the napoleonic wars five-player  

Updated 12/5/2008

2008 WBC Report 

2009 Status: pending 2009 GM commitment

Lane Hess, PA

2008 Champion

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Event History
2003    Forrest Speck     67
2004    David Gantt     64
2005     Ed Rothenheber     50
2006    Melvin Casselberry     55
2007    Scott Fenn     52
2008    Lane Hess     46

Waterloo Event History
2003    BruceYoung     24
2004    Scott Moll     14
2005    Mark Hodgkinson     24


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bruce Young        SC    08    120
  2.  John Emery         SC    08    120
  3.  Lane Hess          PA    08     96
  4.  Ed Rothenheber     MD    07     96
  5.  Scott Moll         VA    05     80
  6.  Melvin Casselberry PA    06     75
  7.  David Gantt        SC    04     60
  8.  Forrest Speck      MD    03     60
  9.  Scott Fenn         MD    07     50
 10.  Mark Hodgkinson  Auslia  05     50
 11.  Scott Pfeiffer     SC    08     48
 12.  Francis Czawlytko  MD    06     48
 13.  Bryan Collars      SC    04     38
 14.  John Haas          PA    03     36
 15.  Pat Duffy          VA    08     32
 16.  Jason White        VA    04     24
 17.  Mark McCandless    CT    03     24
 18.  Joe Burch          MD    06     18
 19.  Josh Githens       SC    04     18
 20.  Henry Russell      PA    03     18
 21.  Charley Hickok     PA    04     17
 22.  Richard Beyma      MD    08     16
 23.  Keith Wixson       NJ    04     16
 24.  Brian Sutton       MD    07     15
 25.  James Eaton        LA    03     15
 26.  William Burch      MD    04     14
 27.  Lance Roberts      AK    06     12
 28.  Steve Jansen       MD    05     12
 29.  Jesse Boomer       KS    04     12
 30.  George Young       UT    03     12
 31.  Alan Sudy          VA    07     10
 32.  Fred Schachter     NY    05     10
 33.  Robert Vollman     AB    06      6
 34.  Ed Kendricks       UK    03      6

2008 Laurelists                                             Repeating Laurelists:

John Emery, SC

Bruce Young, SC

Scott Pfeiffer, SC

Pat Duffy, MD

Richard Beyma, MD

Past Winners

Forrest Speck, MD

David Gantt, SC

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Melvin Casselberry, PA

Scott Fenn, MD

Its buckets of dice time as Bruce Young and Edward Kendrick
refight Trafalgar in the preliminaries.

AJ Sudy, who will forever be known in Nappy lore as the kid who took Gibraltar with four dice, has designs on Hanover.

A Rousing Close to the First edition

England was invaded many, many times in this year's tournament. Some invasions, like the one led by Bruce Young in the semi, didn't work out so well the first time. Undaunted, Bruce invaded again, managing to get Napoleon and everyone who came with him killed for a second time. Despite that dual disaster, Bruce actually managed to pull out a victory on a peace die roll, edging out Henry Russell's Russia (which managed to bring Denmark into its pact) by a single point.

There were very few "runaway" games this year -- most came down to a difference of a point or three and a die roll. There were two French automatic victories and the usual assortment of strange and bizarre occurrences. As Kevin Klemme summed up one such experience: "any game where Kutuzov takes Lyon, Marseilles and Toulouse is a FUN game." (Any guesses who played the Russians?)

Despite that romp over the Rhone, Kevin came in second --in a game where Alan "Four dice, four sixes and Gibraltar is mine" Sudy gained Austria's only win of the convention.

Of the other 18 games played, the French won nine, the English and Russians three each and the Prussians two.

Although the tourney officially used first edition rules as the default, any table where all players agreed to try the newly-released second edition was allowed. On one such table, Chris Striker wrote that "Version 2 is much better in my opinion. System is faster, more aggressive play early is encouraged -- passing with reserve options opens a whole new threat against both sides, especially since most draw additional cards now. It is possible that France can abuse the rout = resource mechanic for an easy Turn 1 win, but this is not assured. Overall great play and much faster!" Herein ends product endorsement and advertisement for 2nd edition which rolls into default status in 2009.

Most of the 19 games, however, were first edition, as players relied on tried and true strategies of the past five years.

In the Final game, Lane Hess pulled out a victory as England, narrowly edging out his allies at a table manned by three members of the Greenville Mafia to claim the honors for saving Europe from Scott Pfeiffer's Napoleon.

Lane Hess and Pat Duffy have their work cut out for them
while facing three Mafia members in the Final.

The Bobbsey twins they ain't. Bruce Young and Scott Pfeiffer are all business as 2/3 of the Greenville Mafia representatives in the Final.
 GM      Mark McLaughlin  [6th Year]   NA   NA

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