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2007 WBC Report  

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Jarett Weintraub, NY

2007 Champion

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Event History
2000    Daniel Broh-Kahn       48
2001    Jared Scarborough       84
2002    Daniel Karp       66
2003    Charles Blahouse       60
2004    Rebecca Hebner       60
2005    Chris Entwistle     130
2006    Sean McCulloch     125
2007     Jarett Weintraub     171

Euro Quest Event History
2003    Jeff Mullet     21


Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
  1.  Jared Scarborough   IL    04     48
  2.  Sean McCulloch      OH    06     34
  3.  Daniel Karp         MD    03     32
  4.  Jarett Weintraub    NY    07     30
  5.  Chris Entwistle     MD    05     30
  6.  Daniel Broh-Kahn    MD    00     30
  7.  Laurel Stokes       NJ    04     26
  8.  Rebecca Hebner      CO    04     20
  9.  Charles Blahouse    VA    03     20
 10.  Jeff Mullet         OH    03     20
 11.  Eric Brosius        MA    07     18
 12.  Andy Latto          MA    07     18
 13.  Wayne Schmittberger PA    06     18
 14.  Bert Schoose        IL    05     18
 15.  Jeff Bakulchuk      NY    02     18
 16.  Rob Kilroy          PA    02     13
 17.  David Meyaard       CT    06     12
 18.  Rick Dutton         MD    05     12
 19.  Nate Hoam           OH    04     12
 20.  Doug Galullo        FL    03     12
 21.  Laurie Wojtaszczyk  NY    03     12
 22.  Richard Sciacca     FL    02     12
 23.  Larry Kratz         ID    00     12
 24.  John Conlon         OK    07      9
 25.  Paul Weintraub      MD    06      9
 26.  Brian Addison       VA    05      9
 27.  Gordon Aickin       UK    00      9
 28.  Carol Caler         PA    03      8
 29.  Joshua Cooper       MD    03      8
 30.  Joshua Garton       VA    01      8
 31.  Sam Brosius         MA    07      6
 32.  Ivan Lawson         MD    06      6
 33.  Jeff Gardner        MD    03      6
 34.  Debbie Gutermuth    TX    03      6
 35.  Jordan Ludwick      NJ    01      6
 36.  Fearghal Donnau  Ireland  00      6
 37.  Kathy Stroh         PA    03      4
 38.  Winton LeMoine      CA    07      3
 39.  Claire Brosius      CT    06      3
 40.  Jeff Power          MI    05      3
 41.  Rob Flowers         MD    02      3
 42.  Anthony Rubbo       PA    00      3
 43.  Peter Reese         VA    04      2
 44.  Paul Gaberson       PA    03      2
 45.  Eric Hymowitz       MD    01      2

2007 Laurelists

Andy Latto, MA

Eric Brosius, MA

John Conlon, OK

Sam Brosius, MA

Winton LeMoine, CA

Past Winners

Daniel Broh-Kahn, MD

Jared Scarborough, IL

Daniel Karp, MD

Charles Blahouse, VA

Rebecca Hebner, CO

Chris Entwistle, MD

Sean McCulloch, OH

There's nothing quite like a row of games stretching off into the horizon to signify the start of another heat.

Since Ivan Lawson took the GM reins, Lost Cities has become the largest two-player event at WBC. MESE rule changes should improve his event even more next year.

the Brosius nemesis ...

Lost Cities, an ironic title for a popular card game that evoked images of the forgotten, MapQuestless, or mythical, was "found" by far and away the largest group ever to play the game at the WBC. 171 players decided that 2007 was the year to play, and 92 of them appeared for the 1st heat of Round 1. As this horde gathered in Paradise, the GM was eagerly conducting the scheduled demo for a full table of neophytes (two of whom had just purchased the game) and gathered spectators. About a quarter to Heat, Greg Crowe appeared and offered to finish the demo, wryly suggesting that the GM might want to begin registration. I'm still laughing. (Note to self: Next year, the demo will not immediately precede the 1st Heat.) Thankfully, Kaarin Englemann and Greg pitched in, changing the registration scenario from Death of the Moravian Guard to A. P. Hill at Antietam. A better method for registration and pairings is already planned for next year. During the qualifying Heats, 165 games were played. Unlike the last two years, there wasn't one tie game requiring a fourth hand; there were two! The reduced conflict in the Euro schedule (Thank you, Eric Freeman) did result in 28 of the 32 qualifiers appearing for the second Round. The remarkable feature of the single elimination rounds was the opponents bested by the eventual champion, Jarett Weintraub. For a personal perspective of the action, I have excerpted and edited Eric Brosius' personal AAR:

No WBC tournament was more eagerly anticipated in the Brosius household this year than the Lost Cities tournament. We've been playing this game regularly for many years, but after I took 5th place in 2005 and my wife Claire took 6th place in 2006, the level of interest rose to a new level. My son Sam plays the game with us at home, and he's just as strong as either of us. He may even be a little better than his parents. Our friend Andy Latto is also a big fan of the game, and, given the fact that the four of us would be driving home in the same car, we joked that, if things broke right, we might be able to play the Final in the car!

With Sam, Claire, Andy and I all in the round of 32, our dream of all making it to the semis was still possible! In the first elimination round Sam, Andy and I all won. Claire lost her game to Jarett Weintraub, a confident young man with a solid game. Jarett plays quickly and well, but he's also a lot of fun to play with---he doesn't take himself or the game too seriously. The round of 16 turned up roses for Sam, Andy and me, and for Jarett as well, putting the four of us into the round of 8. Sam was matched against Jarett in this round, and he scored big in the first two hands, leading by 65 points with just a hand to go. Then the roof caved in. Jarett drew a fistful of green and yellow cards, and he came back in dramatic fashion from a huge deficit, scoring 140 points in the last hand and knocking Sam out of the tournament.

Unfortunately for me, I was the next prospective victim in Jarett's Lost Cities roll. We joked about Jarett being the Brosius killer, and that's how it turned out. Andy Latto won his semi-final game to earn his way into the Final, against Jarett Weintraub. Jarett continued his bone-crushing run, knocking Andy out to win the wood in a spectacular performance. After the tournament, we congratulated Jarett and assured him that we'd be making up anti-Jarett songs in the car all the way home.

Thanks, Eric. Last thoughts: Thanks again to all who played, and again, extra games were needed, so please bring your copy next year. Results have been sent for AREA ratings. Hope to see most of you in 2008 when rumored changes to the tie-breaker rules will make things even more interesting for the dedicated player.

 GM      Ivan Lawson [3rd Year]   NA
    lawsonic@comcast.net   NA

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