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Updated 11/26/2008

2008 WBC Report  

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Chris Bartiromo, NJ

2008 Champion

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Event History
1991    Jim Doughan      20
1992    Robert Rudolph      23
1993    Sean Finnerty      23
1994    Chris Greenfield      25
1995    Michael Ehlers      37
1996    Michael Ehlers      41
1997    Chris Bartiromo      27
1998    Charles Dunn      32
1999    Brian Ecton     27
2000    Chase Bramwell     31
2001    Tom Phillips     32
2002    Sean Larsen     27
2003    Nick Benedict     21
2004    Chase Bramwell     24
2005     Frank McNally     14
2006    Tom Phillips     16
2007    Leonard Omolecki     12
2008     Chris Bartiromo     14

PBeM Event History
2001    Rob Mull      16

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Tom Phillips       NJ    07    129
  2.  Chase Bramwell     OH    07    108
  3.  Sean Larsen        NJ    08     94
  4.  Frank McNally      MA    06     48
  5.  Nick Benedict      CA    03     48
  6.  Rob Seulowitz      NY    05     44
  7.  Chris Bartiromo    NJ    08     30
  8.  Leonard Omolecki   PA    07     30
  9.  Brian Ecton        VA    99     30
 10.  Chris Greenfield   NJ    08     27
 11.  Kevin Barry        PA    08     27
 12.  Steve Bachman      NY    08     24
 13.  Bret Mingo         MD    02     24
 14.  Craig Moffitt      NJ    02     24
 15.  Alan Witte         NJ    03     18
 16.  Henry Rice         NM    01     18
 17.  Chris Bodkin       IN    00     16
 18.  David Yoon         NY    06     15
 19.  Kevin Barry        PA    06     12
 20.  Sean Finnerty      NY    03     12
 21.  Brad Anderson      OH    02     12
 22.  Rob Mull           CO    01     10
 23.  Llew Bardecki      ON    07      6
 24.  Matt Bacho         MD    04      6
 25.  Rich O'Brian       MD    03      6
 26.  Bill Dyer          IL    99      6
 27.  Matt Miller        NJ    08      3
 28.  Jonathan Squibb    PA    06      3
 29.  Frank Cunliffe     PA    05      3
 30.  Charles Dunn       VA    04      3
 31.  Will Wible         VA    01      3
 32.  Rob Knowles        NC    99      3

2008 Laurelists                                            Repeating Laurelists:

Chris Greenfield, NY

Kevin Barry, PA

Sean Larsen, NJ

Steve Bachman, NY

Matt Miller, NJ

Past Winners

Jim Doughan, PA

Robert Rudolph, PA

Sean Finnerty, NY

Chris Greenfield, NJ

Michael Ehlers, MD

Chris Bartiromo, NJ
1997, 2008

Charles Dunn, VA

Brian Ecton, VA

Chase Bramwell, OH
2000, 2004

Tom Phillips, NJ
2001, 2006

Sean Larsen, NJ

Nick Benedict, CA

Frank McNally, MA

Leonard Omolecki, PA


Not another war !!!

Happier times in the Senate ...

Deus Ex Venatio!

Another year has passed and there is a new first man in Rome. Chris Bartiromo was able to successfully navigate a tumultuous and war weary senate to claim his position as first man after an 11-year absence. Indeed, although this was his second championship, his name had heretofore been absent from the laurels roll simply because he predated laurels.

Tournament Recap:

It's said that every year Republic of Rome is played that some sort of theme becomes pervasive throughout all of the games. This year's theme would have to have been "What can you do for me?" Again and again the Roman senate would seemingly grind to a halt until certain factions contributed considerable talent donations for political favor. While to some extent this is the normal 'modus operandi' of the political climate and has fit perfectly within the historical context, this year it reached near epidemic proportions and threatened the very health of Rome herself.

The use of the Hannibal 'drop dead' card was again an overwhelming success in both preventing end game decimation of the Roman Senate and allowing for a fair and equitable end-game. The mass end game assassinations fly in the face of history. Many players were frustrated and discouraged when the last turn of the game would turn to a single roll of the dice deciding the victor.

This year's preliminary heats passed without much fanfare. Peace was the rule of the day throughout Rome. Mortality attempted to rear it's ugly head - especially with a first turn epidemic in one of the heats - but Rome stayed healthy and the effects of mortality were minimized for a change.

This year's Final was quite unlike any I have seen in the past. Rome was surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Until the very end when it seemed all of Rome's enemies allied to form a mighty host to sack Rome. The once splintered Roman factions attempted to band together to fight back the combined might of the outside horde. The Roman legions fought valiantly but were ultimately defeated by the relentless assault of so many foreign armies.

This Final really stuck because never before has random chance worked in such a way to cause almost every war and revolt to come into play one after another. It eventually reached a point where Rome had no chance of surviving no matter what the players did. Since Rome did fall and the game did win rather than a player it became necessary to use the fallback method to determine the ultimate winner of the tournament. This is similar to the way we advance players into the Final from games where there was no outright winner. Each faction's influence is totaled and in the end Chris Bartiromo came out on top with a sizable influence advantage. Whether this got him a prime seat at the weenie roast as Rome burned is unknown.

After the embers cooled - it was a very entertaining year in the Roman senate. It is always exciting to see players devise a new strategy to win the game. One of the things that makes Republic of Rome such an interesting game is that there is no set strategies to win, every iteration is different. No two games are really ever alike. As always - we look forward to next year!

 GM     Sean Larsen [4th year]   56 Brooksie Ln, Berkeley Hgts, NJ 07922   908-656-5687

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