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2007 WBC Report    

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Ted Simmons, NJ

2007 Champion

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Event History
1993    Andy Lewis        24
1994    Luke Kratz        39
1995    Peter Staab        74
1996    Leonard Omolecki        75
1997    Dan Metzger      106
1998    Dennis Nicholson      116
1999    Derek Landel     131
2000    Leonard Omolecki     133
2001    Kaarin Engelmann     108
2002    Richard Curtin     140
2003    Mark Guttag     141
2004    Devin Flawd     122
2005    Greg Berry     137
2006    Jeff Cornett     156
2007     Ted Simmons     180


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    03     48
  2.  Ted Simmons        NJ    07     40
  3.  Greg Berry         VA    06     39
  4.  Derek Landel       NJ    04     32
  5.  Jeff Cornett       FL    06     30
  6.  Doug Galullo       FL    06     30
  7.  Devin Flawd        PA    04     30
  8.  Mark Guttag        VA    03     30
  9.  Richard Curtin     NY    02     30
 10.  Leonard Omolecki   PA    00     30
 11.  Jerry Cantrill     VA    07     24
 12.  Jerome Billones    VA    05     18
 13.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    04     18
 14.  Mike Stachowski    NY    02     18
 15.  Gordon Elgart      CA    01     18
 16.  Ken Keller         AZ    00     18
 17.  John Poniske Jr    PA    00     17
 18.  Joe Yaure          PA    07     16
 19.  John Emery         SC    01     16
 20.  Derik Galullo      FL    07     12
 21.  Legend Dan Hoffman MD    06     12
 22.  Steve Scott        CA    05     12
 23.  Tim Dolan          NJ    02     12
 24.  Andy Lewis         DE    00     12
 25.  Ben Goldstein      SC    99     12
 26.  Harald Henning     CT    05      9
 27.  Branden Bernard    PA    04      9
 28.  Ray Stakenas II    MI    03      9
 29.  Jason Levine       NY    02      9
 30.  Paul Saunders      VA    01      9
 31.  Tony Musella       VA    07      8
 32.  Adam Nolan         VA    06      6
 33.  Brian Mountford    CA    05      6
 34.  Mark Mitchell      GA    04      6
 35.  Josh Githens       SC    03      6
 36.  Dan Lawall         VA    02      6
 37.  John Ellsworth     IL    01      6
 38.  Harry Flawd        PA    00      6
 39.  Luke Koleszar      VA    99      6
 40.  Brittany Bernard   PA    07      4
 41.  Andy Gardner       VA    06      3
 42.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    05      3
 43.  John Kerr          VA    04      3

2007 Laurelists

Jerry Cantrill, VA

Joe Yaure, PA

Derik Gallulo, FL

Tony Musella, VA

Brittany Bernard, PA

Past Winners

Andy Lewis, DE

Luke Kratz, ID

Peter Staab, PA

Leonard Omolecki, PA
1996, 2000

Dan Metzger, PA

Dennis Nicholson, NY

Derek Landel, NJ

Kaarin Engelmann, VA

Rich Curtin, NY

Mark Guttag, VA

Devin Flawd, PA

Greg Berry, VA

Jeff Cornett, FL

John Coussis reads the rules to open Slapshot while Bruce tests the chairs.

Uh oh ... has Stein been whining again?

Join the Crowd ...

The 2007 tournament hosted a record number of players, filling 24 first round tables with enthusiastic hockey fans, and rocking the ballroom with excitement. We missed Keith Hunsinger, the voice of Slapshot, who had a prior commitment, and wasn't available for the annual reading of the rules. We searched high and low for the next loudest person we knew, and found John Coussis, who filled in ably. Soon the sounds of happy goal-scorers, and angry Tiny Tim-owners rang out across the room. The "no whining" rule was enforced again this year, with at least two competitors sent to the penalty box for whining by the always alert referee Mark Yoshikawa.

Ten players squeezed in at the GM's table, each with their own agenda. For some, it was to beat Bruce Reiff in something this week. For others, it was to pound on Don Greenwood's team for another consecutive year. Don started with a good team, and then the "pack of jackals" descended upon him. Don's goal was to win a single trade against Lisa Gutermuth who always fleeces him. Sadly for Don, it took him 11 tries to win one. On the other side of the table, Lisa's father Ken had a team of four 1-rated players, a 4 and a 5, and still managed to score a victory against Bruce's team and make the playoffs. When the ice chips were finally zambonied away, Sean McCulloch, your erstwhile GM, managed to stay below the radar and escape the shark tank, to enter Round 2. Could I pull a Coussis and win my own event?

