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2007 WBC Report  

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John Keating, IN

2007 Champion:

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Event History
2000    James Pei     96
2001    Steve Cameron     87
2002     Jon Shambeda     75
2003    Rob Winslow     60
2004     Joseph Burch     58
2005    Sean McCulloch     48 
2006    Dan Eshleman     43
2007    John Keating     46


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Rob Winslow        NY    06     60
  2.  Jon Shambeda       PA    02     58
  3.  John Keating       IL    07     54
  4.  Joseph Burch       MD    07     42
  5.  Sean McCulloch     OH    05     42
  6.  Steve Cameron      PA    06     37
  7.  David Buchholz     MI    02     36
  8.  Steve Shambeda     PA    02     32
  9.  James Pei          TX    00     30
 10.  Joel Tamburo       IL    04     27
 11.  Martin Sample      NH    06     26
 12.  Dan Eshleman       NC    06     20
 13.  Jed Shambeda       PA    06     20
 14.  Craig Melton       VA    07     18
 15.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    01     18
 16.  Nick Henning       CT    07     12
 17.  Mark Mitchell      VA    06     12
 18.  Brendan Crowe      VA    00     12
 19.  Danielle Zack      MD    07      9
 20.  Phil White         MD    05      9
 21.  Andres Dunn        MD    04      9
 22.  Jon Miller         DC    00      6
 23.  Bill Place         PA    02      4
 24.  Rebecca Hebner     CA    07      3
 25.  William Burch      MD    04      3
 26.  Rick Young         NC    03      3
 27.  Anthony Musella    VA    01      3
 28.  John Ellsworth     IL    00      3

2007 Laurelists

Craig Melton, VA

Nick Henning, CT

Danielle Zack, MD

Joe Burch, MD

Rebecca Hebner, CA

Past Winners

James Pei, TX

Steve Cameron, PA

Jon Shambeda, PA

Rob Winslow, NY

Joe Burch, MD

Sean McCulloch, OH

Dan Eshleman, NC

Exactly half of the 46-player field played more than one heat and ten played three, but no one played in all four.

 Eight ladies played Galaxy and two won laurels. Above Rebecca Hebner and Linda Pattison battle Joel Tamburo.

War of the Worlds 21st Century Style ...

This year's event proved to be one of the more memorable in recent years. For starters, this is the first year there was actually an increase in attendance from the previous year, since the very first WBC Galaxy tournament back in 1997. That is very encouraging for the future of this event - even moreso since the uptick was sufficient to return it to the Century ranks for 2008. Second, there must have been at least a dozen people who came to the demo to learn how to play Galaxy. It was good to see that there is still a lot of interest in learning this great game. Consequently, there were five first-time players in the tournament. One of those first timers was Anna Marion, and she won her heat without putting down a secret base. Even more amazing was that another of the first timers, Danielle Zack, made it all the way to the Final in her very first tournament!!

The Felowi race proved to be the best evolved for survival by a clear margin. It was saved in 73% of all games played. The next highest survival rate, by the Kha'Farjimmn, was less than 50%! There was no race that significantly stood out as the one that was chosen as a secret base most often. In fact, there were four at the top of the list that were picked almost the same number of times: E-Cup16, Divergence15,  Felowi 15, and Erythrizonian 14. There was an even more equal distribution of the occurrences of when a race was eliminated. Seven of the eight races were eliminated between 12 and 18 times, with the Cylor taking the top spot in that dubious honor.

In the aforementioned Final, as usual during the last round of the game, there were two or three players who had a clear chance of winning. The winning score was only 11 points and there were two players who tied for second with eight. It was a brutal and low scoring affair that was well played by all five finalists. When the intergalactic debris settled the winner was first-time champion John Keating. John has been playing in the Galaxy tournament here at WBC, I think, since the very first one. He is no stranger to advanced rounds, and his skill and persistence finally paid off this year.

 Lastly, it didn't happen this year, but there were a few games where the players came close to finishing the game with more than three worlds surviving. Many was running out of cards in their hand after exhausting the draw deck. I think its only a matter of time before this happens. One thing that might happen before that is a player running out of cards before the game ends and after the draw deck is exhausted. Sean McCulloch played his heat with only two cards during the last two rounds, and managed to finish second in the heat with 11 points!

 GM      Mark Mitchell  [3rd Year]   NA    NA  

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