Antignus, Perdiccas, Demetrius



9 (SS)
Seth Gunar Ptolemy & Peithon




Henry was now the leader in Leader in Legitimacy AND the Usurper, not to mention Strategos, thus getting two Macedonians and four Mercenaries in reinforcements!  Add to that his five Fleet points and his victory was almost assured.

Stan, who held Heracles, made a valiant effort to win the Regency before Henry could get to the Instant VP win, and fell just short - if Henry had missed any of three subjugation rolls in Greece, Stan would have taken it with his final card-play ("Diplomacy").  Stan also pulled off a dry-gulching of Antigonus, whom  Ralph had sent to challenge the fall of Babylonia, only to get hit with both "Mutiny" AND "Silver Shields" before the battle with Craterus - Antigonus was crushed, and Ralph effectively knocked out of the game.

Stan gets a nod, too, for being the only player to hold his "Champion" status at the end of the game.

Congratulations to Henry Rice, who joins Doug SmithJim Gutt and myself as a repeat winner in this event!

Special thanks to Keith Wixson for Assistant GM'ing, particularly during the Final when he helped to identify all my rules errors, sometimes even before I made them.

A new version evokes interest in any upgraded components.

GM Rob Seulowitz and his finalists before the showdown.

Successors page at GMT: Includes downloadable version of the rule book and this excellent VASSAL module.
Successors (3rd Edition) page at Board Game Geek
Successors (3rd Edition) folder at ConSimWorld

 GM      Robert Seulowitz [2nd year]    26 Downer Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583   NA

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