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Updated 11/30/2008

2008 WBC Report  

 2008 Status: pending 2008 GM commitment

Robert Eastman, NV

2008 Champion

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Event History
1991    Winston Forrest      17
1992    John Kilbride      32
1993    Fred Gosnell      38
1994    Larry York      37
1995    Phil Thomas      49
1996    Fred Gosnell      36
1997    Tim Evinger      64
1998    Winston Forrest      59
1999    Gordon Rodgers     42
2000    Gordon Rodgers     42
2001    Thomas Wojke     55
2002    Michael Sincavage     42
2003    Matt Evinger     50
2004     Bill Peeck     30
2005    Wade Fowble     31
2006    Evan Hitchings     28
2007     Matt Evinger     32
2008     Robert Eastman     46

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Matt Evinger       PA    07     69
  2.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    00     60
  3.  Mike Sincavage     VA    02     48
  4.  Bill Peeck         NY    08     38
  5.  Mike Mitchell      GA    04     36
  6.  Evan Hitchings     DE    06     35
  7.  Robert Eastman     NV    08     33
  8.  Tom Wojke          PA    01     30
  9.  Alan Arvold        IL    04     27
 10.  Wade Fowble        MD    05     20
 11.  Kevin Coombs       GA    08     21
 12.  Bill Alderman      VA    08     21
 13.  John Elliott       MD    08     18
 14.  Blair Morgen       NJ    03     18
 15.  Pat Mirk           FL    02     18
 16.  Neal Schlaffer     MD    99     18
 17.  Rob Kilroy         PA    01     18
 18.  Bill Powers        VA    07     16
 19.  John Izer          MD    06     12
 20.  Bill Place         PA    05     12
 21.  Dave Long          NC    04     12
 22.  Jon Lockwood       VA    03     12
 23.  Forrest Speck      MD    03     12
 24.  Nick Evinger       PA    02     12
 25.  Larry York         CA    00     12
 26.  Tim Evinger        PA    08      9
 27.  John Speck         MD    07      9
 28.  Joe Burch          MD    02      9
 29.  Robert Kirchner    MA    01      9
 30.  Bill Burch         MD    06      8
 31.  Ben Knight         MD    05      8
 32.  Mike Cannon        MD    07      6
 33.  Dale Long          NJ    06      6
 34.  Beth Zhao          VA    03      6
 35.  Rob Navolis        OH    00      6
 36.  Steve Scott        CA    99      6
 37.  Jim Mehl           VA    06      4
 38.  Tim Hitchings      DE    07      3
 39.  James Pei          TX    02      3
 40.  Randall MacInnis   NJ    01      3
 41.  Todd Surgoine      OH    00      3
 42.  Mike Windle        DE    05      2

2008 Laurelists                                                 Repeating Laurelists 

John Elliott, MD

Kevin Coombs, GA

Tim Evinger, PA

Bill Peeck, NY

Bill Alderman, VA

Past Winners

'91 98: W. Forrest,VA
1995: Phil Thomas, MD

John Kilbride, PA

Fred Gosnell, VA
1993, 1996

Larry York, CA

Tim Evinger, PA

Gordon Rodgers,PA

Thomas Wojke, PA

Mike Sincavage,VA

Matt Evinger, PA
2003, 2007

Bill Peeck, NY

Wade Fowble, MD

Evan Htchings, DE

Robert Eastman, NV

Finalists battle in an empty hall in Sunday's last chance at wood.

Line breaker!

Back to the Drawing Board

Game designer Neal Schlaffer bid adieu to his event after 17 years in hopes that a new GM with the time to run heats and an Introductory Demo would breath new life into its declining attendance. So far, so good. Many new faces were sprinkled among the returnees who came to play in the three heats scheduled this year. The Demo attracted at least four new players. The format change to multiple Heats, and "B" status, combined with playing only two-hand games with tiebreakers to speed play worked well. A few pined for the original rules of playing to 100 points, but the majority agreed that two hands was enough to determine a winner Many "old hands" were pleased that Enemy in Sight was being played in multiple heats on three different days while others were pleased they could still take their last chance "at wood" on Sunday morning while winning the final heat. While tiebreakers were defined, none proved necessary, as every game was won outright on points alone.

Unfortunately, the heats were scheduled as two-hour events, which meant the first Heat was truncated as we ran out of time. This disappointed many players. Fortunately the second and third Heats did not have schedule conflicts after the two hours, and were allowed to play until both hands were completed. Next year's heats will be scheduled for three hours, even though two usually suffices.

There were nine heat winners -- eight of whom eagerly appeared for the semi-final on Sunday. Four had just qualified moments before in the Sunday morning heat.) Given the number of qualifiers, the semi was axed and the eight proceeded directly to the Final. All were experienced players and finished the two hands before 1 PM. Eight former champions played in all, but only two (Bill Peeck and Tim Evinger), made it to the Final.

Rob Eastman sailed out to a lead at the end of the first hand, with 46 points, followed by Peeck at 38, Evinger at 34 and Bill Alderman at 30. Most of the scoring was in prizes, though there was the usual spate of sinking the smaller ships once the Break-the-Line cards made their appearance. The second hand deal left some players with initial powerful 1st Rate Broadsides but only 3rd Rate Ships or less. Eastman was under siege immediately, targetted by a Break-the-Line and a variety of attacks. He was whittled down to one ship in his line at one point, but used an Additional Ship card to return to two. In the meantime, others had the pleasure of attracting attention, including all of the players with 30 points or more. No one lost all their ships, but many had three or less in the line at one point. Through it all, Eastman had Boarding Party cards while others did not, so he captured prizes and was able to keep them afloat even though he was unable to remove the Line Breakers. He won with 62 points, followed closely by John Elliott at 60 and Kevin Coombs with 57. Grabbing the remaining laurels were Tim Evinger with 52 points, Bill Peeck with 46 and Bill Alderman with 39.

Luck plays a larger role in this game than most, as evidenced by no one winning the event more than twice in its 18-year WBC history.

 GM      Bill Alderman  [1st Year]   5 Baskin Court, Palmyra, VA 22963-3015 
    bill@teamwidget.com   434-589-8767

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