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Updated 11/14/2008

2008 WBC Report  

 2009 Status: pending 2009 GM commitment

Mike Galandiuk, OH

2008 Champion

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Event History
2007    Bob Heinzmann      48
2008    Mike Galandiuk     55

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Mike Galandiuk     OH    08     40
   2.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    07     40
   3.  Bryan Collars      SC    08     24
   4.  David desJardins   CA    07     24
   5.  Greg Courter       MI    08     16
   6.  Chris Storzillo    NJ    07     16
   7.  Mark McBride       OH    08     12
   8.  Ray Stakenas       MI    07     12
   9.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    08      8
  10.  Bruce Young        SC    07      8
  11.  Joe Chacon         VA    08      4
  12.  Dennis Nicholson   NY    07      4

2008 Laurelists                                                 Repeating Laurelists: 0

Bryan Collars, SC

Greg Courter, MI

Mark McBride, OH

Bob Heinzmann, FL

Joe Chacon, VA

Past Champions

Bob Heinzmann, FL

Mike Galandiuk, OH


Mark McBride (left) and Stan Buck trade war stories over a game of Combat Commander.

Tell me again why we drove 800 miles together just to play each other here.

Balanced and Clear Again ...

Combat Commander continued to thrive at WBC. Attendance increased to 55 from last year's impessive debut of 48. In addition, the format of a Wednesday Mulligan leading to Friday Single Elimination was well received by the players, as was the scenario list introduced this year. Feedback on the scenario list indicated that, overall, the choices were well balanced and fun to play. No players chose to use the Random Scenario Generator as opposed to four who opted for that course last year.

Wednesday's Mulligan Round featured 32 players (including yours truly). Play was tense and rules questions were few and far between. This is an ongoing testament to the tightness of the rules, and a credit to the designer and developer. Unlike last year, your friendly GM actually won (earning a first round bye).

Single Elimination play started at 2pm Friday with a good crowd on hand. Play was faster than last year, as evidenced by the fact that we got all the way through the semi-finals before quitting for the night despite starting five hours later. Defending champion Bob Heinzman made it to the quarter-finals before being vanquished. Likewise, your humble GM bowed out in the same round to preserve an even bracket The quarter-finals also featured something new for this GM; a game actually had to be adjudicated.

After a well played semi-final round, the Final was played Saturday morning pitting Assistant GM Bryan Collars against WBC newcomer Mike Galandiuk. After a well fought game, Mike prevailed to earn WBC wood in his inaugural trip here, and he chose the DVD Where Eagles Dare as his special prize. Bryan finished second and received a Kelly's Heroes DVD as his special consolation prize.

I want to extend special thanks to Bryan Collars and Roger Nord, who served as Assistant GMs. Both were immensely helpful, and made the GM experience more relaxing for me than last year. I also want to thank everone for their good humor and sportsmanship, both of which were critical in making a Single Elimination event this large a success.

Next year will be interesting times for Combat Commander, as the Pacific Theater game will be released by then. As always we will be looking at the format and scenario mix to see where it can be improved. To be part of this process, just visit the Combat Commander topic on the Consimworld discussion board.


Watching the Greenville Mafia cheer on a fellow member is sort of like watching vultures gather over roadkill.

Bryan Collars finally meets someone he can't beat in the Final with Mike Galandiuk (right).
 GM      Joel Tamburo [2nd Year]  NA   NA

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