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2009 WBC Report     

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Glenn McMaster, ON

2008-09 Champion

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Event History
1992    Paul Saunders      12
1993    Ray Carpenter      23
1994    Paul Weintraub      22
1995    James Garvey      23
1996    Bruce Bernard      22
1997    Matt Fagan      28
1998    Brad Johnson      43
1999    Steve Koehler     38
2000    Jay Schlaffer     35
2001    Tony Burke     29
2002    Steve Koehler     33
2003    Bill Dyer     34
2004     Andrew Clark     33
2005     Phil Barcafer     25
2006     Anne Marie Dilworth     33
2007    Bill Dyer     28
2008    Glenn McMaster     28
2009    Glenn McMaster     24

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bill Dyer          IL    09    132
  2.  Glenn McMaster     on    09     91
  3.  Phil Barcafer      PA    09     90
  4.  Steve Koehler      NC    02     70
  5.  Joe Abrams         CT    07     64
  6.  Benoit Groulx      qc    09     48
  7.  Brad Johnson       IL    07     42
  8.  Andrew Clark       AZ    04     40
  9.  Jay Schlaffer      DC    00     40
 10.  Stephane Dorais    qc    09     33
 11.  Anne Marie Dilworh NY    06     30
 12.  Tony Burke         NJ    01     30
 13.  Joe Harrison       KY    09     28
 14.  Chris Bodkin       NY    03     26
 15.  JeanFrancois Gagne qc    05     25
 16.  Peter Stephanouk   PA    02     24
 17.  Brian Jones        NC    05     21
 18.  Matt Fagan         NJ    08     19
 19.  Ken Keller         AZ    99     18
 20.  Steve Cuccaro      MD    02     16
 21.  Paul Saunders      VA    00     12
 22.  Rob Barnes         WV    08      9
 23.  Ray Carpenter      CT    99      9
 24.  Jeff Cornett       FL    04      8
 25.  James Hopkin       CA    02      8
 26.  Bruce Bernard      PA    00      8
 27.  Joel Tamburo       IL    06      6
 28.  Chip Collins       TX    01      6
 29.  Jeff Clark         AZ    99      6
 30.  Kevin Sudy         VA    05      3

2009 Laurelists                                        Repeating Laurelists 

Phil Barcafer, PA

Benoit Groulx, qc

Stephane Dorais, qc

Bill Dyer, IL

Joe Harrison, KY

Past Winners

Paul Saunders, VA

Ray Carpenter, CT

Paul Weintraub, MD

James Garvey, NY

Bruce Bernard, PA

Matt Fagan, NJ

Brad Johnson, IL

Steve Koehler, NC
1999, 2002


Jay Schlaffer, NJ

Tony Burke, NJ

Bill Dyer, IL
2003, 2007

Andrew Clark, AZ

Phil Barcafer, PA

Anne Marie Dilworh, NY

Glenn McMaster, ON


The GM provides six nifty Best Faction plaques.

Hey ... my worm counter isn't that cool!

The Spice of Life

In answer to last year's concerns about too many games running past the time limit and requiring adjudication, qualification games this year were scheduled for five hours, and half of the eight games played needed all of that time. Nonetheless, the average game this year was shorter than last, taking 3.8 hours to play 6.6 turns. Adjudication rules were also simplified, and thankfully those were only needed to be called upon once.

We had two solo wins, one a Turn 7 Atreides win, and one a Turn 2 (!!) Guild win (only partially assisted by an amateurish error in play committed by the GM himself!) Previously, we had recorded only three solo wins in eight years of play, and those were all accomplished by the Harkonnen, so it was nice to see a couple of new factions getting in on the action. The remaining games were won by two 2-player alliances and four 3-player teams, with only one default condition victory achieved by the Guild. The factions were fairly evenly balanced, with every faction achieving three - five victories, but for the poor Fremen who shared in only one win, continuing to occupy the cellar. (After eight of nine years with losing Fremen records, I am seriously considering introducing a house rule to help that faction compete a bit more effectively.)

Best Faction plaques were awarded to the players who gave the best single-game performance with each faction during the preliminary heats, measured in terms of strongholds controlled per turn. Phil Barcafer received Best Atreides; Rob Barnes, Best BG; Jean-Francois Gagne, Best Emperor; Bill Dyer, Best Fremen; Stephane Dorais, Best Guild; and Benoit Groulx, Best Harkonnen.

The three Canadians from last year's final game all repeated that appearance this year, with Glenn McMaster drawing the Harkonnen; Benoit Groulx, the Emperor; and Stephane Dorais, the BG. Rounding out the final game were Joe Harrison with the Atreides, Bill Dyer with the Fremen, and Phil Barcafer with the Guild. All six players have previously played in the Final and reside in the top half of the Laurels List, three being former champions.

The Final started out with relative cooperation among the players, Atreides and Harkonnen sharing spice blows, until the Fremen severely weakened the Harkonnen in a big battle over a spice blow. In Turn 3, the first worm appeared and Atreides and the Emperor allied, going for the win in Turn 4. They had a good chance of winning the game at this point, bolstered by timely play of the Lazgun, but they were narrowly defeated, with Harkonnen taking significant losses again.

In Turn 5, Atreides abandoned the weakened Emperor and allied with the Guild. The other four factions all remained unallied in a bid to defend passively by blocking strongholds. The Fremen was weakened by a particularly nasty Weather-Controlled storm, and the Atreides/Guild alliance attempted to win in Turn 7. The BG defeated the Atreides in Habbanya Ridge Sietch, and the Harkonnen, funded by both the Emperor and the Fremen, attacked in Arrakeen. A demoralizing Karama hand swap ensured Harkonnen victory and a continuing game.

The next worm saw the Guild and Harkonnen ally as the strongest remaining factions, with four strongholds already controlled between them. The bulk of the Fremen and Emperor armies attacked, but Harkonnen abandoned Arrakeen to the Emperor, taking the Shield Wall instead (now available as a stronghold for victory, due to the house rules.) The Guild defeated the Fremen in two battles, while the Harkonnen prevailed against the BG in Carthag to declare victory in Turn 8!

In the end, the Guild/Harkonnen alliance shared the requisite four strongholds evenly, with the Harkonnen being declared the champion due to having more tokens on planet. Glenn is the third player to win a second Dune title, but the first to do it in sequential years.


It was good to see Roger Cox back at WBC for the first time since Camp Hill days. He's joined here at right by Joe Doughan as the two ventured into the Dune shark pool.

It takes nerve to sport your Centurion shirt in the multi-player event you won it in, but it takes skill to do it and repeat as champion. Glenn did just that.
 GM      Brad Johnson  [9th Year]   NA
    tempus42@sbcglobal.net   NA

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