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 2009 WBC Report  

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Eric Freeman, PA

2009 Champion

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Event History
2003   Arthur Field     85
2004   Evan Tannheimer     73
2005    Nick Anner     53
2006   Arthur Field     49
2007    Sam Atabaki     57
2008   Greg Thatcher     67
2009   Eric Freeman     57

Euro Quest History
2003   Arthur Field     17

PBeM History
2008   Kevin Wojtaszczyk     30
2009   Greg Thatcher     30

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Greg Thatcher      FL    09    100
   2.  Arthur Field       SC    09     91
   3.  Eric Freeman       PA    09     64
   4.  Nick Anner         NY    07     51
   5.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    09     43
   6.  Evan Tannheimer    MA    05     42
   7.  Alex Bove          PA    09     40
   8.  Rich Meyer         MA    08     30
   9.  Sam Atabaki        CA    07     30
  10.  Curt Collins II    PA    09     27
  11.  Mike Kaltman       PA    08     27
  12.  Andrew Gerb        MA    06     27
  13.  Raphael Lehrer     MD    09     24
  14.  Haim Hochboim      is    09     24
  15.  Davyd Field        SC    05     18
  16.  Chris Trimmer      TX    09     16
  17.  Ilan Woll          CT    08     15
  18.  Aram Warszawski    is    09     12
  19.  Doug Smith         PA    08     12
  20.  Brian Kowal        WI    07     12
  21.  Brian Jones        NC    05     12
  22.  John Kerr          VA    03     12
  23.  Jonathan Tivel     VA    04      9
  24.  Luke Koleszar      VA    03      9
  25.  Tom Browne         PA    08      8
  26.  Ken Dozier         NC    03      8
  27.  Greg Crowe         VA    07      6
  28.  Joshua Cooper      MD    06      6
  29.  Shannon Beets      CA    05      6
  30.  Tyler Sheaffer     CA    04      6
  31.  David Fogel        MD    03      6
  32.  Tom Dunning        NY    08      4
  33.  Rob Taylor         MI    03      4
  34.  John Pack          CO    05      3
  35.  Tom McCorry        PA    03      2

2009 Laurelists                                       Repeating Laurelists

Alex Bove, PA

Raphael Lehrer, CA

Curt Collins II, PA

Greg Thatcher, CA

Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY

Past Winners

Arthur Field, SC
2003, 2006

Evan Tannheimer, MA

Nick Anner, NY

Sam Atabaki, CA

Greg Thatcher, CA

GM Jeremy Billones oversees his last set of Amun Re finalists.

Curt Collins and Eric Freeman ponder their options in the Final.

Beware the Schedule-Maker ...

Heat 1 of the tournament fell victim to an unexpected scheduling conflict. Only 27 players persevered, resulting in six hard fought tables (all but one decided by no more than two points). In contrast, Heat 2 drew 48 players to contest ten tables. There was a delay as two sets were retrieved from rooms; the resulting delay put time pressure on several tables, which failed to report complete statistics.

Although 16 table winners would have been sufficient for a semi-final, it was decided to take alternates to expand the field to 20 to permit a 5-player Final. Six alternates appeared for the semi-final, requiring a dice-off which yielded Mike Kaltman as the unfortunate loser of the final tiebreaker. Although the 4-player games typically run 20 minutes shorter than the 5-player variety, the higher stakes resulted in more careful play. One table was placed on a 60-second per decision time limit for Rounds 4 and 5 to ensure they would finish in the allotted time. Another group reached Round 6 in roughly 1:15, then spent 30+ minutes to finish the last turn. Fast or slow, the semis had removed the wheat from the chaff as all six laurelists added to prior laurel totals in the event.

In the Final, Alex Bove was randomly chosen as first Pharaoh for the second straight year, though he did not monopolize the position as he had in 2008. Players were miserly with their money early; only two provinces went for as much as ten gold, only once did a player spend more than that on their actions, and the largest sacrifice was four in a permanent drought. Eric Freeman was the 15-14-10-8-6 leader at the end of the Old Kingdom with Alex in second. The purses opened in the New Kingdom: Avaris with three Pyramids went to Eric Freeman for 21 in Round 4, Dakhla went to Alex for 21 in Round 5, and Memphis also went to Alex for 15 in Round 6. Though sacrifices remained low, actions got more expensive, with Eric spending 19 with the last action round. Final scoring was 36-36-32-28-27, with both Eric and Alex holding eight pyramids with no stones. Under WBC rules, the next tie breaker is temples plus farmers. Each player had seven farmers, but Eric had the temple in Amarna, an 8-7 edge, and with it, the 2009 championship. Eric also had more cash at the end 23-16.

Having the most Pyramids (12-6, 52-45 five-year) remains a more reliable path to victory than Most Cash (3-17, 30-69 five-year) or the halftime lead (9-13, 43-58 five-year). 4-player games were played with the same three provinces removed before the game (Abydos, Amarna, and Kharga). Due to the removal of the 4-power-card province, the requirement for the Power Card bonus card was reduced from 7 to 6 in those games.

There will be a new GM next year as Jeremy moves on to new challenges.

 On-Line Tournament

THATCHER WINS AMUN RE PBeM Spielbyweb: Greg Thatcher prevailed over a field of 30 sharks by surviving two rounds of single elimination play following a five-round qualifying swiss portion to take the laurel lead in Amun Re just weeks before WBC was to begin. Greg started the final game with an impressive 22-point old kingdom score on turn 3. He then managed to stave off challenges despite having the least money heading into the new kingdom to preserve the victory. Managing to get Damanhur early to have some temple scoring in the end proved critical as the sacrifice hit the 3-level by game end. For full details of the tournament visit:

The final standings were:

Greg Thatcher (39 points: 22 +17)
Haim Hochboim (36 points: 9 + 27)
Chris Trimmer (34 points: 13 + 21)
Aran Warszawski (33 Points: 9 + 24)
Arthur Field (31 points: 9 + 22)

Eric Freeman took 6th place laurels with the best alternate performance in the semi-finals.

 GM      Jeremy Billones [5th Year]   NA   NA

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