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Updated 2/5/2009

2008 WBC Report  

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Pete Pollard, TN

2008 Champion

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Event History
2004    Kevin Boles     30
2005     Daniel Leader     24
2006     Jim Munson     22
2007     Tom McCorry     18
2008     Pete Pollard     13

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Peter Pollard      TN    08     50
   2.  Daniel Leader      MA    08     38
   3.  Jim Munson         UT    06     30
   4.  Kevin Boles        AL    04     30
   5.  John Vasilakos     VA    08     24
   6.  Andres Dunn        MD    08     20
   7.  Tom McCorry        VA    07     20
   8.  Jonathan Squibb    PA    08     18
   9.  Buck Markowitz     DC    06     18
  10.  Allen Hill         MD    04     18
  11.  Bob Runnicles      FL    05     12
  12.  Andrew Maly        MD    04     12
  13.  Scott Sirianna     NY    06      9
  14.  Mark Guttag        VA    05      9
  15.  Nathan Hill        MD    04      9
  16.  Gary Phillips      MD    08      7
  17.  Alan Dickson       ME    04      6
  18.  Michael Pacheco    CA    05      3
  19.  Matt Kirschenbaum  MD    04      3
  20.  Eric Filipkowski   MD    07      2

2008 Laurelists                                        Repeating Laurelists 

Jonathan Squibb, PA

Dan Leader, MA

Andres Dunn, MD

Gary Phillips, FL

John Vasilakos, VA

Past Winners

Kevin Boles, AL

Daniel Leader, MA

Jim Munson, UT

Tom McCorry, VA

Pete Pollard, TN

Low piece density is a hallmark of Starter Kit scenarios.

That's one mean lookin' dice tower.

Veteran Beginners

Given the dwindling number of players in these events at WBC, one has to wonder whether two ASL events is actually better than one - especially when you consider how veteran the ranks of the Starter Kit competitors has become.

The scenario for Round 1 (S4 ìWelcome Backî) was an appropriate greeting for this fifth year of ASL Starter Kit at WBC. Most of the field had been here before, many for several years. The odd number of players gave ex-champion Daniel Leader a bye into Round 2. This scenario from SK#1 broke 3-2 in favor of the Americans, with Rich Kircher and Gary Phillips bucking the odds as the attacking Germans. Starter Kit returnees Chuck Frascati, Phil Bradley, and Eric Filipkowski all went down in the first round.

Eric graciously agreed to serve as an eliminator in Round 2 and was paired against Dan Leader. Round 2 saw the return from last year of "No Monumental Acclaim" which recently graced the pages of MMP's Operations magazine. This time the attacking Americans all had the upper hand, except that crafty German Dan Leader saw a late game opportunity to counterattack and retake some victory buildings. Two-time runner-up Pete "Bridesmaid" Pollard also advanced to the semi-finals as did the two young guns who emerged last year - Andy Dunn and Jonathan Squibb, coming in third and fourth respectively in 2007.

As luck would have it, the two old pros matched up against each other in Round 3, with the two fresh troopers fighting each other for the chance to advance in S14 "88s at Zon." Those 88s emplaced before the bridge over the Wilhelmina canal proved too powerful for the American paratroopers of the 506th, consigning Dan and Andy to the ranks of the also-rans despite well-executed attacks.

For the Final, Pete and Jonathan picked (with a little help from the GM) scenario S16 "Legio Patria Nostra" featuring a full company of Free French Legionnaires rescuing a small party trapped in the middle of a small Italian village in June 1944. Jonathan's AT and AA guns failed him, and his middle of the pack defenders quickly broke before the strong French onslaught and some timely dice from Pete. Mercifully it was over quickly, and Pete finally captured the crown that had eluded him the past few years while making his transition from Squad Leader to ASL.

Congrats to Andy and Daniel for making it to the semis again, and to Jonathan for making it to the Final. Thanks to all the players for the high level of sportsmanship that has come to be the norm. Congratulations to Pete Pollard - a heck of a nice guy - for finally winning the championship.

 GM      Perry Cocke  [5th Year]   NA   NA

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