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2008 WBC Report  

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Chris Trimmer, TX

2008 Champion

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Event History
2008    Chris Trimmer     19

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Chris Trimmer      TX    08     20
  2.  David Burkey       PA    08     12
  3.  Joshua Ostrander   NY    08      8
  4.  Luke Koleszar      VA    08      6
  5.  Dan Hoffman        NC    08      4
  6.  Steve Cameron      PA    08      2
2008 Laurelists

David Burkey, PA

Joshua Ostrander, NY

Luke Koleszar, VA

Dan Hoffman, NC

Steve Cameron, PA

Hamburgum was just one of five new Euro trials sponsored this year by Rio Grande Games.

GM Chris Trimmer (back left) won his own event - just one of three in which he took top honors.

Half a Coussis ...

The introduction of Hamburgum to the WBC drew over a dozen attendees to the demo. Many of them carried over to the first heat which saw a field of 15 players group into three boards of five. While the average high score of all three games was 49 points, the winning score varied between 81, 68, and 57. One game came down to the first standard tiebreak of most cash left.

The second heat had seven attendees group into boards of three and four. Lesson to those inroducing new games at WBC in multi-heat formats ... the heat held immediately after a demo usually draws better. Offering a demo before each heat is recommended. As to be expected, the winning scores were higher with fewer players at 114 and 89 respectively for the two games.

With five unique winners, Hamburgum dispensed with the scheduled semi and proceeded directly to a Final game. The sixth player laurelist was selected on the strength of two 2nd place finishes. The five advancing winners were Chris Trimmer, Joshua Ostrander, Dan Hoffman, David Burkey, and Luke Koleszar.

Chris kicked off the Final as first player acquiring an additional resource to start. It was quickly followed by several others picking up additional resources of cloth, beer, and sugar for later sale. Luke was the first player to donate resources at the Church followed by David and Joshua shortly thereafter. Luke was also the first player to the Guildhall selecting a captain, beer production, and cloth production as initial choices. Dan was first to the dockyards opting to expand his shipping capacity early.

As the early game progressed, Chris claimed the first constructed Church. Moving into the mid-game, the next Churches were built by Joshua and Dan. Everyone had contributed a donation at this point so the Guildhall action was also popular as players expanded their board presence via buildings. With the economies of all players now humming, the race was on for completion of the last three Churches. An odd waiting game emerged as a single donation to a church would create an opening for another player to jump in and complete it, as no single player had enough resources and cash to make four donations with a single action.

To break this impasse, in back-to-back turns Chris gave up two points and then one to push his rondel position such that enough cash and resources were available for completion of the fourth Church. Joshua quickly followed suit giving up three points on one turn to set-up completion of the fifth. With the end now imminent, David gave up three points to build two ships before claiming three of the four final donation tiles at the last church. This would leave Luke in position to claim the final donation tile to complete the Church construction as well as the end of the game.

End of Final data

· Chris: 60 points, 0 cash, 8 donations, 4 buildings, 2 ships in harbor
· David: 47 points, 50 cash, 7 donations, 3 buildings, 3 ships in harbor
· Joshua: 42 points, 50 cash, 7 donations, 2 buildings, 2 ships in harbor
· Luke: 38 points, 10 cash, 5 donations, 3 buildings, 4 ships in harbor
· Dan: 36 points, 20 cash, 3 donations, 7 buildings, 1 ship in harbor

Eight production buildings left in stock; all officials, merchants, and captains were constructed.

Fun statistic from the five player games

· Most donations made (average is always 6): 10
· Fewest donations made: 3

 GM      Chris Trimmer (1st Year)  NA   NA

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