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Updated 11/30/2008

2008 WBC Report   

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George Seary, NY

2005-08 Champion

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Event History
2003    Phil Barcafer     55
2004    Lyman Moquin     29
2005    George Seary     29
2006     George Seary     25
2007     George Seary     17
2008    George Seary     23

Block Party History
2004    Bruce Reiff     23
2005    Ric Young     21
2006     Ric Manns     12

PBeM Event History
2006    Hank Burkhalter     31
2008     George Seary     30

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  George Seary       NY    08    186
  2.  Rick Young         NC    06    108
  3.  Lyman Moquin       DC    08     79
  4.  Hank Burkhalter    GA    08     57
  5.  Phil Barcafer      PA    05     53
  6.  Bruce Reiff        OH    06     51
  7.  Ric Manns          IN    06     50
  8.  Bill O'Neal        NY    08     33
  9.  Jeff Mullet        OH    06     30
 10.  Susanne Tuch       NY    08     26
 11.  Stuart Pierce      VA    04     24
 12.  Troy Daniels       OH    06     22
 13.  Rob Taylor         MI    07     21
 14.  Nicholas Benedict  CA    07     18
 15.  Chris Byrd         CT    06     16
 16.  Ray Freeman        CA    08     15
 17.  Tom Drueding       FL    03     15
 18.  Joe Pabis          VA    08     12
 19.  Phil Rennert       MD    08     12
 20.  Alfred Smith       NC    06     12
 21.  Tim Hall           UT    03     10
 22.  Rick Kirchner      KY    05      9
 23.  Sean McCulloch     OH    04      9
 24.  Barry Smith        NY    04      8
 25.  Steve Lollis       MD    08      6
 26.  Derek Miller       VA    07      6
 27.  David Platnick     VA    06      6
 28.  Brad Bellomo       NJ    04      4
 29.  Mike Dauer         TX    08      3
 30.  Paul Barrett       UK    08      3
 31.  Mike Zehnal        OH    05      3
 32.  Jake Busch         OH    06      2
 33.  Charles Stucker    IN    06      1

2008 Laurelists                                          Repeating Laurelists 

Lyman Moquin, DC

Joe Pabis, VA

Phil Rennert, MD

Steve Lollis, MD

Mike Dauer, TX

Past Winners

Phil Barcafer, PA

Lyman Moquin, DC

George Seary, NY


Suzanne Tuch and Lyman Moquin hammering away ...

Joe Pabis gives that Englishman Nicky Palmer what for.

George, Braveheart and the Blocks ... Take 4
"The Highlanders' Revenge"

