WBC 2009-2010 Yearbook
April 5, 2010

Below you can get a look inside the printed yearbook in PDF* files.

Covers 1&2 and 1-2
Front Cover, Accommodations,
Contents, Directors' Message
(4/5/10; 1MB)

Trial Events, Team Champions
(4/5/10; 1.01MB)

Century Events—
through Gangsters

(4/5/10; 1.34MB)

64-80 and Covers 3&4
PBeM Champions; Mini-Con Results; Caesar, Consul, GM,
Sportsmanship, and Hobby Service Awards; 2010 Precons; 2010 Event List
(4/5/10; 1.99MB)
Century Events—
through Squad Leader

(4/5/10; 1.35MB)
Century Events—
Star Wars: Queen's Gambit
through A World At War

(4/5/10; 1.09MB)
Entire 2009-2010 Yearbook
(4/5/10; 3.74MB)

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