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2007 WBC Report  

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Tom Browne, PA

2007 Champion

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Event History
2004    Andrew Greene     32
2005     Ray Pfeiffer     23
2006     Jay Fox     24
2007    Tom Browne     20


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Andrew Greene      VA    05     34
  2.  Ray Pfeifer        MD    05     29
  3.  Jay Fox            NJ    07     24
  4.  Tom Browne         PA    07     20
  5.  Steve Simmons      NJ    04     18
  6.  Alan Elkner        PA    07     12
  7.  Matt Calkins       VA    07     20
  8.  Bill Murdock       NY    05     12
  9.  Travis St Denis    ON    04     12
 10.  Charles Faella     RI    06      8
 11.  Steve Cameron      PA    05      8
 12.  Bruce Rae          BC    07      6
 13.  Rob Olsson         MD    06      6
 14.  Jay Greer          MD    05      6
 15.  Jason Matthews     VA    04      6
 16.  Brendan Tracey     RI    06      4
 17.  Roderick Lee       CA    04      3
 18.  Brad Sherwood      PA    07      2
 19.  John Faella        RI    06      2
 20.  Anne Norton        NJ    05      2

2007 Laurelists

Alan Elkner, PA

Matt Calkins, VA

Bruce Rae, BC

Jay Fox, NJ

Brad Sherwood, PA

Past Winners

Andrew Greene, VA

Ray Pfeiffer, MD

Jay Fox, NJ

For such a quick playing, multi-player game, Web of Power has been slow to build an appreciative audience and owes its return thus far to the repeated affections of a sponsor.

With a 40-minute playng time for each game, the entire five-round tournament takes only about three hours making it an obvious candidate for Continuous - as opposed to Scheduled - rounds.

Quick Diplomacy

20 entrants competed in the fourth rendition of this event - including such notables as the defending champion (Jay Fox) and runner-up (Matt Calkins).

The tournament maintained the same format - consisting of four preliinary games with points assigned for each finish (5-4-3-2-1 for five players, 5-4-2-1 for four players and 5-3-1 for three players). After the four rounds, the four best scores would move on to the Final game.

In the first game, Alan Elkner and Bruce Rae had a dead-heat - both of them scoring 44 points, using the same number of game pieces - giving them both first place points. Joining them as winners were Tom Browne, Brad Sherwood and Ted Simmons.

In the second game, this group was joined by Matt Calkins, Laurel Stokes and Tom DeMarco, while only Tom Browne managed a second victory giving him the tournament lead.

In game 3, the defending champion notched his first victory of the tournament, while Matt Calkins and Bruce Rae came through with their second victories to challenge for the overall lead, but Tom Browne managed a third victory to keep the top position.

By the fourth game, attrition had taken its toll and the tournament was reduced to just three games. Alan Elkner scored his second victory while Bruce Rae managed his third victory in four tries, but still could not catch GM Tom Browne, who accomplished a perfect score by winning all four preliminary games and was threatening to pull a Coussis and win his won event.

After the first round, it was obvious that winning games was the key to moving on to the Final - as the four finalists were the only people to record multiple wins in the first round. Following Browne's perfect score of 20, was Bruce Rae twith 17 points, Alan Elkner with 16, and Matt Calkins with15. Calkins thus returned to the Final for the second consecutive year and he did so at the expense of Jay Fox whose 15 points were insufficient to advance as they were obtained with only one win to Calkins' two ... thus ending Fox's title defense. Brad Sherwood gained sixth place laurels with a total of 14 points.

In the preliminaries, the advisor/alliance strategy was clearly the preferred path to victory with ten of the 16 victories having had a significant part of their score come from alliance points in the final round. Cloister chains were few and far between in the tournament with Matt Calkins having managed to score seven points in chains in one game - the highest total in the tournament.

For the Final, the random seating resulted in Alan Elkner moving first, followed by Tom Browne, Bruce Rae and Matt Calkins getting the last position - and the final play at the end of the game.

The first scoring round showed Matt with an early lead in a close game with 12 points, while Alan had 10, Tom 9 and Bruce 8. But this lead was deceptive as Alan and Tom had both shown an early focus on placing advisors, including a fight for the all important Frankreich region.

Alan managed to hold the advisor control of Frankreich, but as the second round continued, Tom managed to get shared advisor control in a number of key surrounding countries such as Aragon, England and Italy while keeping Alan out of a number of them. It was looking to be a very close game as Matt continued to opt for his cloister strategy, while letting Alan and Tom duel for advisors.

The turning point came when Alan placed a fourth cloister in Frankreich to secure his first place cloister points in the region. But this opened up the advisors, allowing Tom to tie him for control in that crucial region.

After the second cloister scoring, the scores were tight with Matt leading at 37, Bruce at 32, Alan at 31, and Tom at 28. All of the players had played a defensive game, not allowing any chains to be formed. Alan comfortably moved ahead of Matt in the advisor phase - outscoring him 13 to 4. But Tom's ability to get that shared control in Frankreich doubled the alliances he could score for a total of eight of the fifteen possible alliances for an impressive 46 points boosting his total to 74 and to his fifth straight victory by a decided margin.

Final scores:
Tom Browne 74
Alan Elkner 44
Matt Calkins 41
Bruce Rae 37

 GM      Thomas Browne  [1st Year]   NA 
   thomas.browne@gmail.com   NA

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