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2007 WBC Report     

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Gary Schaefers, PA

2007 Champion

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Event History
1999    Rob Lightburn     30
2000    Craig Melton     14
2001    Steve Dickson     29
2002    Phil Rennert     45
2003    Rob Lightburn     33
2004    Eric Wrobel     35
2005    Steve Dickson     27
2006     Robert Lightburn     38
2007    Gary Schaefers     42


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Rob Lightburn      VA    06    108
  2.  Steve Dickson      CA    05     50
  3.  Phil Rennert       MD    02     40
  4.  Gary Schaefers     PA    07     30
  5.  Eric Wrobel        VA    04     30
  6.  Craig Melton       VA    00     30
  7.  James D. Long      PA    05     26
  8.  Robert Paul        AZ    03     24
  9.  Alan Hayes         IL    04     21
 10.  David Rynkowski    NY    05     20
 11.  Scott Fenn         MD    06     19
 12.  Keith Galbraith    PA    07     18
 13.  Andrew Wilson      NJ    06     18
 14.  Matt Mason         FL    04     18
 15.  Frank Easton       ON    03     18
 16.  Ken Samuel         VA    01     18
 17.  William Place      PA    00     18
 18.  Tito Lightburn     VA    99     18
 19.  James Allaire      CT    06     15
 20.  Cary Morris        NC    07     12
 21.  Daniel Long        NJ    06     12
 22.  James H. Long      PA    05     12
 23.  Matt Evinger       PA    01     12
 24.  Marion Hazel       SC    99     12
 25.  Bill O'Neal        NY    02     11
 26.  Richard Curtin     NY    07      9
 27.  Tom Agostino       CA    04      9
 28.  Keith Butler       CA    03      9
 29.  Scott Bowling      IN    01      9
 30.  Stephane Dorais    QC    99      9
 31.  John Long          PA    07      6
 32.  Andrew Long        PA    06      6
 33.  Greg Berry         VA    01      6
 34.  John Rinko         VA    00      6
 35.  Rod Morris         MD    99      6
 36.  Brandon Bernard    PA    05      4
 37.  Tom Stokes         NJ    02      4
 38.  John Henry         ON    07      3
 39.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    03      3
 40.  Carl Olson         CT    99      3

2007 Laurelists

Keith Galbraith, PA

Cary Morris, NC

Richard Curtin, NY

John Long, PA

John Henry, ON

Past Winners

Robert Lightburn, VA
1999, 2003, 2006

Craig Melton, VA

Steve Dickson, CA
2001, 2005

Phil Rennert, MD

Eric Wrobel, VA


 At 42 entrants, Risk enjoyed its second biggest year at WBC.

 No former Laurelist graced this year's Final - a testament to the depth of the player pool or a condemnation of the skills required - or both.

Almost Everyone's First Wargame ...

This year's field of 42 players could have been three or four players larger and set an attendance record but not enough games were on hand, so a few players had to be turned away. There were seven 6-player games and three 5-player games in the two preliminary heats; 15 played in both rounds. The six finalists, in order of advancement, were Cary Morris (who had two wins in the preliminaries), Gary Schaefers, Keith Galbraith, John Long, John Henry and Richard Curtin.


Keith's blue based in Western US, Western Australia, Afghanistan, Southern Europe, Congo, North Africa and Egypt.

Gary's yellow occupied India, Ural, Northern Europe, Central America, Eastern US, Alberta and Greenland.

Cary's red started in New Guinea, China, Japan, Yakutsk, Middle East, Alaska and Brazil.

John Long's purple set up in Indonesia, Siam, Mongolia, Western Europe, Venezuela, Iceland and NW Territory.

John Henry's green were in Kamchatka, Irkutsk, Siberia, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Eastern Australia.

Richard's black started in Siam, East Africa, Madagascar, Quebec, Ontario, Peru and Argentina.


