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2007 WBC Report  

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Richard Beyma, MD

2007 Champion

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Event History
2003    Roy Gibson     26
2004    Scott Moll     16
2005     Geoff Allbutt     17
2006     Bruce Young     16
2007    Richard Beyma     15

WAM Event History
2003    Don Greenwood     12

Waterloo Event History
2003    John Emery     14
2004    John Emery      8
2005    Ken Gutermuth     12
2006    Kevin Sudy     32
2007    Kevin Sudy     28
2008    John Emery     24

PBeM Event History
2005    Steve Pleva     64


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Kevin Sudy         VA    08    189
  2.  John Emery         SC    08    160
  3.  Ken Gutermuth      TX    08    123
  4.  Scott Moll         VA    07     84
  5.  Bruce Young        SC    08     78
  6.  Richard Beyma      MD    07     60
  7.  Steve Pleva        CT    05     60
  8.  Rich Shipley       MD    08     54
  9.  Don Greenwood      MD    05     53
 10.  Roy Gibson         MD    03     46
 11.  Ed Rothenheber     MD    07     42
 12.  Tasos Tsoufis    Greece  05     36
 13.  Rob Beyma          MD    07     31
 14.  Geoff Allbutt      ON    05     30
 15.  Chris Byrd         CT    04     30
 16.  Pete Reese         VA    05     24
 17.  Ben Knight         MD    04     24
 18.  Alan Sudy          VA    07     21
 19.  Lane Hess          PA    05     18
 20.  Seth Fine          WA    05     18
 21.  Fred Schachter     NC    07     12
 22.  Henry Russell      PA    06     12
 23.  Scott Pfeiffer     SC    06     12
 24.  Scott Fenn         MD    05     12
 25.  Ken Schultz        IN    05     12
 26.  Ken Richards       SC    05     12
 27.  Rob Beyma          MD    05      9
 28.  Keith Hunsinger    OH    04      9
 29.  Nick Frydas        UK    03      9
 30.  Melvin Casselberry PA    08      6
 31.  Dave Gantt         SC    06      6
 32.  Michael Isgur      NY    05      6
 33.  Phil Bradley       IL    03      6
 34.  Marvin Birnbaum    NJ    03      4
 35.  Ralph Gleaton      SC    06      3
 36.  Jim Lawler         NY    05      3
 37.  Jesse Boomer       KS    04      3
 38.  Jason White        VA    03      3

2007 Laurelists

John Emery, SC

Bruce Young, SC

Scott Moll, VA

Ed Rothenheber, SC

Rob Beyma, MD

Past Winners

Roy Gibson, MD

Scott Moll, VA

Geoff Allbutt, ON

Bruce Young, SC

"We drove 600 miles to play each other?" An old joke often repeated in the Up Front Final year after year as John Emery and Bruce Young draw each other in Semi-final action.

John Emery's French gets a rare pasting at the hands of Richard Beyma in the Final. Around Turn 3 he was regretting ending Bruce's title defense.

a pox on multi-player ...

15 familiar faces gathered at 6pm for the fifth NW2 tournament. Given the ideal of a 2-player Final and completing the event in three rounds required six first round games split into three 3-player games and three 2-player games. This would give us two 3-player semi-finals assuming everyone soldiered on. While not everyone is happy to be playing in a 3 player game it does allow your GM flexibility in coping with the number of entrants and accommodating late arrivals or no shows.

So on to the games. In the first round matchups between members of the same team, relatives etc. are avoided and after a bit of juggling everyone settles down to play. NW2 is a joy to GM with the players being very agreeable and knowledgeable about the game allowing yours truly to play in the event. The first round 2-player games split the honors with two going to the French and one to the Coalition. The 3-player games were evenly split with a win for each of the three sides. This seems to confirm the impression from previous years that no single nation dominates the game.

After the first round we had two of the Greenville Mafia, John Emery and defending champ Bruce Young, still standing along with the father/son duo of Richard and Rob Beyma, previous champion Scott Moll and the always dangerous Ed Rothenheber. Round 2 began Thursday morning and with the dropping out of Rob Beyma saw the Mafia drawn against each other in a 2-player game with the other three dueling it out in a 3-player semi-final for the honor of taking on the Mafia representative.

Iohn took the Coalition and proceeded to grind Bruce's French to defeat by combining the famous "good cards AND good dice rolls" strategy favored by all NW2 players. The second game showed that although Richard has been away from the game for a while he hasn't forgotten the skills which got him to the Final in previous years.

The Final was a chance for John who has more or less owned the Waterloo mini-con 2-player honors to extend his hedgemony of Napoleonic Wars NW2 events to WBC and for Richard to finally win after coming close several times. Richard took the Allies and quickly dominated the game by taking control of the Prussians and pressuring the French at every turn. When I asked John what were the high spots of the game for him he replied in a good natured tone that he couldn't think of any. With the Prussians taking Paris and only thrown out with great difficulty it's easy to see why John might feel that way. In the end, John conceded at the beginning of Turn 4 after seeing his cards. After being on the dealing side of that hand many times, John knew when to fold 'em and call it a day.

2005 PBeM Tournament

After 34 games and 64 players, the ACTS tourney of 3-player Nappy is now complete. In the last game the France of Steve Pleva continued her sweep of all the semifinal games into the Final by beating the Coalition (Pete Reese as Britain and Tasos Tsoufis as Austria/Russia. The final score after Turn 4 was: France +6 = Dublin + Lisbon + Naples + Salzburg + Venice + SPAIN + TURKEY - Budapest; Britain -2 = SWEDEN - Dublin - Lisbon - Naples; Austria/Russia 0 = +KEY + Budapest - Salzburg - Venice".

 GM      Roy Gibson  [3rd Year]   NA   NA

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