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Updated 11/30/2008

2008 WBC Report  

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David Platnick, VA

2008 Champion

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Event History
2008    David Platnick     47

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  David Platnick     VA    08     20
  2.  Cary Morris        NC    08     12
  3.  Geoffrey Pounder   ON    08      8
  4.  Nick Page          ON    08      6
  5.  Robb Effinger      ON    08      4
  6.  Greg Crowe         VA    08      2
2008 Laurelists

Cary Morris, NC

Geoffrey Pounder, ON

Nick Page, ON

Robb Effinger, ON

Greg Crowe, VA

GM Jim Vroom's Table markers get high points for originality.

Table 4 is clearly marked as Willard makes his move.

A Work in Progress ...

47 people attempted to amass power and prestige on the streets of Paris, in the shadow of Notre Dame cathedral, while avoiding plague-infested rats. 34 players filled seven tables in the first heat. Moving on as a result were: David Platnick, Robb Effinger, Geoff Pounder, Craig Moffitt, Brian Kowal, Cary Morris, and Matt Calkins. 20 more came for the second heat, including 13 new faces, to fill five tables of four. Advancing with a first win were: Bob Wicks, Nick Page and Greg Crowe. Brian Kowal and Geoff Pounder recorded second wins. This produced a 10-player field for the semi-finals with two 5-player games and the top two in each advanced to the Final. Nick Page, Cary Morris, and David Platnick thus joined Geoff Pounder who was now the lone unbeaten in three games.

The Final was a spirited affair. Purple went first and played his 'car' card, moving and taking a 2/cube chit, Red then played the Hospital, with Green doing the same and Blue opting for the Park.  Second action found Purple claiming an extra control cube, Green using his "trusted friend" to also claim a cube, Red taking money and Blue placing a cube into the Park. All players used the power of the Bishop advisor and only two rats were sighted.

The second turn found Red going first and playing a cube into the Money space of his board, Green played Park, Blue went for Money and Purple checked into the Hospital. Second action had Red placing his "trusted friend" into the Money space and adding more cash to his coffers, Green claimed yet another cube, Blue checked into his own Hospital and Purple sent his "friend" to get some Money. Advisors: Red bribed the Fool and took from his Money space, Green and Blue bribed the City Guard for six points each and Purple bribed the Fool to place an additional cube in his Hospital. The Rat population climbed to six.

Turn 3 had Green going first and using his first action to move his Car and pick up the 2/Gold chit, Blue played into his Cubes space, claiming two more, Purple took Money for three gold and Red drove his Car to a 3/Kill a Rat chit. Second action had Green placing a cube into Notre Dame and spending a gold for a point, Blue went to his Money space, Purple also went for Money again, this time getting four gold and Red went to the serenity of his Park. Blue and Green both bribed the Monk for cubes and points, while Purple bribed the Rat Doctor to not have to deal with the four Rats which appeared.

After the reshuffle, the second round commenced with Turn 4. Blue went first and sat in his Park, Purple went for Cubes and claimed a pair, Red placed into Notre Dame and spent three gold for six points and Green went to his Hospital. Second action had Blue placing into his Points space and getting two., Purple going into Notre Dame and paying three gold for six points, Red going to his Hotel and choosing to kill a Rat and Green playing into his Park. There were seven Rats this turn, with Green and Blue going over the maximum and losing two points and a cube off their most populated board area.

Turn 5 had Purple choosing to take three cubes from his Cubes space, Red moving his Car two spaces and claiming the 2/cubes chit, Green placed a third cube into his Hospital and Red sent his "friend" to the Money space. Second action found Purple going to his Hospital, Red to his Park, Green sending his own "friend" to get Money and Blue choosing the VP space for five points. Everybody bribed the Fool and had to deal with only three Rats.

Turn 6 began with Red moving his Car to pick up a 3/Kill a Rat chit, Green taking three gold in Money, Blue going to his Hospital and Purple taking five gold in Money. Second action saw Red using his "friend" to move his Car again and picking up yet another 3/Kill a Rat chit, Green taking Money again, this time four gold, Blue placing a third chit in his Park and Purple going to Notre Dame and spending three gold for maximum points. Everyone bribed the Guild Master and dealt with three Rats.

Turn 7 had Green going first and placing in his Cubes section, adding wo cubes to his personal supply, Blue taking two gold in Money, Purple adding a cube to his Park and Red taking a gold in Money. Second action saw Green going to Notre Dame and spending three gold for maximum points, Blue placing his FOURTH cube in his Park (giving him +2 when scoring points), Purple sending his "friend" to his Park and Red taking more Money, this time two gold. Green & Blue bribed the Monk for cubes and points, while Red & Purple bribed the Carpenter, with Purple getting six points. Four Rats appeared this turn.

Turn 8 had Blue going to his VP space for seven points!, Purple went to Notre Dame and spent two gold, Red went to the Cathedral as well, spending three gold and Green checked another cube into his Hospital.  Second action had Blue playing his "trusted friend", Purple placing another cube into Notre Dame and spending two gold again, Red moved his Car four spaces and claimed a 3/Kill a Rat chit and Green going for VPs and gaining two. Blue and Green sent their bribes to the Lady of the Court, while Purple and Red bribed the Hostess. Only two Rats appeared.

The final turn began with Purple taking two from his Cubes space, Red going to his Hotel and taking gold, Green using his VP space for three points and Blue moving his Car one space to pick up a 4-point chit. Second action saw Purple going for Cubes again, this time taking three, Red going to his Park, Green also placing into his Park and Blue moving his Car once again and claiming another 4-point chit. Everyone bribed the Mayor and had to deal with a whopping six Rats! That was too many for Blue, who went over the limit and had to suffer the consequences.

After summing all accumulated points, it turned out to be a VERY close game. Coming out on top was David Platnick (Blue) with 69 points, right behind him with 68 was Cary Morris (Purple). Geoff Pounder (Red) was only one more point back with 67. Nick Page (Green) trailed with 60. Thanks to everyone who played. Considering that it was a late addition, and didn't have a prime time slot, I think we had a good turnout. Hopefully, Notre Dame will return again next year and we'll have an even bigger field. In the meantime, avoid the RATS!

Anne Norton doesn't seem bothered by the furry rodent. Lancaster Host on the other hand may not appreciate these photos ...

Notre Dame has one of the most unusual and cleverly shaped boards which varies with the number of players.
 GM      Jim Vroom (1st Year)  NA   NA

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