Memoir '44 [Updated October 2007]  

2007 WBC Report  

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Jon Miller, DC

2007 Champion

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Event History
2004    Steve Lollis     91
2005    Joe Harrison     93
2006    Joe Harrison     70
2007    Jon Miller     62


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Joe Harrison       KY    07    108
  2.  Robert Eastman     NV    06     68
  3.  Jonathan Miller    DC    07     54
  4.  Steve Lollis       MD    06     54
  5.  Harrison Anderson  PA    06     26
  6.  Benoit Groulx      QC    05     20
  7.  Scott Sirianna     NY    04     20
  8.  Frank Hastings     MD    05     15
  9.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    04     15
 10.  Chad Mekash        NJ    07     12
 11.  Mark Guttag        VA    06     10
 12.  Scott Edwards      SC    04     10
 13.  Gadoon Kyrollos    NJ    07      9
 14.  Allan Kaplan       NJ    07      6
 15.  Matthew O'Conner   NJ    05      5
 16.  Paul Bean          MA    04      5
 17.  Jack Morrell       NY    07      3

2007 Laurelists

Joe Harrison, KY

Chad Mekash, NJ

Gadoon Kyrollos, NJ

Allen Kaplan, NJ

Jack Morrell, NY

Past Winners

Steve Lollis, MD

Joe Harrison, KY

The simple, fast-playing game system with the attractive plastic figure components makes Memoir'44 a popular event.

Changing the focus of the tournament every year with new scenarios and natioanlity extensions has kept the event fresh at the expene of familiarity with the latest expansion.

Deja vu in the Pacific

62 players lined up for the Memoir '44 Pacific Theater tournament. The first round scenario [Guadalcanal] Tenarn, August 1942, featured Japanese 'human wave tactics' but the Japanese could only claim victory in 20 games. In the first round, the scenario was played from both sides against two different opponents. Twelve players went undefeated in the first round. Six other players with the best records determined by medals won and tie-breakers in the following order: medals lost, figures lost, figures killed, joined the undefeated to bring the field to18 for the second round.

The Round 2 scenario [Guadalcanal] Bloody Ridge, September 1942, saw the Marines in defensive position on a series of ridges guarding the approach to Henderson Airfield. The Japanese won 12 games as players again battled the scenario from both sides. Four players went undefeated and thereby advanced to the Final.

Because it was still early afternoon, the four finalists voted to have a semi-final round of two games and a Final consisting of two games. Both featured [Guadalcanal] Clearing Matanikau River Sector, January 1943. Joe Harrison, who has won the Memoir '44 tournament two years running, battled Chad Mekash, while Jonathan Miller, last year's runner-up, battled Gadoon Kyrollos. After two fast paced games, which is somewhat unusual for WBC tournaments, Joe and Jonathan advanced to square off again in the Final.

Some say there is a lot of luck in a Memoir '44 game and to a point I agree, but there is also a high degree of game system knowledge and skill proven by the consistent year after year performance of Joe and Jonathan. Congratulations to both and see you next year

Tournament Results
8th Shervin Boloorian
7th Alan J. Gormly
6th Jack Morrell
5th Allen Kaplan
4th Gadoon Kyrollos
3rd Chad Mekash
2nd Joe Harrison
1st Jonathan Miller

The 2007 WBC Memoir '44 Pacific Theater scenarios can be found on the Days of Wonder, Memoir '44 web site.

 GM      Richard Borg  1st Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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