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2007 WBC Report  

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Brittany Bernard, PA

2007 Champion

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Event History
2004    Alan Kaiser     151
2005     Blair Morgen     160
2006    Eric Monte     157
2007     Brittany Bernard     191

Euro Quest Event History
2004    Daniel Karp     45
2005    Tom Dunning     39
2006     Virginia Colin     49
2007    Virginia Colin     51

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Daniel Karp        MD    04     48
  2.  Virginia Colin     VA    07     46
  3.  Brittany Bernard   PA    07     40
  4.  Eric Monte         NY    06     40
  5.  Blair Morgen       NJ    05     40
  6.  Robert Cranshaw    RI    05     36
  7.  Tom Dunning        NY    07     32
  8.  Larry Loicano      PA    07     32
  9.  Alan Kaiser        OH    04     30
 10.  Andrew Metrick     PA    06     24
 11.  Michael Richey     VA    06     20
 12.  Tom McCorry        VA    04     18
 13.  Arthur Wines       PA    07     16
 14.  Mike Backstrom     MN    06     16
 15.  Jim Fishkin        FL    05     16
 16.  Curt Collins II    PA    07     12
 17.  Jeff Meyer         MA    06     12
 18.  Jean Francis Gagne QC    05     12
 19.  Arthur Field       SC    04     12
 20.  Tamara McGraw      VA    04     12
 21.  Tom DeMarco        NJ    04      9
 22.  Cathy Kratz        ID    04      9
 23.  Amy Rule           MD    07      8
 24.  Philip Shea        VA    07      8
 25.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    06      8
 26.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    05      8
 27.  Donna Davis        PA    07      6
 28.  Eric Haas          MD    04      6
 29.  Kathleen McCorry   NJ    04      6
 30.  Tom Stokes         NJ    06      6
 31.  Lee Mewshaw        MD    07      4
 32.  Winton LeMoine     CA    07      4
 33.  Amy O'Neal         VA    06      4
 34.  Bill Duke          MD    06      4
 35.  Barb Flaxington    NJ    05      4
 36.  Marsha Hamel       NJ    05      4
 37.  Mark Guttag        VA    04      3
 38.  Davyd Field        SC    04      3
 39.  Michael Thompson   PA    07      2
 40.  Bill Salvatore     MD    06      2
 41.  Chris Entwistle    MD    05      2

2007 Laurelists

Larry Loiacono, PA

Arthur Wines, PA

Curt Collins II, PA

Philip Shea, VA

Winton LeMoine, CA

Past Winners

Alan Kaiser, OH

Blair Morgen, NJ

Eric Monte, NY

It takes considerable organization to keep such a large event moving smoothly with a Sunday heat when time is of the essence -- a feat the McCorry family pulls off with much advance preparation.

GM Katie McCorry oversees her finalists in the now deserted ballroom which had been packed a few hours before. Most of the 191 players were then on their way home.

Riding High ...

Ticket to Ride remained the top attraction at WBC leading all events save Slapshot in attendance with 191 players. The fourth year of the event saw the introduction of TTR:1910 which was used in the Final since the tickets are more balanced for a tournament. There were 58 games played in the preliminary heats. All four versions of the game (original, 1910, Europe, and Marklin) were played during the preliminaries with the original game still the most popular. After the last preliminary heat on Sunday morning, the convention standard tie-breakers were needed to determine the 25 semi-finalists. There were more than 25 people with wins in their first heat. All the players with multiple wins including the first heat they played advanced. A roll-off had to be used to decide among those who only won their first game. The tie-breakers also meant that one person who lost in the first heat but won the next two heats did not advance.

The finalists were Brittany Bernard, Arthur Wines, Philip Shea, Curt Collins, and Larry Loiacno. Brittany started the game with tickets for LA-to-Atlanta and NYC-to-Miami. She later picked up LA-to-Oklahoma City, Phoenix-to-Boston, and Nashville-to-NYC. Larry began with tickets that went from Calgary-to-Nashville, Vancouver-to-Duluth, Chicago-to-Atlanta and added Sault St. Marie-to-Miami, St. Louis-to-Miami, and Kansas City-to-Boston. Arthur's tickets were from Las Vegas-to-NYC, Salt Lake City-to-Kansas City, and Las Vegas-to-Miami. Curt had tickets from Washington-to-Atlanta, Seattle-to-Oklahoma City, and Chicago-to-NYC, and Montréal-to-Dallas. Philip started with Winnipeg-to-Santa Fe, Salt Lake City-to-Chicago, and Omaha-to-New Orleans. He drew tickets for Duluth-to-Dallas and Vancouver-to-Denver.

Brittany won with 138 points, completing all of her tickets and placing all her trains. Larry was just a step behind with 137 including the bonus for most completed tickets. Arthur (113), Curt (98), and Philip (73) who missed his last two tickets rounded out the field.

Next year the same format will be used with the1910 version in the Final. The latest addition to the series, TTR:Switzerland, will not be included since it is only for 2-3 players.


 Ticket to Ride is among the most accessible and inviting games -- leading the WBC in attendance again in 2007.

 GM Katie McCorry keeps the giant event organized and running on time - no mean feat on getaway Sunday.


 Sara Beach helps a table of young train travellers while her son Matthew, the GM, does likewise in the background.

 Juniors Monitor Karen McCulloch and Assistant Shira Levy guide some junior travellers through their first Ticket to Ride game.

 Ticket To Ride Junior

21 pint-sized travellers contested the Juniors tournament. Top honors went to:

1st: Shannon Keating

2nd: Phillip Entwistle

3rd: Virginia Melton

4th: Logan Ziegenfus

5th: Thomas Melton

6th: Ashley Kilroy

2007 Euro Quest Laurelists

Virginia Colin, VA

Tom Dunning, NY

Amy Rule, MD

Donna Davis, PA

Lee Mewshaw, MD

 GM      Katie McCorry [1st Year]   NA 
    NA   NA

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