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Updated 11/30/2008

2008 WBC Report  

 2009 Status: pending 2009 GM commitment

Mario Veillette, QC

2008 Champion

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Event History
2000    Keith Levy     65
2001    Roderick Lee     80
2002    Barry Smith     58
2003    Steven May     50
2004     James Kendrick     52
2005     Jason Levine     63
2006    Jason Levine     62
2007    Lance Fogel     60
2008     Mario Veillette     80

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Barry Smith        NY    05     89
  2.  Lance Fogel        PA    07     78
  3.  Jason Levine       NY    06     60
  4.  Robert Kircher     MA    02     38
  5.  Roderick Lee       CA    06     36
  6.  Mario Veillette    QC    08     30
  7.  James Kendrick     UK    04     30
  8.  Steve May          MD    03     30
  9.  Keith Levy         MD    00     30
 10.  Stan Buck          MD    08     24
 11.  Rob Runnicles      FL    06     24
 12.  Andrew Maly        MD    08     18
 13.  Patrick Maloney    PA    07     18
 14.  Joe Sposito        NJ    04     18
 15.  Ilan Woll          CT    03     18
 16.  Matt Muir          MD    00     18
 17.  Steve Field        IL    02     15
 18.  Brad Johnson       IL    02     13
 19.  Harrison Anderson  PA    08     12
 20.  Josh Githens       SC    07     12
 21.  Doug Galullo       FL    06     12
 22.  Rich Shipley       MD    05     12
 23.  Steve Cameron      PA    04     12
 24.  Brady Wade         IN    08      9
 25.  David Albin        PA    07      9
 26.  Nick Henning       CT    07      9
 27.  William Kendrick   UK    06      9
 28.  Jessica Finkeldey  MD    05      9
 29.  Paul Murphy        UT    03      9
 30.  Bill Dyer          IL    01      9
 31.  Jim Rochford       IL    00      9
 32.  Mark Mitchell      VA    03      8
 33.  David Wong         NJ    01      6
 34.  Joe Wetherall      PA    00      6
 35.  Curt Collins       PA    08      3
 36.  Chris Hancock      NH    06      3
 37.  Jim Castonguay     PA    05      3
 38.  Eric Lenhart       PA    04      3
 39.  Eric Eshleman      PA    00      3

2008 Laurelists                                                 Repeating Laurelists:

Andrew Maly, MD

Stanley Buck, MD

Brady Wade, IN

Harrison Anderson, PA

Curt Collins, PA

Past Winners

Keith Levy, MD

Roderick Lee, CA

Barry Smith, NY

Steven May, MD

James Kendrick, UK

Jason Levine, NY
2005 - 2006

Lance Fogel, PA

Mario Veillette, QC

 The preliminary races were run on conventional size boards where a win was rewarded with a trip to the BIG time ...

First-time FDE GM Josh Githens rewarded his finalists with a chance to play on a huge track specially made for the occasion.

Wood for the Survivors

The 2008 tournament brought drivers from across the globe to the racing mecca of the world; Lancaster Pennsylvania. In the quiet countryside of gentle rolling fields, horse drawn buggies, and shoofly pie; the exciting spectacle of Formula 1 racing took over for three days. Using a two-heat format with the top ten qualifiers advancing directly to the Final gave racers a chance to play, have fun, and not need to race for days on end to maybe make the semi-final on an absurd tiebreaker.

Each of the two heats had enough entrants to run five boards with between six and eight drivers. Players were allowed to sit at any table of their choosing, eliminating lengthy randomization, while also allowing players to sit with their friends and have fun at 200 MPH. There were ten unique winners, all of whom appeared again for the Final, thus eliminating the hopes of any alternates. The Final was played on an enormous format board using 1:64 scale Formula 1 cars in their 2007 team paint schemes.

A tremendous effort by my designated track maintenance crew made sure Spa-Francorchamps was prepared for the Friday 2pm local time final. Without the help of Track Superintendent Bryan Collars, Head of Track Surface Preparation Scott Pfeiffer, Head of Pit Lane Ralph Gleaton, and Head of Spectator Relations Dave Gantt the Final would not have been able to happen as planned. Andy Maly also provided additional sets of dice and car construction sheets which proved invaluable.