First of all, a big THANK YOU for everybody that showed -- it was tough carving out a space in the packed Lampeter Hall this year, but I think (and hope) everybody had fun. . .. As last year's tourney was marked by English domination, this year showed vastly improved performances by the Scots -- with nearly 50% going to the Highlanders compared to only 30% last year. Most of the English wins happened in the first round, with an evening of the split in the second, and complete domination by the Scots in the third -- all the games played in the third round were won by the Scots. The bidding has trended down as well, with 2007 typical bids of 1 or 2 for the English, now 0 or 1, with some individuals bidding 0 for the Scots. And of course, the reigning champ Gearge Seary, bidding more to take his Highlander killing machine algorithms to the field.
Some of the change might be the slight tweaking of the rules and blocks made last year, but more likely it is just that seasoned players know how to play the Scots better ... and that the sides are actually fairly balanced now.
We had a bit of a revival of the sport of Highland Battle as well. 23 warriors showed up to battle, six more than last year. Some of it due to better scheduling, some probably due to the interactive demo we played all morning before the tourney started which netted a few new players. Hopefully everybody new got a good taste of HOS. Special note to Harvey Harmon, new to the tourney, who hung in for the full three rounds before getting his first win -- your dedication to the fight is acknowledged!
After three rounds of Swiss, four contenders emerged to enter single elimination. Veteran players Lyman Moquin and Phil Rennert squared off, while challenger Joe Pabis had the daunting task of upsetting three-time defending champ George Seary.
The Moquin-Rennert game was over almost before the first battlecry ended. Lyman took the English, but...well, as Phil can attest, it was one of THOSE games for the Scots. Before Lyman really got the English War Machine engaged, Phil's Wallace had impaled himself on Athol's Ramparts in an epic "Wallace Wiff" and a simultaneous "Big Noble Stick". The game ended in Turn 1 with Wallace dead, and Bruce and Comyn firmly in the English camp.
Joe, however, gave George a run for it. There were a few tense moments, with the standard back and forth, but in the end, George's Scots kept their winning streak intact.
Which led to a familiar setting: George and Lyman sitting down for the Final, with George's Scots against Lyman's English. Unlike last year, however, this was not the epic game that we would have hoped for. There was a little drama on the first turn with some resistance by the English against Wallace and Morray's conversion attempts, with some significant English Knight reinforcements, but some very aggressive English play left the Hobi block gone after Turn 2 and by not patiently keeping the King's army massed, some ineffective wintering. George, with his standard guerrilla tactics, wore down the English resistance deep into the south, with the English knocked out of Scotland entirely. George keeps the Crown for yet another year.
Next year we are probably shifting to a single elimination format with a Mulligan round the preceding day. This will likely yield the same number of games, allow newbies to play two full games without the pressure to win, and eliminate the somewhat complex tie breaking algorithm we are employing now to advance tied records. Also, the games vary in length, with many games going to the 4 hour mark (Although, some last less than 30 minutes), so we are considering allowing more time. W are also considering adding chess clocks, as it is difficult adjudicating "slow play".

Participants -
Rick Seciacca -          S0L0  
Justin Thompson -     E0W14        S0L0
Keith Wixson -           E1W14         S(E1)L5
Paul McGuane -          S(E0)L0       S(E0)L0
Phil Rennert -            E1W14         E1W9          Bye             S(E1)L
Craig Melton -           S(E1)L0       E1W14
Jeffrey Ameer -       S0L0
Steve Lollis -             E0W14        S(E0)W9     E0L2
Sue Tuch -                S0W10        S0L6
Charles Eastman -     E2L4           E2L5
Lyman Moquin -         E1W14         E2W8          S(E1)W14    E1W  E0L
Doug Mercer -          S(E1)L0
Joe Pabis -                E2W14        E1W13         E2L0           E2L
Daniel Collinson -        S0L0
Bill Margal -              S0L0
Nick Palmer -            E0W14        S(E0)L1       E1L0
Harvey Harman -       E2L0           E1L6            S0W14
Nick Benedict -          S(E1)W14    E2W14
Chris Senhouse -        E1L0
Mike Dauer -             S(E0)W14    E1L1
Marvin Birmbam -     S0W10        S0W8
Ric Manns -               E1L3
George Seary -         (Bye)W14    S1W13        S2W12        S2W S0W
Key - Side, bid, win/loss, noble count at end. . . . .(S=Scot, E=English), bid in parens = side other than played
First Round - 7 English Wins, 4 Scottish Wins, 1 Bye, Average Bid: more English at 0 or 1, 2 with E2, some with S0. . .. . lower than last year
Second Round - 5 English Wins, 3 Scottish Wins
Third Round - 3 Scottish Wins, 1 bye
Semi - 1 English Win, 1 Scottish Win
Final - Scottish Win
Total: 13 English Wins, 12 Scottish Wins

Hammer of the Scots PBeM Tournament 2008 Results

The second PBeM tourney of Hammer of the Scots is in the books. 30 players vied for dominance of the Scottish Nobles. 28 games were played on a website that handled the cards and the random draws of the blocks. The English won exactly half although the Scots dominated the last round with George Seary leading the way for the clans as he added the PBeM crown to his WBC trifecta of three straight HOS titles. Common perception paints the Scots as the underdogs but tournament statistics do not back that theory. The other laurelists were Suzanne Tuch, Bill O'Neal, Hank Burkhalter, Ray Freeman and Paul Barrett in that order.


 GM      Lyman Moquin [1st Year]   NA
   moquis@aol.com   NA

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