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Updated 12/2/2009

2009 WBC Report  

 2010 Status: pending 2010 GM commitment

Phil Rennert, MD

2009 Champion

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Event History
2007    Ron Draker      12
2008     Joe Pabis     16
2009     Phil Rennert     22

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Joe Pabis          VA    09     30
   2.  Scott Moll         VA    09     20
   3.  Phil Rennert       MD    09     20
   4.  Michael Dauer      TX    09     18
   5.  Fred Bauer         VA    09     14
   6.  Ron Draker         VA    07     10
   7.  Jim Miller         VA    08      8
   8.  Mike Buccheri      MD    07      3
   9.  David Rennert      MD    09      2
  10.  Wesley Chapman     IN    08      2
  11.  Jerry Taylor       VA    07      2
  12.  Rob Buccheri       MD    07      1

2009 Laurelists                                   Repeating Laurelists 

Michael Dauer, TX

Scott Moll, VA

Fred Bauer, VA

Joe Pabis, VA

David Rennert, MD

Past Champions

Ron Draker, VA

Joe Pabis, VA

Phil Rennert, MD


Phil Rennert on his quest in the Holy Land.

Michael Dauer and Adam Meldrom go crusading.

Blockheads to the Holy Land

This year's tournament used the same format of Single Elimination with an optional Mulligan round.  The Mulligan round began on Friday night at with more experienced players matched with the newcomers.  It was a great turnout and we had an upset or two of experienced players by new faces. 

Saturday morning began the Single elimination portion of the tournament in earnest.  Newcomer Phil Rennert began his run to the wood after dispensing with the Mulligan round.  Phil is a great gamer who picked up Crusader Rex very quickly.  He had to run a gauntlet consisting of three of the top six players in last year's tournament who all gave him close games.  Fred Bauer almost beat him with a clever use of the assassin's card.  Scott Moll drew the semi-final out to the final die roll of the last turn.

His opponent for the Final was Michael Dauer of Texas who played the Franks.  The Saracens took Antioch early by focusing on the northern route.but took a lot of losses in the process; three emirs were placed in the dead pile. On the third turn, the French landed and the Saracens assaulted Tripoli, taking heavy losses. But the Franks lost five of the military orders and one pilgrim.  Richard the Lionheart and the rest of the English would arrive late in the fourth turn.  It was too late to prevent the fall of Tripoli.

The fifth turn proved crucial.  The Germans arrived and joined the English as they focused on Antioch.  A large battle ensued and the second round proved disastrous as the Knights Charge caused eight self-inflicted hits.  This sealed the Saracen's victory as Phil regrouped his forces to the north to deal with the northern threat. 

The Saracens took the majority of games which is usually the case when you have a many newcomers as the Franks have the higher learning curve.  There was one game that saw a sweep of the board as all seven cities fell.  The move to later in the week proved a successful scheduling maneuver and we look forward to more successful crusading in 2010.

 GM      Ric Manns [2nd Year]  NA   NA

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