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Updated 11/29/2008

2008 WBC Report  

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Ted Drozd, IL

2008 Champion



Event History
2005    Mark McLaughlin     14
2006    Ted Drozd     26
2007     Matthew O'Connor     24
2008     Ted Drozd     21

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Ted Drozd          IL    08     56
  2.  Matthew O'Conner   NJ    08     34
  3.  Stan Hilinski      MD    08     16
  4.  Jesser Boomer      KS    06     12
  5.  Philip Yaure       PA    08     10
  6.  Mark McLaughlin    CT    05     10
  7.  Bill Morgal        MD    08      8
  8.  Pat Mirk           FL    07      8
  9.  Scott Sirianna     NY    07      6
 10.  David Rohde        NC    06      6
 11.  Barry Smith        NY    05      6
 12.  Brian Smith        NY    05      3
 13.  Grant Wylie        VA    08      2
 14.  Dennis Culhane     PA    06      2
 15.  Mike Nagel         NJ    05      2
 16.  Matt Daly          NY    05      1

2008 Laurelists                                      Repeating Laurelists 

Stan Hilinski, MD

Bill Morgal, MD

Matt O'Connor, NJ

Philip Yaure, PA

Grant Wylie, VA

Past Winners

Mark McLaughlin, CT

Ted Drozd, IL
2006, 2008

Matt O'Connor, NJ


 Grant Wylie (right) plays Eliminator GM while Stan Hilinski (back right) completes his transformation to the dark side by best former champ Matt O'Connor.

 Two versions of the same game. Note the counters in the foreground which have replaced the blocks (in the rear) of Worthington's earlier games.

From Blocks to Counters ...

The last year of Clash for a Continent as such had an exciting ending that saw a Final "clash" between previous WBC champion (Ted Drozd) and the current Prezcon champion (Stan Hilinski). Ted wound up winning his second title, but not before some newcomers made some noise. Next year Wortington Games will sponsor Hold the Line instead.

Ted had barely made it to the Final of Heat 1 as he defeated Matt O' Connor (another previous champion) in the battle of Cowpens. On Turn 17 Ted's Redcoats launched a desperation close assault against Matt's dragoons and won, eliminating the unit and winning a 7 to 6 close fought victory ... exactly the match you would expect between two former champions.

The first round of Heat 1 saw a very even battle taking shape as the Indians won four of seven games. Unfortunately in Round 2, the American's carried the day 4-0 against the British, while Round 3 saw the British and Americans split a pair in the battle of Cowpens. The Final of Heat 1 was the battle of Guilford between Bill Morgal and Ted Drozd. Bill played excellently winning his three early matches by a combined score of 19 to 11 before falling to Ted 7 to 4 in a game that was much closer than the score indicated.

Since some of the same players from Heat 1 came back for Heat 2 we changed the battles ... opening with Quebec where the British took a 5 to 1 advantage in wins. The lone French victor was Stan Hilinski defeating Ed O'Connor 6 to 4. In the second round, Cowpens was played with the British taking all three contests, including a close battle between co-designer Grant Wylie and newcomer Jeff Ameer, that finished 7-6 for Grant. Jeff played an excellent game as the American, falling back early while using his artillery to keep Grant from closing too quickly with the British. Grant, as the GM, then bowed out of his eliminator role, leaving Matt O'Connor to battle Stan Hilinski at Oriskany. Stan's Americans won a 6 to 5 victory there to reach the Final pitting the two heat winners against one another.

All in all, a great little tournament with both veterans and newcomers mixing it up in a game that can be learned and played quickly.

 GM      Grant Wylie [1st year]   NA   NA

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