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2007 WBC Report    

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Nick Palmer, UK

2007 Champion

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Event History

1991  Bruce Reiff       56
1992  Tom Kobrin        65
1993  Stephen Koehler   71
1994  Will Wible        57
1995  Sylvain LaRose    73
1996  Will Wible        50
1997  Steve Cooley      46
1998  David Hood        65
1999  Tom Pasko         55
2000  Simon Bouton     141
2001  Nick benedict     44
2002  Andy Marshall     49
2003  Rick Desper       28
2004  Andy Bartalone    54
2006  Nick Benedict     26
2007  Nick Palmer       25


Rank  Name            From  Last Total
  1.  Nick Benedict    CA    06   115
  2.  Andy Marshall    MD    02    96
  3.  Tom Pasko        CT    03    76
  4.  Andy Bartalone   MD    04    60
  5.  Alvaro Ugaz      VA    01    60
  6.  Simon Bouton     UK    00    60
  7.  Rick Desper      MD    04    56
  8.  Tom Kobrin       NC    04    48
  9.  Ric Manns        IN    03    48
 10.  David Hood       NC    02    42
 11.  Nick Palmer      UK    07    40
 12.  Melissa Nichlson MA    02    36
 13.  Brian Dennehy  Ireland 00    36
 14.  Robert Vollman   AB    07    32
 15.  Mike Czajhowski  NJ    02    29
 16.  Dennis Mishler   CT    06    24
 17.  Nathan Barnes    WA    04    24
 18.  Doug Faust       MD    02    24
 19.  Matt Shields     OR    00    24
 20.  Conrad Woodring  NY    03    20
 21.  Eric Mead        WA    04    18
 22.  Sean Cable       VA    00    18
 23.  Romain Jacques   QC    07    16
 24.  Scott Bowling    IN    06    16
 25.  Paul Konka       MD    07    12
 26.  Olin Hentz       CT    06    12
 27.  Corey Mason      MD    04    12
 28.  Mike Hall        DC    02    12
 29.  Simon Szykman    MD    01    12
 30.  Jon Evers        MD    00    12
 31.  TJ Halberstadt   IN    07     8
 32.  Yarden Livnat    UT    00     6
 33.  Edi Birsan       CA    99     6
 34.  Dave Sidelinger  CT    07     4
 35.  Dan Mathias      MD    06     4

2007 Laurelists

Robert Vollman, AB

Romain Jacques, QC

Paul Konka, MD

TJ Halberstadt, IN

Dave Sidelinger,CT

Past Winners

Bruce Reiff, OH

Tom Kobrin, NC

Stephen Koehler, NC

Will Wible, VA
1994, 1996

1995: Sylvain LaRose, QC
1997: Steve Cooley, CA

David Hood, NC

Tom Pasko, CT

Simon Bouton, UK

Nick Benedict, CA
2001, 2006

Andy Marshall, MD

Rick Desper, MD

Andy Bartalone, MD

Nicky Palmer, playing Britain of course, shows we colonials how it is done while collecting both Best Britain and the overall championship.

What's Diplomacy without a little backroom negotiations? "Now listen, Joe, I have this boatload of tea in Boston - slightly damaged, I can let you have for a bargain price ... "

the prodigal son returns

WBC 2007 was my first attempt at running a Diplomacy Tournament and it was the perfect venue to break the ice. I was able to provide plaques for the top seven finishers [Top Board] as well as the traditional blocks of wood for the 'Best Country' awards. Diplomacy was scheduled in a separate "diplomatic" room for the tournament and it was greatly appreciated as the heated discussions carried on through the late night hours.

The overall play for the weekend displayed lots of co-operation and very little stabbing. So little stabbing in fact that the 'Silver Shiv' award that I had created was saved until next year ­ there just wasn't a worthy stab during the event. There was one point difference between 1st & 2nd place while the difference between 3rd through 7th only added up to eight points total.

Friday night we started off with two boards. Game 1 ended up as a 5-way [EFIRT] while game 2 ended up as a 4-way [EFIT] and produced Nick Palmer's Best England, Robert Vollman's Best France, Romain Jacques' Best Turkey & Gerry Fahrenthold's Best Italy. Due to being short a player, I held positions on both boards with Game 1 being my official score for the tournament. The other six players were more than happy to make my life easy and promptly booted my Austrian position from the board.

Saturday morning dawned with but one board as players drifted in with their morning coffee. Co-operation seemed to hold strong as the game ended as another 5-way [EFGIT].

Sunday morning the tournament ended with two boards. The first game ended as a 6-way [AEGIRT] while the second ended as another 5-way [AEFGR] which produced T.J. Halberstadt's Best Germany & Paul Konrk's Best Russia. The end game draw discussions were entertaining to hear as players were pointing out the strengths in their positions. Since all surviving players had to unanimously agree to the draw vote, the discussions with the weaker positions centered on convincing them to agree to vote themselves out of the draw. One of the 'lines' heard above the din was, "You could cut the irony with a knife" as players learned the effects of arguing strongly on one side in one game and being on the other side in another game.

To promote the multi-game atmosphere of WBC next year I will be modifying the tournament rules to the point where an individual can win this tournament while only playing in one round. The 6-8 hour time limits worked well and all games through random circumstances all ended prior to the 7th hour.

This is a great place to play Diplomacy and I hope that the Diplomacy hobby notices this and puts us on their must-go-to list next year. It would be a real shame if the Yerkey-era years of consistently being one of the largest Diplomacy tournaments extant were allowed to become a distant memory and Diplomacy were to slip from the WBC menu altogether.

The WBC 2007 Best Country Awards went to:


Dan Mathias

Nick Palmer

Robert Vollman

TJ Halberstadt

Gerry Farenthold

Paul Konka

Romain Jacques








 GM      Tom Pasko  [1st Year]   NA 
    tom@f2fgaming.com   NA

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