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2009 WBC Report  

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Rod Coffee, MD

2009 Champion

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Event History
1993    Mark Miklos

1994    Steve Packwood

1995    Steve Packwood

1996    Rod Coffey

1997    Steve Packwood

1998    Rob Beyma

1999    Steve Packwood

2000    Steve Packwood

2001    Steve Packwood

2002    Rob Beyma

2003    Steve Packwood     10
2004    Steve Packwood     15
2005    Steve Packwood     18
2006    Steve Packwood     11
2007     Steve Packwood     11
2008    Steve Packwood     17
2009    Rod Coffey     16


PBeM Event History
2003    Jan Orband     20

  Rank Name             From  Year Total  
   1.  Steve Packwood    MN    09   160  
   2.  Robert Frisby     VA    09    64  
   3.  Rod Coffey        MD    09    57  
   4.  Matt Burkins      MD    08    34  
   5.  Jan Orband        bg    03    30  
   6.  Rob Beyma         MD    04    29  
   7.  David Dockter     MN    05    27  
   8.  Doug Pratto       MA    04    18  
   9.  Bob Jamelli       PA    09    16  
  10.  Greg Tanner       AZ    09    13  
  11.  Chuck Leonard     PA    08    12  
  12.  Jim Lawler        NY    07    12  
  13.  John Barrett      MN    05    12  
  14.  Stan Buck         MD    04    12  
  15.  Dave Metzger      NY    02    10  
  16.  Bruno Sinigaglio  AK    09     9  
  17.  Jim Engler        MD    04     9  
  18.  Mike Sincavage    VA    02     9  
  19.  Stu Bieber        WI    04     6  
  20.  Brad Frisby       MD    99     6  
  21.  Greg Smith        FL    08     4  
  22.  Dale Long         NJ    06     3  
  23.  Phil Rennert      MD    05     3  
  24.  Mark Miklos       GA    03     3  
 25.  Frank Sinigaglio  NJ    08     2 

2009 Laurelists                                             Repeating Laurelists 

Steve Packwood, MN

Robert Jamelli, PA

Greg Tanner, AZ

Robert Frisby, VA

Bruno Sinigaglio, AK

Past Winners

Mark Miklos, GA

Steve Packwood, MN
94-95, 97, 99-01, 03-08

Rod Coffey, MD
1996, 2009

Rob Beyma, MD
1998, 2002


Frank Cunliffe (left) battles 12-time champ Steve Packwood.

 Chuck Leonard studies for his next match with a rulebook session.

No need to save it this year ...

The 1776 tournament managed 16 entrants for only the fifth time in its long history and in back-to-back years for the first time. It doesn't even need to rely on the membership to vote it back for another try as it returns to the Century on its own accord. Obviously, the Grognard Free Form scheduling format has been successful. Each match used the first nine turns of the Campaign Game with players bidding control of strategic towns for the right to play Britain.

The semi-final between Greg Tanner and perennial champ Steve Packwood saw Greg take the British with a bid of 14. This game featured a major campaign for the South-Center. During the first quarter, the British pulled out of Boston and headed south, killing the artillery and leaving two British SPs behind.  Those British SPs landed in the South Center and made a push to take the Area. An American attack left one British SP in Boston. During the second quarter, at the end of the May British turn, they completed occupation of all of the South Center.  The Americans responded by taking Charlottesville. During the third quarter, Force D came on at Alexandria.  Boston and Hillsboro were taken by the British.  The Americans retook Hillsboro. On the last turn, the British took and held all of the South Center, but ended the game with only 12 strategic towns for an American win.

Robert Jamelli took the British with a bid of 15 in the other semi-final against Rod Coffey. In the first quarter the British landed at Charlotte and Norfolk. Force B came on at Quebec in the second quarter. This enabled the Americans to get a 2-1 (-1) on Boston which was successful, and the loss of Boston effectively ended British hopes.

The Final was thus set between one-time champ Rod Coffey who had last won the tournament 13 years previous and the reigning champion who was defending a WBC-best current winning streak of six consecutive crowns. Rod took the British for a bid of 15. 

Turn 1:  The British abandoned Quebec and headed to Montreal. One British SP on a transport went to Halifax while an empty fleet headed south. The Americans took Quebec.

Turn 2:  The British continued to move towards Montreal.  Tory Militia completely surrounded the Charleston Rebel Militia. 

Turn 3:  Five British SPs landed at Charleston, and one British SP at Norfolk.  Tory Militia semi-surrounded the Americans in the Deep South. 

Turn 4:  Two British fleets hit the American fleet at Georgetown and killed it.  Britain pulled out of Charleston and headed north.  The Americans left Quebec. 

Turn 5:  Force B arrived in Halifax, and 13 British SPs + supply left on the transport and landed adjacent to the St. Lawrence in Canada.  There are no British SPs in the southern half of the board.  The British in Boston moved to Hartford.

Turn 6:  The Hartford troops crossed over near Albany.  Three areas now have no British presence.  The American attempts to double the force in Ticonderoga by bringing in outside forces (six factors + A) by a 1-1 (+1) on British forces on top.  The Americans are outcarded and roll a 1 (1/2 AE) - drawing Packwood's resignation and ending his quest for an unprecented 13th title.


James Boyle (left) of Arkansas takes on WBC's leading boardmaster during Boyle's first WBC. "Like a kid in a candy store" said James of his first WBC visit.

The Grognard scoring system boils down to the final steps but sez it all as Rod Coffey claimed his second title 13 years after the first and ending the six-year reign of the defending champion.
 GM      Matthew Burkins  [10th Year]   2917 Smithson Dr, Forest Hill, MD 21050-1901
    mattburkins@aol.com   410-838-6168

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