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Updated 11/30/2009

2009 WBC Report   

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James Fleckenstein, VA

2009 Champion

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Event History
1992    Kenneth Shunk      30
1993    James Endness      18
1994    Jim Fleckenstein      30
1995    Greg Mayer      49
1996    Michael Hart      24
1997    Lauren Hickok      47
1998    Dan Schulman      32
1999    Tim Miller     31
2000    Susan Ellsworth     19
2001    John Ellsworth     25
2002    Jim Fleckenstein     29
2003    Robert Paul     33
2004    Tom Agostino     42
2005    Bill Place     21
2006    Stephen Cuyler     33
2007     Kelly Czyryca     43
2008    Bryan Eshleman     36
2009    Jim Fleckenstein     30

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jim Fleckenstein Sr VA    09     40
  2.  Bill Place         PA    06     38
  3.  Bryan Eshleman     NC    08     30
  4.  Kelly Czyryca      MD    07     30
  5.  Stephen Cuyler     NY    06     30
  6.  Tom Agostino       de    04     30
  7.  Robert Paul        AZ    03     30
  8.  Susan Ellsworth    IL    00     30
  9.  John Ellsworth     IL    01     26
 10.  Roy Pettis         VA    01     24
 11.  Chad Gormly        MA    09     20
 12.  Dale Long          NJ    09     20
 13.  Tim Miller         GA    99     20
 14.  John Speck         MD    08     18
 15.  Nathan Trent       VA    07     18
 16.  Patrick Mirk       FL    06     18
 17.  David Brooks       TN    04     18
 18.  Matt Bacho         MD    03     18
 19.  Ken Good           OH    00     18
 20.  Greg Wilson        NJ    07     15
 21.  Matt Evinger       PA    07     13
 22.  Bob Hahn           NY    04     13
 23.  Jimmy Fleckenstein VA    08     12
 24.  Michael Confoy     VA    06     12
 25.  Jonathan Lockwood  VA    05     12
 26.  Josh Campbell      NY    03     12
 27.  Luke Warren        DC    02     12
 28.  Jim Bell           MD    99     12
 29.  Tim Evinger        PA    01     11
 30.  Rob Brode          MD    08      9
 31.  Daniel Pappas      MD    06      9
 32.  Mike Destro        NJ    03      9
 33.  Martin Swenson     VA    00      9
 34.  Tim Swartz         MD    02      8
 35.  Cliff Ackman       PA    99      8
 36.  Mike Ussery        MD    09      6
 37.  Ruth Evinger       PA    08      6
 38.  James Kramer       PA    97      6
 39.  James Pei          VA    05      6
 40.  Greg Crowe         VA    04      6
 41.  Ann Cornett        FL    03      6
 42.  Sean Conroy        VA    02      6
 43.  Rob Kircher        MA    99      6
 44.  Michael Mitchell   GA    09      4
 45.  Alan Arvold        IL    09      4
 46.  Steve Scott        CA    02      4
 47.  Scott Fenn         MD    08      3
 48.  Barry Shutt        PA    06      3
 49.  Bruce Monnin       OH    04      3
 50.  Richard Moyer      MN    03      3
 51.  Ben Knight         MD    02      2
 52.  Ken Rothstein      NY    01      2

2009 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists:

Chad Gormly, RI

Dale Long, NJ

Mike Ussery, MD

Michael Mitchell, GA

Alan Arvold, IL

Past Winners

Kenneth Shunk, ON

Jim Fleckenstein,VA
1994, 2002, 2009

Greg Mayer, MO

Michael Hart, MD

Lauren Hickok, PA

Dan Schulman, MD

Tim Miller, GA

Susan Ellsworth, IL

John Ellsworth, IL

Robert Paul, AZ

Tom Agostino, Germany

Bill Place, PA

Stephen Cuyler, NY

Kelly Czyryca, MD

Bryan Eshleman, NC


I'd shoot at that Monnin guy in orange - he's dressed as a shell magnet anyway, Besides, he's a Board member - he must have voted for something you don't like.

Michael Ussery, Ernest Czyrvca, Tim Miller and Larry York pick their targets as the first round of shoot-the-leader and ask-questions-later gets underway.

leader off the starboard bow ...

The 2009 tussle proved to be another lively Saturday night event, as none of the five Round 1 tables took any fewer than four decks to determine a winner.  This is because all of the players were well aware by now of Naval War's governing central strategy; always be aware of who is in the lead at any given moment and concentrate on sinking that player's fleet before the deck is exhausted, thus ending a hand.   The 10 point penalty for a sunk fleet would be imposed a total of 47 times, which is a new tournament record.

