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Updated 11/30/2008

2008 WBC Report  

   2009 Status: pending 2009 GM commitment

Bob Heinzmann, FL

2008 Champion

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Event History
2008    Bob Heinzmann     25

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    08     30
  2.  Scott Moll         VA    08     18
  3.  Kevin Garber       VA    08     12
  4.  Grant LaDue        NY    08      9
  5.  Jack Stalica       ON    08      6
  6.  Stu Hendrickson    VA    08      3
2008 Laurelists

Scott Moll, VA

Kevin Garber, VA

Grant LaDue, NY

Jack Stalica, ON

Stu Hendrickson, VA

Robert Woodson (left) of Nevada and Barry Smith of New York put their blocks to the test as east meets west.

Susan Ellsworth was the only woman in the field to give the blocks a try. Stu Hendrickson provided the opposition.

Impressive Debut

Bob Heinzmann overcame the odds and took down the two sharks with the biggest teeth in the last two rounds to win the inaugural WBC Fast Action Battles tournament. Bob played against Scott Moll in the Final after barely squeaking by the pre-convention favorite, Kevin Garber in the semi-finals. Scott's Germans had a terrible opening turn, making no headway against the American lines on the 16th of December. He was ready to concede but Bob talked him into playing on. Big mistake.

On Turn 3 the tables were turned and Scott had broken through, ripping a huge hole in the American line and now Bob had to be talked into not conceding. The end of Turn 5 saw the American line stabilized, German spearheads isolated and Bob holding on to the narrowest of wins. It was an excellent contest between two true gentlemen, either of whom would I would have been proud to proclaim champion.

Next year we will try a slightly different bidding system, bidding extra asset pulls instead of extra fuel. This was suggested by the players and I look forward to putting it into use in 2009. The average bid this year was 1.2 fuel assets to play the Americans, and the Americans won 54% of the matches, though they won overwhelmingly in the first round (the Germans won more than 50% of the matches if the first round was excluded).

We may also try a different scenario, that will allow both sides to attack and defend. The scenario is being tested now for possible inclusion in C3i magazine.

 GM      Rick Young (1st Year)  NA   NA

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