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Updated 11/30/2008

2008 WBC Report  

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Jonathan Squibb, PA

2008 Champion

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Event History
2008    Jonathan Squibb     21

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jonathan Squibb    PA    08     20
  2.  Larry Lingle       PA    08     12
  3.  Dan Hoffman        NC    08      8
  4.  John Ellsworth     IL    08      6
  5.  Rick Kirchner      KY    08      4
  6.  Steve Shambeda     PA    08      2
2008 Laurelists

Larry Lingle, PA

Dan Hoffman, NC

John Ellsworth, IL

Rick Kirchner, KY

Steve Shambeda, PA

GM Lingle (center) checks out the crispy critters.

Will Jamie Tang blow her top before the volcano does?

Old Softy Lingle ...

Pompeii was a new Trial event this year, thanks to Mayfair Games.  We had 21 toasted togas playing. 

In the first heat, we had only five players, so I sat out.  Tom Pavy, that famous pirate, eked out a win with nine getting out before becoming toast.  He had a 56% rate, comparing # out to # of his total [seven were fried].  Jonathan Squibb was second with 8/15. 

Heat 2 had 11 players.  Dylan Routh won the 3-player game with a success rate of 62%.  I won game #3 with a 63% rate, 10/16.  Close on my heels were Richard Beyma 9/12/75%, and Dennis Nicholson 9/16/56%.  Game #4 saw Jonathan Squibb go 9/16/56%, with Rick Kirchner matching 9/21/43%.  The tie-breaker gave 1st to Jonathan. 

Heat 3 had 13, so the crowds were getting bigger as the week wore on. Again, I sat out. Steve Shambeda cruised to a win in Game #5 with 10/19/53%.  Rich Beyma almost closed the gap with 8/16/50%.  John Ellsworth won Game #6 with the highest success rate of all - 77%[10/13].  Pat Mirk and Bruce Bernard tied with 8/17/47%.  Game #7 went to Dan Hoffman, 9/17/53%.  Everybody else was tied with seven escapees.  Only the volcano placed them in order with Marty Sample 7/17/41%, the others lost 11 and 12 fried respectively.   

The semi was cancelled as we had but five players return for another go round.  I had hoped for at least six to have two 3-player semis and a 4-player final.  Instead, I went with a 5-player Final.  We used scavenged pieces and used all cards for setup.  A second volcano card was mixed with the last seven cards to throw off  'card counters'.  When the lava finally engulfed the town, Jonathan Squibb and I each had nine escapees.  Now the moment of reckoning - how many were in the volcano?  Six each ... A DEAD HEAT!!! 

The tie-breakers were: 1.  most wins, [one each],  2.  win 1st heat entered, [larry, jonathan won his second heat], 3.  highest % of escapes 1 heat, larry, 63% jonathan 53%, 56%,  and 4. has copy of game [Larry only]. So, I had him dead to rights on three tie-breakers.

Ah ... what the heck ... high roll wins: Jonathan 6,  Larry 3.  Who put this damned die in the game? End of story.  AAARRRHH!!! 

Jonathan followed me to the Mayfair booth to buy one of the used copies!   If there is a next year, Jonathan will be ready for the 'has copy of game tie-breaker' rule. Pompeii is a great little game with NO DICE!!!!  I sure hope it makes it back next year.  Experienced players can finish in 35-45 minutes easily.  Next year, maybe a TOGA PARTY!!!  you know, TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

 GM      Larry Lingle (1st Year)  NA  
    NA   NA

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