Table 1 was a very competitive table, with Alan Arvold scoring big with 44 points in the fourth hand to advance to the Final with 82 points.  Greg Wilson was second with 67 points, moving from last to second with a 40-point hand.  Newcomer Mac Willington had a good showing with 61 points for third, while GM Lockwood managed to avoid last place by scoring 54 points.  Kevin Breza came in fifth with 41 points, and former champion Bill Place held the bottom rung at 29 points.

Table 2 showed a similar pattern, with veteran Michael Mitchell using a 46-point fourth hand to overcome having his fleet sunk twice to score 99 points and outdistance his nearest rival, Pat Maloney, who came in second at 79.  Ben Collinson shared a tie for third with Bruce Monnin at 69 points.  The always tricky Matt Evinger took fourth with 54 points, and Jean-Christine Hull kept the field honest with 47 points.

Table 3 turned out to be a high scoring melee, and the only table to go five hands in the preliminaries, as Chad Gormly paced the field with a tournament high of 102 points (the only player to break 100) scoring 46 in the fourth hand.  Hard on his heels was veteran Mike Ussery, at 91 points with a 44-point fourth hand and secured the only runner-up qualifying spot for the Final.  (NOTE: The change in format for determining the best runner-up was announced at the start). Rounding out the field was Larry York at 73 points, Ernie Czyryca 72, Paul Weintraub 69 points, and Tim Miller 67.

Table 4 proved to be the most nail-biting contest of the night, as four of six players had their fleets sunk in the decisive fourth hand! Dale Long, one of the two surviving players, scored 35 points in this hand to win by one over Tim Evinger , 80-79.  In this case, Tim had the biggest hand with 53 points, but having his fleet sunk was enough to drop him one point behind Dale.  Randall MacInnis, the other surviving player in the hand,  finished third with 70 points, followed by Craig Yope 52, 2007 Champion Kelly Czyryca 48, and Scott Beall, 40 points, having had his fleet sunk twice.    

Table 5 was the most predictable of the five contests, as former GM and two-time champion James Fleckenstein managed to outpace the field with big third and fourth hands of 46 and 37 points each.  Despite having his fleet sunk in BOTH of these hands, Jim still finished with 93 points.  His nearest rival was 2008 Champion Bryan Eshleman at 69 points, followed by Melissa Oslin 54, James Kramer 47, Frank Mestre 44, and newcomer Matt Bacho with 40 points.

The Final was now composed of a savvy group who fully understood the central strategy of Naval War, and who did not let emotions cloud their judgment.  The result would be one of the closest championships ever played.  Hand 1 saw Long as the early leader with 31 points, Mitchell second with 28, followed by Fleckenstein 27, Gormly 21, Arvold 14, and Ussery with 7 (sunk fleet). 

Hand 2 saw Long achieving the rare feat of both surviving the round and extending his lead, as he remained first with 42 points. Gormly closed the gap to second with 37, Fleckenstein maintained third at 36, Mitchell dropped to fourth with 33, and Arvold and Ussery tied for fifth with 18 each.

Hand 3 finally saw the table zero in on the leader, as Long had his fleet sunk.  The field was now extremely tight however, as Gormly led with 49 points, Fleckenstein lurking close behind with 47 (despite a sunk fleet), Mitchell with 46, Arvold closing the gap with 42, and Long tied with Ussery for fifth place at 41.  ALL players were now within striking range of victory, which frequently causes players to abandon the central strategy in favor of a free-wheeling shootout.  

Hand 4 proved a surprise, however, as all players maintained their discipline.  The result was an even tighter contest as Ussery now had climbed into first with 69 points, just six short of the required 75 for victory.  Mitchell was breathing down Ussery's neck at 68, followed just as closely by Fleckenstein at 67.  Long pulled to within striking range at 64, followed by Arvold with 57 and Gormly with 53.  The stage was now set for the climactic final hand.

Hand 5 was unexpectedly close though, as all players managed to adhere to the central strategy of ganging up on the leaders.  As a consequence, both Ussery and Mitchell would have their fleets sunk for the ten point penalty.  But it was the experience and situational awareness of Fleckenstein that proved decisive in this round, as he both survived the round and scored 17 points to become the first three-time champion with 84 points!  This was enough to edge out Chad Gormly, who finished second with 82.  He would be followed by Long with 77, Ussery with 72, Mitchell with 67, and Arvold with 65, making this the most competitive Naval War championship ever.  Congratulations to James Fleckenstein for his landmark win!   


Uh Oh ... If I were Mac Willingham, I wouldn't like that look from Kevin Breza.

Really? Rules? In Naval War? Matt Bacho and Bryan Eshleman seem incredulous.
 GM      Jonathan Lockwood  [6th Year]   PO Box 3436, Reston, VA 20195-1436   703-476-5237

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