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2007 WBC Report  

   2008 Status: pending December Membership Trial Vote

Nick Benedict, CA

2007 Champion

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Event History
2003    Evan Seary     18
2004    Bruce Reiff     43
2005    Bruce Reiff     25
2006     Todd Treadway     30
2007     Nick Benedict     13

Block Party Event History
2004    Ric Manns     19
2005    Bruce Reiff     18
2006    Ric Manns     12


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bruce Reiff        OH    06    114
  2.  Nick Benedict      CA    07     52
  3.  Ric Manns          IN    06     49
  4.  Barry Smith        NY    06     45
  5.  Todd Treadway      VA    06     30
  6.  Evan Seary         NY    04     28
  7.  David Metzger      NY    07     22
  8.  Rob Taylor         MI    07     22
  9.  Mark Miklos        GA    05     22
 10.  Tom Thornsen       NY    06     12
 11.  Mike Sims          IN    06     12
 12.  Pete Stein         OH    06     12
 13.  Ted Drozd          IL    04     12
 14.  Jack Morrell       NY    03     12
 15.  Bill O'Neal        NY    05     12
 16.  Joe Pabis          VA    07      9
 17.  Stan Hilinski      MD    06      9
 18.  Terry Hollern      OH    05      9
 19.  John Coussis       IL    04      9
 20.  Damian Mastrangelo PA    03      8
 21.  Patrick Duffy      VA    03      6
 22.  Scott Moll         VA    07      4
 23.  David Metzger      NY    06      3
 24.  Llew Bardecki      ON    07      2
 25.  Charles Stucker    IN    06      1

2007 Laurelists

David Metzger, NY

Scott Moll, VA

Joe Pabis, VA

Llew Bardecki, ON

Robert Taylor, MI

Past Winners

Evan Seary, NY

Bruce Reiff, OH

Todd Treadway, VA


 It wasn't a good sign when Ric Manns had to cancel as GM of Liberty due to the impending birth of his first grandchild. Not that Barry Smith didn't do a fine job in his stead, but Ric and his Indiana cronies are strong adherents of the block games and their absence contributed to a down year for block games at WBC in general and for Liberty in particular which fell to possible Trial status for 2008. Above, Barry carves out an enclave for his players to start the swiss rounds.

Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Wood!

There didn't appear to be enough table space in Lampeter Hall to start the Liberty tournament, but with only 13 players on hand, not much room was needed. This year the average bid to play the Americans decreased to 0.6 VP, but the balance was perfect as each side won 50% of the games played. The Americans won two of the three games played with a 0 bid and the British won five of the eight games played with a 1-VP bid. Only one game was played with a 2-VP bid and the result was an American win. The Americans also won all games where the French appeared in 1776 and lost all games where the French did not appear. French entry in 1777 and 1778 resulted in American wins 40% and 50% of the time respectively.

Once the Swiss part of the tournament was completed, Nick Benedict, David Metzger, Scott Moll, and Joe Pabis advanced to the semi-final round. While three of the four semi-finalists advanced using other tie-breakers, Scott Moll had to win a dice roll with Llew Bardecki for his ticket.

In one semi-final game, David's British slowly and methodically killed 13 of Joe's American blocks before winning the game in 1782. In the other game, Nick's British rolled over Scott's Americans in 1776 before the French could enter.

In the Final, Nick bid 1 VP for the Americans. This set up a re-match as Nick had beat David in the 1st round as the Americans.

The Final started with Nick drawing amd placing Morgan in Richmond and then attacking Norfolk and killing the Loyalist there on the second turn. Nick also killed the Mohawk block on the third turn. Meanwhile, David drew two supply cards and used his only action card to attack Charleston with two Loyalist blocks. However, the attack failed and both blocks had to retreat to Augusta where they later disbanded.

In 1776, David used the first two turns to move the blocks in Quebec and BWI to the Atlantic and then sea attack New Brunswick. Nick retreated to Philadelphia while building replacements in Philadelphia and Yorktown. Both players spent the rest of the year building their respective forces. When the year ended, David had seven blocks in Boston and six in New Brunswick. Then, Nick rolled a 10 and the French were in.

In 1777, Nick sea attacked a vacant BWI from FWI. He also captured Montreal after attacking the Loyalist block there. Meanwhile, David moved his Boston mob to the Atlantic and both players continued drawing replacements. On the final turn David sea attacked Philadelphia and used his blocks in
New Brunswick to cut off all retreat routes. This resulted in the destruction of four good American blocks, but Tarleton died due to lack of a retreat route in the attack on Baltimore. The dead pile now had four American and three British blocks respectively with the VP marker at 16.

In 1778, David continued his assaults with two blocks taking Baltimore. Meanwhile, four blocks sea attacked the French in BWI, killing the French ground block and forcing the warship to retreat to the Atlantic. Nick responded by using his French to sea attack both Philadelphia and Baltimore with three blocks each. This forced David to retreat to New Brunswick (from Philadelphia) and to the hex NW of Baltimore. David then had to use his next move to force march the survivors of the Baltimore attack into New Brunswick while Nick consolidated all of the French ground units in Baltimore. On the last turn of 1778, David sea attacked a vacant Philadelphia again.

Both players spent 1779 and 1780 playing cat and mouse. David formed a killer A/B block group but Nick wouldn't give him any easy kills. At the end of 1780, David sea attacked Norfolk with this group, but Nick was able to retreat both blocks to Richmond.

In 1781, David attacked Alexandria on the foutth turn to set up a fifth turn attack on Baltimore. However, storms in the south torpedoed this plan and when Nick moved a block from Richmond into Yorktown, it prevented David from disbanding any of the units in Alexandria. Therefore, Fraser joined the dead pile due to winter attrition.

In 1782, David recaptured Yorktown but was still unable to kill the defending block. David also sea attacked a vacant Boston on the fourth turn to set up a decisive fifth turn battle but once again there were storms in the north and the attack never happened. It was at this point that David conceded giving Nick the victory.

 GM      Barry Smith  [1st Year]   NA
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