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2007 WBC Report   

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Devin Flawd, PA

2005-07 Champion

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Event History
1993    Kurt Litscher      16
1994    Mark Potter      16
1995    Mark Potter      16
1996    Harry Flawd      19
1997    Harry Flawd      15
1998    John Ellmann      16
1999    Harry Flawd     20
2000    Harry Flawd     30
2001    Devin Flawd     20
2002     Bill O'Neal     28
2003     Harry Flawd      42
2004     Harry Flawd      38
2005     Devin Flawd      38
2006      Devin Flawd      41
2007      Devin Flawd      38


Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
  1.  Devin Flawd         PA    07    167
  2.  Harry Flawd         PA    07    135
  3.  Bill O'Neal         NY    02     48
  4.  Mike Destro         NJ    07     36
  5.  Derek Landel        NJ    06     28
  6.  John Ellmann        MD    01     22
  7.  Barry SHoults       MI    05     18
  8.  Dave Buchbinder     PA    03     18
  9.  Ray Stakenas II     MI    03     18
 10.  Dan Dolan Jr        NJ    05     15
 11.  Chad Gormly         MA    07     12
 12.  Bill Place          PA    05     13
 13.  Jordan Flawd        PA    07     12
 14.  Paul O'Neil         MD    06      9
 15.  Jason Levine        NY    03      8
 16.  John Shaheen        MA    07      6
 17.  Andy Lewis          DE    06      6
 18.  Pete Putnam         PA    04      6
 19.  Greg Barry          VA    01      6
 20.  Michael Cook        VA    01      4
 21.  Jeff Finkeldey      OH    04      3
 22.  Dennis Nicholson    NY    03      3
 23.  Bruno Passacantando CT    02      2
 24.  Bruce Reiff         OH    00      2

2007 Laurelists

Mike Destro, NJ

Jordan Flawd, PA

Harry Flawd, PA

Chad Gormly, MA

John Shaheen, MA

Past Winners

Mark Potter, PA

Harry Flawd, PA
'96-97, '99-00, '03-04

John Ellmann, MD

Devin Flawd, PA
2001, 2005-2007

Bill O'Neal, NY

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Beating the Spread ...

The tournament got underway Wednesday afternoon with 33 coaches in the AFC heat vying for a spot in the Super Bowl using last season's charts. Notable upsets were both Houston teams (Doug Porterfield & Barry Shoults) winning over the favored Jets and Ravens, Jeff Finkledey's Bengals winning in OT, and newcomers Daniel Long, Jacob Hebner, and Mark Love all advancing. Round 2 ended with all three still alive, along with five other coaches. The bubble burst in Round 3, with Bill O'Neal hanging on with his Dolphins, 30-27 over Jacob's Broncos, Chad Gormly's Chargers spanking Daniel's Dolphins 37-11, and the Flawd duo advancing, Harry 27-18 with his Patriots over Mark's Colts, and defending champ Devin with his Chargers, 22-14 over Finkledey's Bengals. Since Harry bid the highest with his Patriots, he played Chad's Chargers in one quarter final while Devin played Bill O'Neal in the other. Devin took care of business 42-33, and Harry hung on with a couple of late turnovers to defeat Chad 24-14. The AFC Championship game was all it was supposed to be, with the Chargers jumping out to a 14-0 lead via an 85 yard run by Tomlinson. But as the Chargers were driving for yet another score, the Patriots woke up and got a turnover, converted it to a TD, and added a late FG, narrowing the halttime gap to 14-10. The Chargers scored first in the 3rd to push their lead to 21-10, but the Patriots closed the gap to 21-17 with a little over seven minutes left. The Chargers were just too tough with Tomlinson, using up valuable clock time and kicking a FG to end both the Patriots and Harry's hopes, 24-17.

The NFC round was moved to Friday afternoon from our normal Saturday timeslot, which brought some new faces into the tournament, but did cause some regulars to miss it this year. We will review that for next year. There were 26 players in the NFC heat, and notable first round games saw Harry Flawd and his Bears be dismissed by Alex Bove's Lions, 37-24; Daniel Long, Jacob Hebner, and Mark Love picking up where they left off in the AFC, with each winning their first round games, and a thrilling 31-28 win by John Welage with his Eagles. Round 2 saw John Shaheen, Mike Destro, Alex Bove, Scott Nerney, Jordan Flawd, and Welage advance. Destro eliminated Welage, 27-20 and Jordan defeated Alex Bove's Falcons, in what may have been Michael Vick's last game, 24-7 to set the Championship game up between Destro's Cardinals vs Jordan Flawd's Falcons. Mike got off to a hot start, 14-0, but Jordan pecked away and closed the gap. But a kickoff return TD early in the 2nd half relieved the pressure and Mike coasted 37-23, setting up a rematch of last year's Super Bowl with Devin.

The Super Bowl was a heartbreaking affair. Taking the huge 24 point spread to begin the game, he tacked on ten more points to push out to a seemingly insurmountable 34-14 halftime lead. But I guess that is why coaches always say there are 60 minutes in a game, and it's not over until tits over. The Chargers returned a kickoff for a TD to cut the lead to 34-21, then picked off Matt Leinart and LT scored to make it 34-28. Could it possibly happen? The Chargers got a turnover, and drove to score another TD in the 3rd quarter, and took the lead 35-34. The 4th quarter saw three or four chances for Destro's Cardinals, but the stingy Charger D held on for an improbable 35-34 victory, and Devin's third straight Paydirt title, and fourth overall

 GM      Harry Flawd  [13th Year]   2826 Blacksmith Way, Lancaster, PA 17601   717-569-7103

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