The Qualifiers in order were:

1. Matt Bacho

2. Harrison Anderson

3. Brady Wade

4. Andy Maly

5. Curt Collins

6. Bryan Collars

7. Roderick Lee

8. Stanley Buck

9. Mario Veillette

10. Pierre Paquet

The Final was a three-lap race using driver constructed cars. Each driver, in order of qualifying position, was able to choose both their F1 Team car and the pit box of their choice, with Red 1, being the Red pits and 1 closest to the pit exit.

Bacho driving for Ferrari got off the grid well and zipped through the first few corners putting lots of distance between his car and second. Unfortunately, the Ferrari mechanics have been bending the current F1 engine regulations and have outsmarted themselves and ultimately cost Ferrari a potential victory. Bacho fell victim to engine damage midway through the first lap and watched the remainder of the race from the comfort of his team hauler. Bacho finished 10th.

Anderson, the lone repeating laurelist in the field, driving for team Red Bull ran a solid race, but chose to conserve his vehicle for the first one and a half laps. By the time he began to make his move it was going to be a lot of work to move onto the podium. Anderson had some trouble with his gearbox missing a few corners that put him further back. In the end it was his suspension that gave way, as he was forced to take a more aggressive line to catch the leader, and fell just short of the podium in the same 5th place slot he held in 2007.

Wade was behind the wheel of Team Honda's entry. Wade was looking good for the entire race until the last corner. Honda had prepared what they thought to be a bullet proof car. Unfortunately, their tire strategy cost them a 2nd place finish. Coming through the chicane just before the finish line, Wade overshot the exit and spun out with the checkered flag in sight. Honda finished in 4th.

Maly, piloting the finely tuned Toyota machine, qualified fourth, and finished on the podium. His race was full of back and forth position changes. However, in the last two corners the spin by Wade allowed Maly to leapfrog into a second place finish for Toyota.

Stanley Buck started the race in a not-so-promising position for Team Super Aguri, 8th. His patience and car preservation strategy paid off in the final lap. With all but two other cars retired from the race, Buck was able to leisurely drive the final half lap, as the only car remaining, into third place. Further proving that starting in the front does not necessarily assure victory.

Veillette, driving the Torro Rosso vehicle, was the surprise of the Grand Prix event. Torro Rosso had a poor qualifying session but did manage to make the field. Starting from 9th on the grid it looked to be a long day for the team. However, due to Ferrari engine failure and a majority of the pack having difficulty with the track, Veillette was able to weave through traffic in just one lap. Torro Rosso called him into the pits at the end of Lap 1, although he was already in the lead. This strategy paid off, as after Lap 1 Veillette had both the lead and a fresh car. He exited the pits and never really looked back. He appeared to be one with the track hitting corner apexes at fantastic speeds, and never relinquished the lead. Mario was a true champion that day, taking every perfect shift with the grace of a winner. Starting 9th and finishing 1st, Veillette had a race for the ages and is certain to be remembered for years to come in WBC Formula De lore.

Curt Collins (Team BMW) out with Engine Failure (6th Place)

Pierre Paquet (Team McLaren) out due to failed Suspension (7th Place)

Roderick Lee (Team Spyker) out with Severe Body Damage (8th Place)

Bryan Collars (Team Renault) out with Engine Failure (9th Place)

All but the top three drivers fell victim to the gear grinding, engine punishing, suspension ripping track that is SPA. This was fitting as there were only three plaques to be awarded. During the event the Press had access to the pits and got lots of great photos, stay tuned for photo coverage from Debbie Gutermuth.

The field grew by a third and women drivers increased from two to nine this year. Did the big layout have anything to do with that?

1:64 scale cars painted in authentic paint schemes and rolling hills gave a realistic 3D feel to the proceedings.
 GM      Joshua Githens [1st Year]  NA   203-918-4367

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