The play was rather conservative in the first five rounds. Keith, after taking all of Australia and Siam on the first turn, concentrated on building up in southern and eastern Asia. Gary captured Great Britain and Scandinavia, Ontario, Quebec and Ukraine. Cary took two turns to conquer south America from Brazil; later made attacks into Alaska and adjacent NE Asia. John L focused mainly in the West of North America; but had minor operations in eastern Asia. John H concentrated his efforts in central Eurasia, settling by the end of this period with around 15 armies in S.Europe. Richard, who had split his forces between Quebec, E Africa and Argentina, withstood Cary's attempt to wipe the Argentines-- who then went through Brazil to N Africa on the first turn. He then took the next four turns to conquer all of Africa and Middle East.

In the sixth round all players turned in sets. Keith reinforced eastern Asia and took Irkutsk. Gary reinforced Great Britain and Scandinavia, taking N Europe. Cary put men in Brazil, Venezuela and Alaska; taking NW Territory. John L deployed purple armies in Siberia, Iceland, E & W US; taking Ural. John H put all of his men in S Europe (26 armies there now) and tried to take Richard out of the game; but the blacks in Africa fought well and green men abandoned the attempt with only five armies left in E Africa. Richard deployed black armies to N Africa; took Egypt and Madagascar.

ROUND 7: Keith cashed in the seventh card set (20 armies), reinforcing Irkutsk and Afghanistan; sweeping into Europe and E Africa to eliminate green. John Henry was relegated to 6th and took his leave.. Gary took Alberta from Ontario. Cary reinforced his large army in Venezuela; rattled his saber at John L in E & W US, took Alberta. John L added reinforcements to E US; made no attacks. Richard turned in the eighth card set; building up large armies in Africa and taking W Europe for a card.

ROUND 8: Keith added reinforcements in Kamchatka, Afghanistan, S Europe; took W Europe. Gary turned in the ninth card set (for 30);splitting forces between Ukraine, Great Britain and N Europe and took Iceland. Cary talked with Keith about an alliance to wipe John out in N America; he took W US. John added reinforcements and free moved from E US to Central America gathering 24 armies there. Richard, adding to his armies in N Africa, took W Europe.

ROUND 9: Keith turned in the tenth card set; building up in Mid East, Afghanistan, China and Kamchatka--took Japan. Gary reinforced Great Britain; took W Europe. Cary turned in the 11th card set (for 40), putting some in Brazil, but most in Alberta. He took Ontario, E US and wiped out half of John's Central American armies (down to 12). John took W US from Central America. Richard took E Africa, finally controlling the continent.

ROUND 10: Keith concentrated on clearing John's armies in Asia, gaining control of the continent. Gary placed his men in Quebec; attacked and eliminated John in W US and Central America, gaining his cards and relegating John Henry to 5th place laurels as the second eliminated. He turned in the 12th set, taking S Europe and controlled the continent with about 60 men. Cary took Central America from Venezuela, ending with 30 armies there. Richard, surrounded by large armies on all of his African borders, made no attacks. (By now, there are nearly 200 armies on the board)

ROUNDS 11 & 12: Keith turns in the 13th card set (50) and with 72 men in Mid East attacks and wipes out the black forces in Africa; capturing cards, and awarding 4th place to Richard. .Gary turned in the 14th card set; putting about 60 men in N America and worked to eliminate Cary in Central and South America. Those forces couldn't quite finish the job, so armies from W and S Europe had to attack through Keith's large force in N Africa to finish the job in Brazil. Cary's surrendered cards gave Gary the 15th set (60), so five dozen armies set out from N Africa to finish off Keith. A hundred die rolls later, it came down to a single army trying to take Keith's last army in Afghanistan--it failed.

However, even with Keith getting the16th card set of 65 men, it was not enough to completely do in Gary who, upon turning in the 17th set, had enough to end the marathon match.

 GM      Alan Hayes [2nd Year]   453 E. 88th St., Chicago, IL 60819
    alannchiacgo@yahoo.com   773-651-3222

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