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Updated 11/30/2008

2008 WBC Report  

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Scott Gibson, VA

2008 Champion

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Event History
2004    Steve Lollis     91
2005    Joe Harrison     93
2006    Joe Harrison     70
2007    Jon Miller     62
2008     Scott Gibson     62

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Joe Harrison       KY    07    108
  2.  Robert Eastman     NV    06     68
  3.  Jonathan Miller    DC    08     57
  4.  Steve Lollis       MD    06     54
  5.  Scott Gibson       VA    08     30
  6.  Harrison Anderson  PA    06     26
  7.  Benoit Groulx      QC    05     20
  8.  Scott Sirianna     NY    04     20
  9.  Sam Edelston       CT    08     18
 10.  Frank Hastings     MD    05     15
 11.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    04     15
 12.  Mike Wojke         PA    08     12
 13.  Chad Mekash        NJ    07     12
 14.  Mark Guttag        VA    06     10
 15.  Scott Edwards      SC    04     10
 16.  Rob Mull           CO    08      9
 17.  Gadoon Kyrollos    NJ    07      9
 18.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    08      6
 19.  Allan Kaplan       NJ    07      6
 20.  Matthew O'Conner   NJ    05      5
 21.  Paul Bean          MA    04      5
 22.  Jack Morrell       NY    07      3

2008 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists:

Sam Edelston, CT

Mike Wojke, PA

Rob Mull, CO

Gordon Rodgers, PA

Jon Miller, DC

Past Winners

Steve Lollis, MD

Joe Harrison, KY

Jonathan Miller, DC

Scott Gibson, VA

Jim Bell (left) and Ilan Woll pair off.

Tim Hitchings abandons wooden ships for a while.

Fresh Blood

In its fifth year, the ournament returned to its 2006 format. A player could advance to Round 2 Friday by winning a match during the Mulligan Round on Thursday or Round 1 on Friday. As in 2006, players fought a two-game match of the scenario for each round, switching sides between games. Players advanced to the next round based on most total medals earned and most enemy figures eliminated during the two games.

The theme of this year's tournament was the Mediterranean Theater featuring the Po Valley Scenario in Round 1, Tunisia in Round 2, Gallabat-Metemma in Round 3, Kasserine Pass in Round 4, Toulon in Round 5, and Montélimar in Round 6 (the Final). All scenarios were the versions published in the Air Pack Expansion and the Air Rules were used in Rounds 3-6. For the first time since 2004 when Memoir '44 was added to the WBC, players had to be turned away in the Mulligan Round due to a lack of games. Fortunately, enough games were brought to Round 1 to accomodate all players on Friday morning.

There was to be no third straight Final showdown between Joe Harrison and Jonathan Miller as both faltered in Round 4; Jonathan lost to Mike Wojke and Joe was done in by Rob Mull. In the semi-finals, Scott Gibson beat Mike Wojke 12-7 and Sam Edelston beat Rob Mull 12-5 to advance to the Final. Although they had never before met in person before the Final, Sam Edelston and Scott Gibson had played Memoir '44 against each other previously on-line

In the Final's first game, Sam played the Axis in Montélimar. The Axis initially advanced with a tank to shoot at the infantry on Hill 294 and an infantry to unblock their Center tank.  The Allies then used a 2-2-2 and Direct Fire from Headquarters in successive turns to knock out the Axis tank and an Axis Right 3-figure infantry. During Turns 3-4, each side targeted and destroyed one of the other's tanks in the center, and on Turn 5, the Allies destroyed another 3-figure infantry, leaving the score 4-1, Allies. On Turn 6 the Axis eliminated the other Allied tank and then began a four-turn onslaught against the Allied Right. One unprotected Allied infantry was killed, then another Allied infantry was retreated out of Grane for a medal, and then that unit's last two figures were Barraged away.  Meanwhile, the Axis Left tank came around the back door and punished an Allied infantry that had advanced to the sixth row, inflicting three hits and two retreats, making the score 5-4 Axis after ten turns, a dramatic turnaround. On Turn 11, the Allies used an Infantry Assault in the Center to engulf that full-strength Axis armored unit, and also to retreat two 1-figure infantries "safely" away from their pursuers, along the back line.  So, the Axis played Air Power and brought in a Messerschmitt on a strafing run to instantly score the winning medal. Final score: Medals 6-5 Axis, Figures destroyed:  22-18, Axis.

With the players switching sides, the second game featured a near continuous six-turn onslaught by two Axis Armored units and two Panzer Grenadier Infantry. On the first turn, the Axis player played a 2-2-2, to allow these four units to attack four different Allied infantry units and score three hits and two retreats.  The Allies played Dig In, hoping to blunt the onslaught. On Turn 2, the Axis used Their Finest Hour to order three infantry units and a tank, which resulted in the destruction of the infantry guarding the Allied artillery.  The Allies responded by using a Direct from Headquarters to destroy an Axis armored unit to tie the score at 1-1. On Turn 4 the Axis played Assault Center and destroyed an Allied artillery unit and a full strength tank. With weakened units in several places on the board, the Allies played Medics & Mechanics on one of their two 1-figure infantry units, but the Axis picked off the other 1-figure infantry unit to make the score 3-2. On Turn 5, the Axis played Attack Center, using three hits to finish off a pair of weakened infantries, and two more hits to weaken another infantry.  The Allies played a Probe Center, and were thankful to finish off the 1-figure Axis infantry there. On Turn 6, the Axis played Probe Center, rolling nine dice against a full-strength Allied infantry and hitting it five times, to win the game 6-3. The Axis also destroyed 27 figures twhile losing 11.With the match split 1-1, Scott won on medals, 11-9.

The GM wishes to especially thank Sam Edelston for taking meticulous notes during the Final Match for this After Action Report.

 GM      Mark Guttag  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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