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Updated 11/26/2008

Sampler Showcase Pre-Con
2008 WBC Report  

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Tom Browne, PA

2008 Champion

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Event History
2004    Jeff Mullet     123
2005    Bill Salvatore       48
2006    Bruce Reiff       43
2007    Peter Stein       42
2008    Tom Browne       44

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jeff Mullet        OH    08     44
  2.  Bruce Reiff        OH    07     32
  3.  Bill Salvatore     MD    05     30
  4.  Tom Browne         PA    08     20
  5.  Pete Stein         OH    07     20
  6.  Rob Kircher        RI    06     18
  7.  Bill Murdock       NY    05     18
  8.  Tom McCorry        VA    04     18
  9.  Eric Brosius       MA    08     14
 10.  Eric Freeman       PA    08     12
 11.  Nate Hoam          OH    04     12
 12.  Eric Lenhart       PA    05      9
 13.  Alan Kaiser        OH    04      9
 14.  Jason Levine       NY    08      8
 15.  David Platnick     NY    07      8
 16.  Arthur Field       SC    06      8
 17.  Debbie Gutermuth   NC    08      6
 18.  Raphael Lehrer     MD    07      6
 19.  Trevor Bender      WA    05      6
 20.  Ken Richards       SC    06      4
 21.  Jennifer Scancella PA    05      3
 22.  Chris Kamm         NY    04      3
 23.  Richard Irving     CA    07      2
 24.  Suzanne Tuch       NY    06      2

2008 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists:

Eric Freeman, PA

Jason Levine, NY

Debbie Gutermuth, NC

Jeff Mullet, OH

Eric Brosius, MA

Past Winners

Jeff Mullet, OH

Bill Salvatore, MD

Bruce Reiff, OH

Pete Stein, OH

Tom Browne, PA


Mike Stanley and Eric Brosius pair off for some early competition.

GM Jeff Mullet is testing the "big trouble in small packages" theory.

The Anti-CAB

Once again this year we went with the two-player version and four swiss preliminary rounds. We also used the optional rule that the first player started with five cards and the second player got six. Both players then discard down to a hand of four cards. Players were not forced to play all rounds, but at least three wins were required to advance to a single elimination bracket.

Again, rounds were scheduled for one hour each. Every game was finished within 45 minutes, even though a few of the players had just been taught how to play at the demo before play began. While it was nice that slow play was not a problem, it did leave all of us standing around for 15 to 25 minutes to wait for the top of the hour, since some players would step away after their games were finished. Therefore, next year's rounds will start every 45 minutes. That will also shave off a full hour from the tournament.

Before the tournament began, there was some (good-natured) grumbling from some of the players that a CABS member has won three of the four WBC San Juan tournaments. In fact, Tom Browne boldly stated that his main goal was to knock out a Cabbie rather than win the wood! There were six Cabbies entered and we were all determined to keep Tom from reaching his goal.

Defending champ Pete Stein was among the first Cabbies to fall, accompanied by Mark Geary and Mike Stanley. In the opening Single Elimination brackets, Sean McCulloch and former champ, Bruce Reiff went down also. In the second elimination round, Tom Browne would get his chance. Tom cruised to a relatively easy victory over the last Cabbie standing, Jeff Mullet. A collective cheer rang out when it became apparent a non-Cabbie would win this year.

Denied any more Cabbie bloodlust targets, Tom had to settle for Euro-shark Eric Freeman in the Final. Somebody must have told him Eric was moving to Columbus.

Eric started strong by building a Quarry on Turn 1 while Tom passed. Advantage, Eric. The next turn, Tom built a Smithy, while Eric passed. Turn 3 had Eric build a Poor House, while Tom put up a Silver Smelter. The momentum looked like it might be turning.

Turn 4, Eric built a Sugar Mill, while Tom passed. Turn 5, Tom constructed a Prefecture, while Eric built a Trading Post. Now Tom was firmly ahead. The Sugar Mill and Trading Post are two of the weakest buildings in the game. Meanwhile, Tom is now at an advantage no matter what Occupation Eric chooses.

Turn 6, Eric gets the best building in a two-player game, the Library, while Tom settles for an Indigo Plant. It's starting to look like Tom either has a Guild Hall, or he's tgambling that he's going to get one. Knowing Tom, probably the former. Turn 7, Eric builds a Chapel and Tom erects a Tobacco Storage.

Turn 8, Tom constructs another Tobacco Storage, while Eric falls further behind and passes. Turn 9, Eric builds a Coffee Market and Tom adds another Indigo Plant. On Turn 10, as expected, Tom builds a Guild hall, to Eric's Black Market.

Turn 11, Eric tries a comeback by building a City Hall as Tom passes. Tom slams the door shut by building a Palace on Turn 12, while Eric is forced to pass. Turn 13, Eric builds a Hero, while Tom adds yet another Tobacco Storage. On Turn 14, Tom ends the game by building another Silver Smelter, while Eric builds a Market Hall.

Eric could just not seem to get the good card draws while Tom enjoyed probably his largest margin of victory in the entire tournament with a score of 42 to 34. Tom got to have his cake and eat it too as he achieved his secondary goal of winning the tournament. The Cabbies present had decided to all chip in and pay for a membership to CABS for Tom, just to spite him, so that a "Cabbie" would still be the champ. But the CABS board didn't think our club's reputation could survive the hit it would take by having Tom as a member.

Thanks to everyone for their fast play and good humor and sporstmanship throughout the tournament.


Our photographer gets her competition fix vs Greg Thatcher.

GM Mullet oversees his finalists in a non-Cabbie Final.
 GM      Jeff Mullet  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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