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Updated 11/14/2008

2008 WBC Report  

 2009 Status: pending December Membership Trial Vote

Joe Pabis, VA

2008 Champion

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Event History
2007    Ron Draker      12
2008     Joe Pabis     16

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Joe Pabis          VA    08     26
   2.  Scott Moll         VA    08     12
   3.  Ron Draker         VA    07     10
   4.  Fred Bauer         VA    08      8
   5.  Jim Miller         VA    08      8
   6.  Michael Dauer      TX    08      6
   7.  Mike Buccheri      MD    07      3
   8.  Wesley Chapman     IN    08      2
   9.  Jerry Taylor       VA    07      2
  10.  Rob Buccheri       MD    07      1

2008 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists 

Scott Moll, VA

Fred Bauer, VA

Michael Dauer, TX

James Miller, VA

Wesley Chapman, IN

Past Champions

Ron Draker, VA

Joe Pabis, VA


Scott Moll (left) and James Miller battle in the Block Holy Land.

Michael Dauer (left) meets Scott Moll in the semis,

Blockheads to the Holy Land

We began this year's tourney with a well-attended demo before the mulligan round. It has to bode well for the future that 21 people watched the demo and expressed an interest in the game. Twelve players arrived for the early forgiving round. We continued with last year's Single Elimination format, but added the mulligan round. This provided an opportunity for people to try the game in a non-threatening round. I believe that players overwhelming liked the idea of the mulligan, while retaining the quick, single elimination format.

This year's version of the Third Crusade saw a shift in play balance. The strategies in Crusader Rex have been evolving over the last few years. It has been widely held that the Saracens were highly favored and last year's results reinforced that notion. Because of the perceived strength of Saladin we used an auction bid for number of blocks that would be removed from the Saracens initial draw and added to the Frankish draw. The average bid was one block with a high bid of two.

That edge plus another year of experience seems to have improved the Crusader's lot. The Franks ended with a 10 - 7 victory edge and swept the 2nd round while adding the Final in a 4-3 nail biter.

The Final pitted two friends and teammates against each other. Point men Scott Moll and Joe Pabis reached the Final with close semi-final wins. Scott won the bid to be the Saracens and used their early strength to take a 4-3 lead at the outset. The Saracens then sought to occupy the coastal areas as Joe slowly drew the Crusader Blocks to fortify Acre and the surrounding cities.

Scott used Saracen Blocks to slow Joe's use of the road system. It was growing late when Joe was forced to gamble and use some of the Military Orders past Tiberas taking Banyas. On the last turn Richard the Lionheart and his Archers took the last chance by storming Damascus. The battle was a close one, but it was the strength of the Lionheart that carried the day and Damascus for Joe!

Overall, it was a great tournament and I want to encourage everyone to reopen this game to see what a gem Jerry Taylor has created. Blockheads and Wargamers please consider returning this event with your December membership vote in 2009!

Somewhere out there, a gamer's kid is missing his legos.

 GM      Ric Manns [1st Year]  NA   812-820-0329

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