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Updated 11/14/2008

2008 WBC Report  

 2009 Status: pending 2009 GM commitment

Bruce Young, SC

2008 Champion

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Event History
1998    Ric Manns      155
1999    Roy Gibson     116
2000    Bob Eastman     129
2001    John Coussis     126
2002    Robert Barnes     126
2003    Scott Buckwalter     140
2004     Rob Winslow     122
2005     Brad Jones     126
2006    Roy Gibson     121
2007    Steve Scott     118
2008    Bruce Young     124

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  John Coussis       IL    08    102
   2.  Roy Gibson         MD    06    100
   3.  Rob Winslow        NY    04     95
   4.  Scott Buckwalter   MD    03     90
   5.  Henry Richardson   VA    01     60
   6.  Bob Eastman        OK    00     60
   7.  Robert Barnes      WV    02     50
   8.  Ben Knight         MD    08     49
   9.  Pat Mirk           FL    02     45
  10.  John Elliott       MD    07     44
  11.  Stephen Cuyler     NY    08     40
  12.  Bruce Young        SC    08     40
  13.  Steve Scott        CA    07     40
  14.  Brad Jones         FL    05     40
  15.  Marty Sample       NH    04     36
  16.  Andy Gardner       VA    03     36
  17.  Carol Caler        OH    05     24
  18.  Eric Stranger      OH    99     24
  19.  Dan Mathias        MD    03     18
  20.  Josh Gifford       MD    00     18
  21.  Rob Kircher        RI    07     16
  22.  Bill Place         PA    06     16
  23.  Peter Reese        VA    05     16
  24.  Scott Fenn         MD    04     15
  25.  Jamie Tang         MD    02     13
  26.  Gary Libby         RI    08     12
  27.  Tom Bissa          MI    05     12
  28.  Stan Buck          MD    03     12
  29.  Peter Busch        OH    99     12
  30.  Ross Jones         SC    04     10
  31.  Rob Mull           CO    02     10
  32.  Dwayne Curry       OH    01     10
  33.  Bill Place         PA    07      8
  34.  Craig Melton       VA    06      8
  35.  Ron Wuerth         VA    05      8
  36.  Cliff Ackman       PA    03      6
  37.  Kevin Brownell     ME    04      5
  38.  Matt Evinger       PA    08      4
  39.  Keith Hunsinger    OH    06      4
  40.  Justin Thompson    VA    05      4
  41.  Steve Squibb       PA    99      4

2008 Laurelists                                             Repeating Laurelists 

John Coussis, IL

Stephen Cuyler, NY

Gary Libby, RI

Ben Knight, MD

Matt Evinger, PA

Past Winners

Ric Manns, IN

Roy Gibson, MD
1999, 2006

Bob Eastman, OK

John Coussis, IL

Robert Barnes, WV

Scott Buckwalter, MD

Rob Winslow, NY

Brad Jones, FL

Steve Scott, CA

Bruce Young, SC

It appears the game designer, Ben Knight (center) has Greg Schmittgens right where he wants him.

If its time for an Atlantic Storm heat, then Balloom B must be filled. 2008 was its 11th straight year with triple digit attendance.

Beware the Tie Breaker ...

This year's Atlantic Storm event welcomed a new member of the family. Pacific Typhoon, the Pacific Theater sequel to Atlantic Storm, made its debut. Players in the heats and in the semi-final round were able to play their choice of Atlantic Storm or Pacific Typhoon. While I expected Pacific Typhoon to get more action, only 16 of the 40 preliminary games went to the Pacific. The trend continued in the semis where only one of six semi-finals was fought in the Pacific, but this wasn't as much of a surprise since familiarity is a comfort the closer you get to the wood.

Some of the highlights from the heats included:

· Tim Evinger's three straight "3's rolled with two dice
· Mike Masella winning his heat after learning the game 15 minutes previously
· A giant Battleship battle (Bismark & Tirpitz vs. King George V and Duke of York) ends in a tie!
· A multitude of snake-eyes rolled by the Tirpitz in several games

The Final was quite the "Murderer's Row" of veteran gamers as Matt Evinger, Bruce Young, Stephen Cuyler, Garry Libby, designer Ben Knight, and long time GM and Pacific Typhoon developer John Coussis gathered around the table.

Bruce started out strong taking a 7-VP convoy on the second hand by calling an air battle. The early hands continued relatively calmly as everyone was reluctant to make any big moves and draw too much attention to themselves. Bruce pushed out to 11 convoy points after six convoys.

Hand 8 saw the first heavy action as Bruce led the round and chose the mighty 7-VP convoy SC42. Having the Wolfpack that is fated against that convoy in his hand made it an easy choice. John, however, had other ideas as he followed up with Admiral Tovey (to change to combined), an Allied carrier (two dice plus 3) and the Atlantic Storm which he successfully used to take Bruce out of the hand. John managed to stay lucky at the end of the round and rolled an 11 to bag the convoy.

John continued his roll the next hand by selecting a 3-VP 1940 convoy, calling a surface battle, and playing the Hood. No one else could play, especially Stephen who gleefully played the Bismarck thinking he could take out the Hood, only to be left shaking his head when reminded that the Bismarck cannot play in 1940. John took another three points uncontested.

At the midpoint Bruce, John and Stephen were all showing 11-12 convoy points (although John had been able to salt away a few more spoils cards than the others).

Play continued relatively calmly. John managed to pull ahead in convoy points, but not by much. The game came down to the final hand, and it was a hand to remember for Bruce. Having the lead and choosing a 6-VP 1943 convoy, Bruce played Admiral Tovey, two British Battleships, and Raid on St. Nazaire to effectively shut everyone else out of the hand. After the moaning and groaning and head shaking was over, Bruce took the 6 VP's without challenge.

Those 6 points made the difference as Bruce overtook John with 35 VP's. John finished with 31, followed by Stephen, Gary, Ben and Matt.

Thanks to everyone for playing. I hope all those who played Pacific Typhoon enjoyed that experience as much as Atlantic Storm. The format will remain the same again for next year, so everyone will get a choice again.

 GM      John Coussis  [10th Year]  NA   NA 

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