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Grognard Pre-Con
2008 WBC Report

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Steve Packwood, MN

2003-08 Champion

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Event History
1993    Mark Miklos

1994    Steve Packwood

1995    Steve Packwood

1996    Rod Coffey

1997    Steve Packwood

1998    Rob Beyma

1999    Steve Packwood

2000    Steve Packwood

2001    Steve Packwood

2002    Rob Beyma

2003    Steve Packwood     10
2004    Steve Packwood     15
2005    Steve Packwood     18
2006    Steve Packwood     11
2007     Steve Packwood     11
2008    Steve Packwood     17

PBeM Event History
2003    Jan Orband     20

  Rank Name             From  Year Total  
   1.  Steve Packwood    MN    08   142  
   2.  Robert Frisby     VA    08    58  
   3.  Jan Orband     Belgium  03    30  
   4.  Matt Burkins      MD    08    34  
   5.  Rob Beyma         MD    04    29  
   6.  David Dockter     MN    05    27  
   7.  Rod Coffey        GA    06    27  
   8.  Doug Pratto       MA    03    18  
   9.  Jim Lawler        NY    07    12  
  10.  John Barrett      MN    05    12  
  11.  Stan Buck         MD    03    12  
  12.  Dave Metzger      NY    02    10  
  13.  Jim Engler        MD    03     9  
  14.  Mike Sincavage    VA    02     9  
  15.  Chuck Leonard     PA    08     8  
  16.  Stu Bieber        WI    03     6  
  17.  Bruno Sinigaglio  AK    00     6  
  18.  Brad Frisby       MD    99     6  
  19.  Greg Tanner       AZ    07     5  
  20.  Greg Smith        FL    08     4  
  21.  Bob Jamelli       PA    07     4  
  22.  Dale Long         NJ    06     3  
  23.  Phil Rennert      MD    05     3  
24.  Frank Sinigaglio  NJ    08     2

2008 Laurelists                                          Repeating Laurelists 

Robert Frisby, VA

Chuck Leonard, PA

Matt Burkins, MD

Greg Smith, FL

Frank Sinigaglio, NJ

Past Winners

Mark Miklos, GA

Steve Packwood, MN
94-95, 97, 99-01, 03-08

Rod Coffey, VA

Rob Beyma, MD
1998, 2002


 Steve Packwood (right) en route to his sixth straight and 12th overall 1776 title -- both current WBC records. 1776 was published over 30 years ago for the bicentennial.

 Chuck Leonard studies for his next match with a rulebook session. The refresher course proved good enough for third place in the Grognard golden oldie.

Will the members vote to save it yet again? ...

The 1776 tournament format used the first nine months of the Campaign Game with players bidding the number of strategic towns (out of a total of 24, including Montreal and Quebec) that the British player must control on the last turn. All optional rules except hidden and decoy counters are used. The bids this year were at 14-15 towns, with 15 towns being difficult to hold against a good American player. A bid of less than 14 generally results in a British victory, while a game where the British player bid 16 towns resulted in his subsequent defeat.
For 2008, 1776 joined Grognardcon for the first time and switched scheduling to free form. The earlier start for gaming and the increased flexibility in start times paid immediate dividends and resulted in the highest participation ever for this scarcely attended event with 17 players and 18 games. Since chess clocks (with 90 minutes for movement for each side) are required for the semi-finals and Final, most players opted to use them for the preliminary rounds. All games were completed within the four-hour time limit but the British players sometimes ran their time allotment down to just a few minutes. Since the British player was attempting to manage offensives in four areas, his use of additional time was not surprising.
By Thursday afternoon, 15 games had been played and the four players with the highest point scores were selected to advance to the semi-finals. This resulted in a match between Chuck Leonard and mega-champion Steve Packwood with the other match between Robert Frisby and Matt Burkins. Packwood bid 14 towns in a game that did not have any big battles until the last turn. Packwood's 1:1 British attack on Ticonderoga fizzled out when he rolled a No Effect; however, he was still victorious by retaining control of at least 15 towns at the end of the American turn. For the other semi-final match, Frisby demonstrated his previous free form defeat of Burkins was no fluke. Although Burkins had bid 14 towns for the British side, an American counter-offensive on the last turn reduced the number of British controlled towns to 12.
This led to a championship match between Frisby and Packwood. Packwood, bidding for his sixth straight championship, had bid 14 towns to play the British and, by Turn 9, he was in control of 17. To win, Frisby had to take four towns in order to reduce Packwood's total of controlled towns to 13. Three attacks at 1:1, 3:2, and 4:1 succeeded, but the final attack at 3:2 (-1) failed, leaving Packwood with 14 towns and his 12th 1776 championship.

 GM      Matthew Burkins  [9th Year]   2917 Smithson Dr, Forest Hill, MD 21050-1901
    mattburkins@aol.com   443-243-8416

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