At other tables, being the designer of the game didn't help Tom Dalgleish in a loss to Tom McCorry. Joe Yaure defeated his father Christopher in an overtime game that went five cards deep. Last year's champion Jeff Cornett won the pucked award at his table, as Andy Gardner advanced. And the table that Jesse Boomer won stated "We continue to have more fun than all other tables will EVAR!! have. Combined." (Their spelling and punctuation, not mine). Well, when you fit 13 people at a table, I guess you can have more fun than the rest of us. For those of you who were present at the event, that was the table in the back corner that started the "Greeeeenwoood" chant while we were waiting to start, so everyone could tell they were having a lot of fun.

Eventually, the masses started heading off to bed, and we settled down to the business of finding a 2007 champion, starting with the annual Massively Unfair semi-final Round. At the GM's table, Josh Githens drew the weak team with thre level 1 players, a 2, a 3, and a 5 goalie, only to see his team get bruised into four level 1 players, a 2, and a 0 goalie. The whole table spent a lot of time winning games against his team, everyone except for your GM, who learned the hard way that Tiny Tim gets scored on by even a level 1 player. Repeatedly.

Six players survived the Round 2 carnage and brought their pawns to the final:
Derik "Bottle Cap" Gallulo (What kind of bottle cap? We ain't telling)
Ted "I was told to present proof of ID" Simmons
Tony "Gangster Handcuffs" Musella
Joe "I can't buy anything for a quarter" Yaure
Jerry "Anteing up with the car keys" Cantrill
Brittany "At least it's an unused stick of gum" Bernard

The first job at any Slapshot Final is to find the patsy, and it wasn't long before Tony was a very busy man. He went 25 straight games without winning once, and only managed to squeak three ties out in that span. The bloodlust may have gotten to some of the player's heads, because for two whole times around the table Ted, Derik, and Jerry were all on the "8" spot, and could virtually guarantee a playoff berth for all three players if they would only play each other, but they still attacked Tony, eventually ending his winless streak These late wins allowed Tony to finish 5th overall ahead of Brittany, who spent a long time trying to build a decent team through trades and drafts, only to see time run out on her season before she could make her move.

In the first semi-final match, Ted and Derik faced off against each other. Ted came in with a strong team, but Derik's bruiser meant that a in a long series, anything could happen. Indeed, the first game saw Ted's 7-rated player sent to the sidelines. In the second game, the bruisers from both teams took each other out of play, enabling Ted's superior team to survive another round.

The other semi-final pitted Joe versus Jerry. Joe also tried to bruise Jerry's team into submission, and did a lot of damage. Jerry managed to hang on long enough for the victory, but it proved phyrric as he limped into the Final match of the night..

The "future of Slapshot" paired off to decide possession of third place wood - two young players taking the ice in what was their first Final of what will surely be many. The after-effects of Derik losing his bruiser and Joe retaining his was felt, as Derik lost his Superstar in the first game, and Joe went on to win the third-place plaque.

The Vegas oddsmakers were rating Ted's team a heavy favorite over Jerry's injury-riddled squad. Ted's team consisted of three 6-rated players, a 5 and a 3, against Jerry's 6-5-4-3-2., giving Ted a serious advantage. Jerry put up a valiant effort, but lost to Ted in four straight games, making Ted Simmons our 2007 champion.

 GM Mark Yoshikawa drops a puck and runs for cover. Actually he dropped a lot of pucks - giving every kid a souvenir hockey puck.

Asst. Monitor Michelle Goldstein refs for a group of young hockey players.
 Slapshot Junior

31 little hockey players vied for ice glory this year. Four games were played to whittle down the field to eight finalists.  It seemed that at each table, Tiny Tim was able to puck the goalie. At least once in the four games played, Le Goon was kicked out by bruising Tiny Tim.

Interestingly, it seems that the kids didn't whine as much as the adults (maybe because they didn't need to worry about the penalty box).  After all of the prelim games were played, the eight finalists didn't include any of the Lewis's, but did include a Reiff. So the hope for someone to repeat as the winner of wood was still alive! 

But the game god's were not looking favorably on the younger Reiff, Derik Galullo was able to outdo everyone and come away with the wood.  Having a balanced team that was able to beat everyone that made a challenged against him.  Derik was easily able to move up the ladder.  Coming in a close second was Ben Gardner with Klye Galullo, Nathan Taylor, Nicole Reiff, and Chrissy Mullet rounding out the field. Derik then proved it was no accident by finishing third in regular Slapshot over 177 adults!

It seemed that there wasn't any losers since all were able to go away with something (as in a hockey puck!). And all had fun in trying to see if they could get the "best" team!

 GM     Sean McCulloch [3rd year]  NA  NA 

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