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2007 WBC Report  

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Leonard Omolecki, PA

2007 Champion

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Event History
1991    Jim Doughan      20
1992    Robert Rudolph      23
1993    Sean Finnerty      23
1994    Chris Greenfield      25
1995    Michael Ehlers      37
1996    Michael Ehlers      41
1997    Chris Bartiromo      27
1998    Charles Dunn      32
1999    Brian Ecton     27
2000    Chase Bramwell     31
2001    Tom Phillips     32
2002    Sean Larsen     27
2003    Nick Benedict     21
2004    Chase Bramwell     24
2005     Frank McNally     14
2006    Tom Phillips     16
2007     Leonard Omolecki     12

PBeM Event History
2001    Rob Mull      16


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Tom Phillips       NJ    07    129
  2.  Chase Bramwell     OH    07    108
  3.  Sean Larsen        NJ    06     85
  4.  Frank McNally      MA    06     48
  5.  Nick Benedict      CA    03     48
  6.  Rob Seulowitz      NY    05     44
  7.  Leonard Omolecki   PA    07     30
  8.  Brian Ecton        VA    99     30
  9.  Bret Mingo         MD    02     24
 10.  Craig Moffitt      NJ    02     24
 11.  Steve Bachman      NY    07     18
 12.  Alan Witte         NJ    03     18
 13.  Henry Rice         NM    01     18
 14.  Chris Bodkin       IN    00     16
 15.  Kevin Barry        PA    07     15
 16.  David Yoon         NY    06     15
 17.  Kevin Barry        PA    06     12
 18.  Sean Finnerty      NY    03     12
 19.  Brad Anderson      OH    02     12
 20.  Rob Mull           CO    01     10
 21.  Chris Greenfield   NJ    99      9
 22.  Llew Bardecki      ON    07      6
 23.  Matt Bacho         MD    04      6
 24.  Rich O'Brian       MD    03      6
 25.  Bill Dyer          IL    99      6
 26.  Jonathan Squibb    PA    06      3
 27.  Frank Cunliffe     PA    05      3
 28.  Charles Dunn       VA    04      3
 29.  Will Wible         VA    01      3
 30.  Rob Knowles        NC    99      3

2007 Laurelists

Steve Bachman, NY

Chase Bramwell, OH

Tom Phillips, NJ

Llew Bardecki, ON

Kevin Barry, PA

Past Winners

Jim Doughan, PA

Robert Rudolph, PA

Sean Finnerty, NY

Chris Greenfield, NJ

Michael Ehlers, MD

Chris Bartiromo, NJ

Charles Dunn, VA

Brian Ecton, VA

Chase Bramwell, OH
2000, 2004

Tom Phillips, NJ
2001, 2006

Sean Larsen, NJ

Nick Benedict, CA

Frank McNally, MA


 To the victor goes the spoils ...

 You could cut the intrigue with a knife ... and you can bet someone tried just that in this Final as GM Sean Larsen oversees the action.

Burn, Rome, Burn

It never ceases to amaze, year after year, the new and creative strategies that players devise in their quest to assume power in the Roman Republic.  This year's contest was highlighted by the use of certain cards and events in ways that could quite possibly require their own errata going forward.

The preliminary heats were quite unusual -- the pervading theme throughout Rome (and every table) was that everyone was quite mortal and to fully expect your faction to pass away as a result of a horrible epidemic.  In every preliminary, senatorial mortality played a very large role in changing the balance of power almost every turn.  While every player expects this - having upwards of five otherwise healthy senators pass away in a turn is quite unexpected. Everyone was also thoroughly amused when Rome fell in one game -- especially because it involved the GM.

This year's Final could be considered one of the most epic in recent memory.  As most know the late Roman Republic offers many different avenues to victory. Each player's faction had an excellent chance to seize power at some point, but they were all stymied at the last minute by what seemed to be direct intervention by the hands of the Fates.  Rome somehow managed to survive multiple civil wars (including two initiated by the same treasonous faction), numerous dictators and general internal strife, even with barbarian hordes at the gates. On numerous occasions a number of factions were foretelling the fall of Rome, only to be proven wrong by a lucky die roll.

The most impressive moment of this Final was when the faction played by Tom Phillips was sent to the Alexandrian War.  Rome was in the dark that Cleopatra was his Mistress, and with the help of the newly passed Gabinian Law, Tom was able to raise a mighty host to attempt to march on Rome.  This was the most impressive attempt to win that I have seen, however it was all for naught as the rebel army was utterly destroyed by the newly appointed Roman dictator and his Master of Horse.  The Fates can be very fickle...

The game was finally won with a successful Consul for Life bid by Len Omolecki's faction, in what was then a mentally, physically and financially exhausted Roman Senate.  The rest of the senators in Rome were unable to raise the vast sums of wealth that overflowed from the counting-houses of Len's faction.  

Overall it was a very entertaining year in the Roman Senate.  There was some exceptional play, and it is always impressive to see new and creative ways to try to win, even if these attempts result in abject humiliation.  We look forward to next year!  

 GM     Sean Larsen [3rd year]   56 Brooksie Ln, Berkeley Hgts, NJ 07022   908-656-5687

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