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2007 WBC Report     

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Thomas Browne, PA

2007 Champion

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Event History
2003    Josh Githens     140
2004    Lucimara Martins     145
2005     Legend Dan Hoffman     132
2006    Dan Hoffman     145 
2007     Thomas Browne     195


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Daniel Hoffman     NC    06     36
  2.  Thomas Browne      PA    07     30
  3.  Legend Dan Hoffman MD    05     30
  4.  Lucimara Martins   MD    04     30
  5.  Josh Githens       SC    03     30
  6.  Matt Calkins       VA    07     18
  7.  Kathy Kilroy       PA    06     18
  8.  Doug Galullo       FL    05     18
  9.  Richard Curtin     NY    04     18
 10.  Fabio Tola         MD    03     18
 11.  Vasili Kyrkos      NY    07     12
 12.  Patrick Shea       VA    06     12
 13.  John Kilbride      PA    05     12
 14.  Craig Reece        FL    04     12
 15.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    03     12
 16.  Danielle Zack      MD    07      9
 17.  Greg Thatcher      FL    06      9
 18.  Ken Gutermuth      TX    05      9
 19.  Robert Drozd       IL    04      9
 20.  Bill Place         PA    03      9
 21.  Bruce Reiff        MD    07      6
 22.  Erik Arneson       PA    06      6
 23.  Larry Lingle       PA    05      6
 24.  Abigail Cocke      MD    03      6
 25.  Patrick Havert     CA    07      3
 26.  Devin Flawd        PA    06      3
 27.  Ashley Collinson   MD    05      3
 28.  Jeff Mullet        OH    04      3
 29.  Peter Stein        OH    03      3

2007 Laurelists

Matt Calkins, VA

Vassili Kyrkos, NY

Danielle Zack, MD

Bruce Reiff, OH

Patrick Havert, CA

Past Winners

Josh Githens, SC

Lucimara Martins, MD

L. Dan Hoffman, MD

Dan Hoffman, NC

"Anybody here want to play Liar's Dice?" With 195 players, the dice game has overtaken Slapshot as the WBC late night entertainment king.

Kaarin's either doing a little double dipping with Battleline or passing time after her ouster as the survivors at her table finish the round.

Attendance Champ of 2007

Liar's Dice grew to new heights in it's fifth year at WBC. 195 crazed liars came to the event with hopes of becoming the ultimate champion, breaking the previous best attendance by a whopping 50 liars, and in so doing setting the benchmark for the best attended event in 2007. The festivities started off with the traditional 195-person cup shake and smash to the tables.

31 survived the opening round and embarked on the semis. Defending champion Dan Hoffman made it out of the preliminary and seemed poised to defend his crown, but was defeated in the semi-finals just as his namesake "Legend" Dan Hoffman was the year before. This year your happy GM was eliminated in the first round again -- a tradition all its own. The Final consisted of Matt Calkins, Danielle Zack (our youngest finalist ever at 14 years old, using her lucky Pirates Dice cup, Bruce Reiff (he of a thousand plaques; boo!), Vassili Kyrkos, our token Californian Patrick Havert and Tom Browne.

The Final got off to a rousing start with an opening bid of 14 4's by Patrick. Tom called and there were only 10 showing so Patrick lost four dice out of the gate - and clinging for deal life to his last die. 13 4's by Bruce drew the next blood and it was another gusher. Vassili's calle found only nine showing so Bruce joined patrick in the low rent district with but a single die to his name. Patrick made a quick exit on the next bid when Thomas called his nine 6's. At least he went out in style - with another four dice loss while he had only one to lose! That earned him the traditional "Kiss Him Goodbye" serenade.

Bruce's relief at not being first out was short-lived as he got the boot next when he made the mistake of challenging Danielle's bid of nine 4's with 11 present. Bruce - proud holder of 36 championship plaques - gets the distinction of being eliminated by the youngest player ever. It would be a record that would not last long, though ... heh, heh. Bruce was also dismissed with a rousing rendition of the "Kiss Him Goodbye" song - but one sung with more gusto than is usual.

Now it was Danielle's turn to feel the pain. Her bid of four stars cost her two of her skull dice when Vassili called. Matt lost his first die challenging Tom's bid of 7-4's. Danielle lost her third die calling Matt's seven 6's . Tom finally joined the casualty list when he lost a pair to Matt's challenge of his four start bid.

Vassili was now the only player without a loss but his lead was short lived - losing a pair on each of the next two rounds as Tom called him successfully twice on seven 3's and four stars. From penthouse to outhouse in the blink of an eye, Vassili now clung to life with a single die and his was the next challenge. Unfortunately, for Danielle, he got this one right and her bid of five 6's proved two too many and she and her last two skull dice were gone with only 4th place laurels and memories to show for their night's work. At this point each of the surviving trio knew they were going to get wood of some sort...but who would get the shield?.

For Vassili, the wait was short. In the very next round his bid of three 3's fooled no one and Tom called with none showing, making it a two-man contest. Matt had four dice remaining to Tom's three. At this point we got our first exactor when Matt called Tom's two stars. All even at three dice each.

Here is where the game went from interesting to historic. Tom made an opening bid of three stars. Matt looked under his cup and found no stars so Tom would have had to roll three out of three - a 1 in 216 chance.. Matt called. and Tom revealed our second exactor to gasps from the gallery. Advantage Tom: 3:2. Tom bid three 4's and when Matt called there were only two. All even again.

It gets better. Matt, seeing that he had no stars, decides to bluff and start the bidding with a star. Tom raised the bid to two stars, reveals one and re-rolls his last die under his cup. Matt quickly calls this bid and Tom lifts his cup to show a second star on the reroll - eliciting yet more exclamations from the crowd. 2:1, Tom.

By this time, there seems little doubt what kind of finish we'll have. This thing is going down to the wire and sure enough, Tom calls Matt's bid of two 3's to discover the third exactor of the game. Each player has but a single die. It doesn't get any better than this. The next round ends it.

Matt starts the bidding with a 5. Tom goes into doublethink mode. He has a 3 under his cup and decides to call Matt thinking he bluffed the 5. It proves a decision worthy of Solomon as Matt reveals a 4. It was without doubt the best Final ever as we crowned our fifth champion in as mnay years.


 Dice Shaking 101:

 "But my mom told me never to lie ..."
Liar's Dice Junior

32 little liars ... er exaggerators, participated in the Juniors version with Hannah Navolis being the best truth stretcher, and taking home the wood. More importantly, everyone had a great time shaking the dice cups and making noise. Other finalists included:

2nd: Alyssa Mills

3rd: Rebecca Melton

4th: Derik Galullo

5th: Drew Doughan

6th: Danny Lewis

 GM      Jason Levine  [4th Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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