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2007 WBC Report  

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Nick Benedict, CA

2007 Champion

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Event History
1991    Heikki Thoen      24
1992    George Sauer III      11
1993    Chris Bodkin      28
1994    Paul Toro      24
1995    Charles Hickok      38
1996    Justin Thompson      36
1997    Jeff Clark      26
1998    Victor Guerrera      33
1999    Justin Thompson     26
2000    Sandy Wible     35
2001    George Sauer III     33
2002    Sandy Wible     24
2003    James Coomes     32
2004    Justin Thompson     28
2005    Jordan Halberstadt     18
2006    Dale Long     29
2007     Nick Benedict     33


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Justin Thompson    VA    07    138
  2.  Will Wible         VA    02     60
  3.  Kevin Brownell     ME    04     54
  4.  Nick Benedict      CA    07     48
  5.  Jordan Halberstadt TN    07     48
  6.  Dale Long          NJ    06     48
  7.  Bill Powers        VA    05     39
  8.  James Coomes       KY    04     36
  9.  George Sauer       OH    01     30
 10.  Stanley Buck       MD    07     24
 11.  Scott Smith        FL    07     18
 12.  Michael Sims       IN    02     18
 13.  Fred Gosnell       VA    99     18
 14.  Scott Stewart      VA    04     12
 15.  Mike Hall          BC    02     12
 16.  Robert Kircher     MA    00     12
 17.  Heikki Thoen       QC    99     12
 18.  Scott Beall        OR    06      9
 19.  Michael Convoy     VA    03      9
 20.  Michael Coomes     OH    01      9
 21.  Rod Coffey         MD    05      6
 22.  Alan Witte         NJ    02      6
 23.  Ed Beach           MD    01      6
 24.  Keith Wixson       NJ    00      6
 25.  Michael Fisher     PA    99      6
 26.  Henry Russell      PA    07      3
 27.  Dave Huss          NY    06      3
 28.  Brian Jones        MD    05      3
 29.  Peter Melinn       MA    04      3
 30.  Paul Saunders      VA    01      3
 31.  Paul O'Niel        MD    99      3

2007 Laurelists

Jordan halberstadt, IN

Scott Smith, FL

Justin Thompson, VA

Stanley Buck, MD

Henry Russell, PA

Past Winners

Heikki Thoen, QC

George Sauer III, OH
1992, 2001

Chris Bodkin, IN

Paul Toro, DE

Charles Hickok, PA

Justin Thompson, VA
'96, '99, '04

Jeff Clark, AZ

Victor Guerrera, PA

Sandy Wible, VA
2000, 2002

James Coomes, KY

Jordan Halberstadt, IN

Dale Long, NC

 Nice dice roller, Justin - one would think you've played some Kingmaker before.

 Most of the usual suspects inhabit the Final despite a large influx of new players.

Caesar becomes King

We had only ten player's at the first heat and it was looking dire for Kingmaker on Friday morning. Those two games were hard fought and generated the best sole king victory and the best two-king score. Myself and Henry Russell wre the first heat victors..

The second heat was run after a one-hour Demo on Friday night. I was very surprised to find 20 folks crowded around the table to see the demo. At least half of them came directly to the following heat where 22 players participated with 18 being new players! Yes! We had the 7pm time slot that saved Kingmaker. We had three 6-player games and one 4-player game composed of late comers. Charles Ward took a sole-king victory but declined the opportunity to advance. The other games were decided by points, with a former Caesar Nick Benedict and defending laurelist Scott Smith advancing. Bill Powers, a former GM and multi-laurelist had a low 2-king score and would have to play in the third heat if he were to qualify.

The third heat was Saturday morning at 9am which proved tough for folks to make their wake-up calls. We had 10 players start with many others showing up 20-45 minutes late. We had already started so I couldn't just add them! Bill Powers attempted to win his table so he could return to the Final after a two year absence. It wasn't to be as frequent laurelist Stanley Buck coasted into the Final. The last person to advance would be the 2005 champion, Jordan Halberstadt. The stage was now set for the second and last round.

The Final was a game of the have's and have not's. It was clear from the beginning that Nick Benedict was the force to be reckoned with. His first card draw from the crown deck was Percy! He marched throughout England taking heirs at will. Somehow Henry and Richard of York escaped his grasp. Henry got called away and Jordan snatched him. I was never really in it but for a brief moment I laid siege to capture Richard. I won the siege but lost my best noble doing it - sending me scurrying into the castle for protection. Alas, Nick was close by and ready to crush me. I cut a deal and handed Richard over for my life. It was then a very low action Final with the big Parliament putting everything into the crown deck. Jordan ran and Nick stayed on the coast with the rest of us doing little to advance our cause. In the end Nick won and Jordan finished second. The finishing order was:

Nick Benedict 119
Jordan Halberstadt 107
Scott Smith 77
Justin Thompson 22
Stanley Buck -7
Henry Russell -17

I want to thank all who took the time to play the classic War of the Rose's game KINGMAKER! 33 players in 2007! We look forward to seeing all of you again in 2008!

 GM      Justin Thompson  [7th Year]   121 Faith Dr, Troy, VA 22974   434-531=9191

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