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 2007 WBC Report  

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Bruce Reiff, OH

2007 Champion

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Event History
1991    Mike Fitzgerald      22
1992    Bill Cleary      30
1993    Paul O'Neil      30
1994    Gordon Rodgers      42
1995    David Terry      36
1996    Bruce Reiff      30
1997    Paul O'Neil      32
1998    Paul O'Neil      24
1999    Bruce Reiff     27
2000    Bruce Reiff     28
2001    Bruce Reiff     25
2002    Bill Cleary     27
2003    Bruce Reiff     32
2004     Kevin Keller     31
2005    Bruce Reiff     28
2006    Ken Whitesell     32
2007     Bruce Reiff     35


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bruce Reiff        OH    07    197
  2.  Bill Cleary        MD    07     90
  3.  Ken Whitesell      MD    06     63
  4.  Kevin Keller       MD    05     33
  5.  Ray Stakenas II    MI    05     30
  6.  Marvin Birnbaum    NY    07     24
  7.  David Rynkowski    NY    06     24
  8.  Paul O'Neil        MD    01     21
  9.  Bert Schoose       IL    07     18
 10.  Jason Levine       NY    04     18
 11.  Arthur Davis       MI    03     18
 12.  Stan Buck          MD    01     18
 13.  Joe Powell         VA    07     12
 14.  Stuart Tucker      MD    04     12
 15.  Sumner Clarren     MD    00     12
 16.  Jim Vroom          PA    01     10
 17.  Dave Denton        NY    07      9
 18.  Keith Schoose      CA    03      9
 19.  David Anderson     PA    00      9
 20.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    00      8
 21.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    02      6
 22.  Tom Shaw           MD    00      6
 23.  Alan Moon          MA    99      6
 24.  Arthur Davis       MI    04      3
 25.  Debbie Bell        MD    03      3
 26.  Pitt Crandelmire   MA    01      3
 27.  Jeremy Billones    VA    00      3
 28.  Harry Flawd        PA    99      2

2007 Laurelists

Bert Schoose, IL

Joe Powell, VA

Dave Denton, NY

Bill Cleary, MD

Marvin Birnbaum, NY

Past Winners

Mike Fitzgerald, CT

Bill Cleary, MD
1992, 2002

Paul O'Neil, MD
1993, 1997-1998

Gordon Rodgers, PA

Dave Terry, MD

Bruce Reiff, OH
'96, '99-'01, '03, '05, '07

Kevin Keller, MD

Ken Whitesell, PA

Marvin Birnbaum (left) and Bert Schoose are a couple accomplished wargamers who dabble on occasion in sports games.

In a year when Bert won his first three WBC shields, his karma wasn't srong enough to deny Reiff his seventh Football Strategy crown.

Double Dipping

News Flash: Bruce Reiff lost the Final this year. Unfortunately, he also won. Confused? Allow me to elaborate.

The first heat was, as usual, on Wednesday evening at 6:00 and drew 26 participants. Due to the high number of entrants, the early rounds took longer than usual and it wasn't until after midnight that it was narrowed to the usual four contenders. Bill Cleary faced off against Bruce Reiff, while Kevin Keller and Joe Powell battled for a spot in the semi-final.

Bruce dominated the first half, racking up 31 points to Bill's 14. It seemed all over by halftime but Bill came out of the locker room with a vengeance and scored 17 unanswered points. It came down to the final minutes and Bruce nneeded a field goal with 15 seconds left to advance, but due to the late hour, Kevin and Joe postponed their game till Friday. This posed a dilemma for Bruce, who would normally enter the second heat only if he lost the first. Not knowing what the outcome would be, he had no choice but to enter the second heat and risk being the winner of both. Poor Bruce!

The Thursday heat drew a much more efficiently manageable 16 players. At the end of the evening, Bert Schoose and Marvin Birnbaum were playing for the privilege of facing you-know-who in the semi-final game of that heat.

Bert dispatched Marvin 23-16 and advanced to play Bruce for a spot in the final game. In the second quarter Bert was able to call upon his kicker to put two through the uprights, giving him a 6 to 0 lead at the half. Bruce came out strong in the third, finally able to punch one into the endzone giving him the narrowest of leads. He followed it up with another in the fourth quarter putting him up 14 to 6. Bert wasn't ready to quit just yet, and marched down the field to set up a TD of his own. On the ensuing play he went for two and tied it at 14 with minutes to go. Bruce had one last shot before time expired but the wind was blowing a little too hard and his 45 yarder went wide. It was sudden death overtime and the exhaustion was beginning to set in. Bruce was able to find a wide open receiver, and a 44 yard pass ended the game. Bruce advanced to the final where he had the distinct possibility of facing himself.

On Friday, Kevin and Joe finally found time to play - a rematch played out many times in the past as these two longtime adversaries in the AHFSL went at it again. Kevin jumped out to an early lead with a touchdown on his first possession, but Joe chipped away at his lead with a pair of field goals. By the middle of the second quarter Kevin found himself leading 10 to 6, but back to back touchdowns by Joe, one off of an interception, gave him the lead 20 to 10, going into the half. During the third quarter, Kevin managed to tie the score with an early TD and a field goal off of an interception. Joe started the fourth quarter driving hard and with ten minutes left in the game he punched one into the endzone. For the rest of the game Kevin couldn't get his offense moving and as the last minutes ticked off of the clock, Joe's kicker scored a field goal to seal the game.

Joe advanced to play Bruce, knowing that if he defeated the Titan of the WBC Gridiron, he would have to play him again for the championship. The two managed to squeeze some time around their schedules on Saturday for the last game of the first heat. During the first quarter Joe's offense turned the ball over twice on 9G.He was unable to capitalize and the quarter ended 0-0. The momentum shifted during the second quarter when Joe pulled his offense together and managed to go up ten points, but Bruce tied it at the half. The third quarter was all Bruce. His defense denied Joe first downs while his offense ground in a touchdown and his kicker nailed a field goal. On his first possession of the fourth, Bruce slipped another one across the goal line, putting him up 27 to 10. Joe knew he had little time and a lot of ground to cover, so when Bruce's defense, for the fourth time in a row, held his offense to three and out, Joe thought it was over.Final Score 27-17.

Since he was the winner of both heats, Bruce technically faced himself in the championship game. While some may consider his behavior unsportsmanlike at worst or grandstanding at best, I am willing to cut him some slack. After all, due to the first heat not finishing till Saturday, he does have a valid excuse. So, if you must, feel free to give him grief, but I for one am happy for Bruce. I really am rooting for the guy. Heck, nobody else is.

 GM      Nathaniel Hoam  [4th Year]   NA   NA

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