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Updated 11/30/2009

2009 WBC Report     

2010 Status: pending 2010 GM commitment

Ashley Collinson, MD

2009 Champion

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Event History
2005    Chris Striker     45
2006    John Elliott     44
2007    Paul Weintraub     71
2008    Tom Pavy     58
2009    Ashley Collinson     57



Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Tom Pavy           OH    08    69
  2.  Paul Weintraub     MD    07    51
  3.  Chris Striker      PA    06    36
  4.  Ashley Collinson   MD    09    30
  5.  John Elliott       MD    06    30
  6.  Henry Pfeiffer     SC    09    27
  7.  Forrest Speck      MD    08    27
  8.  Beth Zhao          TX    09    18
  9.  Chris Gnech        PA    08    18
 10.  Lauren Vessey      VA    06    18
 11.  Barrett Straub     MD    09    12
 12.  Frank Mestre       NY    07    12
 13.  Bob Jamelli        PA    05     9
 14.  James Bell         MD    09     6
 15.  John Ellsworth     IL    08     6
 16.  Greg Zegalia       PA    07     6
 17.  Verity Hitchings   DE    09     3
 18.  Matt Evinger       PA    08     3
 19.  Alex Bell          MD    07     3
 20.  Ruth Evinger       PA    06     3
 21.  Stephen Fitchett   PA    05     3

2009 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists:

Beth Zhao, TX

Barrett Straub, MD

Henry Pfeiffer, SC

James Bell, MD

Verity Hitchings, DE

Past Winners

Chris Striker, PA

John Elliott, MD

Paul Weintraub, MD

Tom Pavy, OH

Ashley Collinson, MD

Beware all ye who dare enter these waters ...

There's treasure to be had for Cap'n Larry's crew.

Squawk ... Women Pirates! ... what's this world coming to?

AAARRRHHH!!! mateys. Cap'n Larry here. Once again rum flowed and blood pooled around the 'cove. we had 43 of you scurvy scalawags and 14 voluptuous venomous vixens on board. I use that alliteration because those gals blasted the pants off you scoundrels. Each of the lasses averaged over six player-sinks as opposed to you landlubbers barely sinking four each.

In Heat 1 we had six games yielding wins for: Paul Bissa, Bert Schoose, Henry Pfeiffer, Bob Jamelli, Delvario Clinkscales, and Dan Mathias.
Game 1: Alyssa Gumbowski did not win, but sank as many as all three of the other knaves combined!
Game 2: Bert won while only sinking one pirate ... cowardly scum.
Game 3: Henry won with four sinks, while the Haney lass came in last with the same number.
Game 4: Bob got by Nico Paruda sinking five to Bob's four.
Game 5: Delvario edged Greg-Beard 50-45
Game 6: Dandy Dan sent six to Davey Jones' locker with nobody coming within 10 points.

The Heat 2 winners were Emma Hauser, Chris Daly, Beth Zhao, Rob Drozd, Ron Glass, Claire Pfeiffer and Linda Pattison. The women put them to shame.

Game 7: Emma sank as many as all her dainty adversaries combined.
Game 8: Chris pulled the hat trick and sank equal to his opponents.
Game 9: Beth did not sink many, but used her wiles to slip by the others by a mere three points.
Game 10: Rob bribed his way to a 1-point win over Zack Terry who was set adrift for his trouble.
Game 11: Ron proved the top dog in a pack of four within four points.
Game 12: Claire joined her brother as the Pfeiffers ruled the seas - sending six below the waves.
Game 13: Linda continued the Amazon reign of terror, sinking five, to win by ten points.

The Heat 3 winners were Jim Bell, Tom Pavy, Jeff Pattison, Jason Long, Ashley Collinson and Dan Mathias again. At last a sailor with some iron.

Game 14: Jim cruised with four sinks and five points more than Jim Dougherty who walked the plank.
Game 15: Old salt and defending champ Tom Pavy squeezed past Brad Sherwood by two points.
Game 16: Jeff won by three points over a pair of wenches, Beth Zhao and Alyssa Gumbowski.
Game 17: Jason won the battle of the Jason's by five points and marooned his namesake Fisher.
Game 18: Ashley won easily with six sinks over Verity Hitchings as the men suffered yet another indignity.
Game 19: Dandy Dan at last showed some gumption among the men by winning again over the queen of the plank - Bobbi Warczak

Round 2 pit the winners against one another in the semi-finals. The wenches again held their own, sending two to the Final reckoning.

Semi 1: Henry slid into the win column by a lousy point over Linda Pattison and two over Emma Hauser. He would be the only 2008 finalist to return in 2009.
Semi 2: Beth bewitched the opposition and sank as many as all three guys combined; ending not only Tom Pavy's defense of his title but also his previously unblemished record of winning laurels every year.
Semi 3: Barrett Straub made the most of his second chance, advancing as an alternate to win easily by ten points.
Semi 4: Ashley breezed by the other wenches Verity and Claire to advance. Paul Bissa was smitten early and did not stand a chance as they ate him alive.
Semi 5: Jim Bell won by 18 points, not even close

The Final was hotly contested - between the wenches. Beth-ster [just ducky] Zhao gave it her all, but Ashley Collinson was not to be denied. The brotherhood lagged far behind with the two lasses outscoring the three guys combined! Tis a sad day for men on the high seas.

The crew seems to be well equipped with eye patches.

The wenches outdid you scurvey devils this year.
 GM      Larry Lingle [5th Year]   218 West Spruce St, Palmyra, PA 17078-1011 
    Napoleonll@gmail.com   717-514-9703

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